Mari Amba Madi Re

My Mother My Goddess

It was a chilly evening as the large group of seekers and mahatmas of the Gnani Purush went up the gentle hill on January 24, 2008, in the many cars provided by the gracious hostess who had a year ago established the Open Air Trimandir in Indore, Madhya Pradesh India. The Pran Pratishtha-Life Instilling Ceremony was done by Gnani Purush Deepakbhai Desai at that time. This was the Ist Annual Celebration followed by a grand Satsang retreat which 4 days later resulted in 1200 new mahatmas from the Hindi speaking world; of this large 4.3 million metropolis , largest city of Madhya Pradesh, which has seen phenomenal industrial growth and prosperity in recent years; join the Bliss that is associated with the Eternal.

As one approached the hilltop and the large chowk-platform where the Mandir is located, it was past twilight and the lights decorating the trees around gave a festive colorful touch but the most amazing was the darshan of each of the murtis of the Gods Godesses and the Enlightened ones as they all became live in front of the image of the Gnani Purush Dadashri and Pujya Niruma as if seeing them all with a 'knowing' smile.

It was early and the Aptaputras were setting up the cameras for the arrival of Pujya Deepakbhai and shuddha approached each one of the Lords and the Goddesses with deep bhaav-intent as the newly recorded Garba CD was playing. Guests were slowly coming in and occupying the seats. Yards away an elaborate outdoor gourmet buffet treat of Indori food was being given final touches by top chefs and servers.

As shuddha approached Ma Amba above, his words recorded a few years ago were playing as the above video clip was shot. The darshan continues to be amazing as pure Grace flows through the eyes of the eternally benevolent Ma Amba  who fulfills the wishes of the one with the shuddha pure heart.

Here is what the Gnani Purush Dadashri says about Goddess Amba:

Goddess Ambikadevi means sahaj-natural prakruti, the non-Self complex. Each Goddess has her own rules and if you abide by their rules, they will be pleased. 'I am Goddess Amba's one and only son', says Dadashri. (Interesting to note that His name too is Ambalal meaning special one of Amba) If you were to take a message or a special note from 'us' to her, she would grant you a favor. If you have a son or a servant and he remains loyal to you, and abides by your every rule, would he not be dear to you? He would be. 'We' have never broken or violated any rules of Goddess Ambika, Goddess Saraswati-Goddess of Knowledge and Learning, or Goddess Lakshmij--the Goddess of Money and Wealth. 'We' always abide by their rules. That is why  all the three Goddesses are constantly pleased with 'us--the Gnani Purush and the fully enlightened Lord within.'If you want to please them, you too should abide by their laws. There is much more to this...Please search under Amba in the Aptavani 2 pdf

What do the words mean?

Maa mokshey janara jeev nii, sampoorna rakshak re, Amba Madi re

This mother is the absolute protector of the soul who is going to be liberated

Maa Jagat Kalyan ni Bhaavnaa, sarvatra hojo re

Maa..mother let the feelings for salvation of the world prevail everywhere

Maa mangoo hoo ekj vardaan, vyavahar ma shuddhi re

Mother, I am asking for only one thing, purity in worldly interactions.

Maa tarooj saachoo swaroop ther ther ther jovoon re

Mother, Let me 'see' your true nature everywhere I look...

Have I seen such a live Goddess? Yes, absolutely. Do you too want her darshan? Is she continuing her phenomenal grace even now? Is she a body, a person? Why do you seek an answer from me? My words in the song above should be enough, even if you do not understand them. Does she come in different forms to different persons? Yes. What does she accomplish? Naturalness and Bliss associated with it. How? Ah...That is a long story, but it can be very short. What is the Navratri? The Nine nights of the Goddess? What is the difference between Amba, Durga, Kali, Madi, Mayyee, Bhadrakali, Vaishnudevi, Devi, Narayani, Niranjani, Mother? 

What is the difference between the image in the video and the image in the kumkum chokhalia link? What is the difference between someone live that you have held, touched and felt for and the inner connection with the image in the video? What is it that never dies?

The mystery and the science of the connection with the Goddess is very special, deep and intimate for those who have it. India rocks on it, from West to East , North to South. Those who have strayed from her laws suffer, and know it not. Those who obey her laws are in a unique peace, regardless of their worldly condition.

For the One who has reached Home, it has an Ultra Special Meaning.

This is shuddha at the feet of Mataji, offering you a glimpse of Her Darshan. May you come to know her Divine Beauty and Presence. 

Yes, go ahead and click on Her image above and get Her Darshan.Or there are two versions for download an iTunes MOV or a Windows mpeg. Please note that this is a high resolution video file so it may take some time to download.

And here are the Audio Links to the Song Mari Amba Madi Re. There are three versions, shuddha, hema and the one above which is full of energy to which many of you have experienced the ecstasy without the let down as you went around and round free from all conscious awareness of the self in the garba with the Gnani, in various parts of the world.

Amazing darshan, the one without desire is in the middle, and the ones who wants to be that, moves with the energy of the darshan and the words in the song above. Joy of the dance with the Bliss within.. The Combo that is so rare that there are no words for it. 

Jai Sat Chit Anand,




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