Experiences After the Gnan Vidhi 

Of Gnani Purush Dadashri


           My experience after receiving The Gnan of Gnani Purush Dadashri from Atmagnani Niruma





The Steady State Bliss continues despite external upheavals

Nadiane Bastin

Even though, my experience receiving Gnan Vidhi is not new, I never wrote much about it. I have experienced the changes it did in me from the beginning, but could not really translate it in words.

Various circumstances made me meet Niruma in December 2003 in Mumbai.


I was totally unprepared to receive Gnan then, having only read one of the books, “ Who am I? “ after meeting a Mahatma who gave it to me and encourage me to come and meet Niruma who was visiting the city shortly after. I traveled for several hours in a crowded local train to reach the place where the satsang was held. There were several hundred people there, waiting for her, and sitting on the ladies side, I was a little anxious about not being able to understand a word of what she said.


Thankfully, the wife of the Mahatma who had invited me to come was sitting next to me and giving me some explanations.

I was expecting to be there for a discourse, and not directly for the ceremony of Gnan Vidhi. I was instructed to repeat as good as I could each sentence Niruma said in Gujarati and later, to follow groups of ladies to surrender my ego and receive Niruma’s blessing. The whole ceremony felt a little strange to me, but very powerful.


I later received the instructions about the 5 agnas in English with a few people who were not fluent in gujarati. I was later invited to visit Niruma to receive a personal blessing where I could feel how much pure loving energy was emanating from her. I felt that what I had receive that day was a great gift, but I could not yet understand   how and I felt as if I was not worthy of what she was giving me. Going back that same night to my small hotel room in Colaba with flowers given to me by Niruma, I could already feel an unusual energy vibrating in me and the next day, walking in the streets and doing things I would normally do, I felt my body very light, almost weightless, as if I was not in that physical body. My surroundings appeared new to things and me that would have bothered me before didn’t anymore. I felt a new state of bliss never felt before.

I had the opportunity to purchase some of Dada’s books after the ceremony and I started to read them to understand more about that science. It took me some time to clear all doubts, really appreciate the benefits of what I received that night and be able to see the Self in everyone around me; I sat again for Gnan Vidhi with Niruma , then with Deepakbhai  at several occasions, attended Guru Purnima several times, went to Adalaj and several Jatra , each time grasping a little more understanding  of who I really am . That gift of Self-realization has progressively freed my life of many obstacles, I feel blessed for the connection with the Gnani that has protected me at several occasions and each year now, on December 20th, I celebrate the anniversary of that gift I received under the stars in a warm Indian night.

Nadiane Bastin

June 02 2008

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