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November 2005 heralds a milestone in Akram Vignan as the monthly magazine Dadavani becomes available  in English and Hindi languages. The magazine has been available in Gujarati for the past 10 years and it delivers original satsang in question and answer format with Gnani Purush Dadashri, monthly in your home. The Gnani Purush had intended for his speech to unfold within the hearts of human beings suffering from the stresses and strains of inner and external suffering, and in order to make this possible the magazine subscription is at cost of publishing and printing and mailing and for merely $ 11 a year, less than the cost of a can of coke, you will be able to have in your hands a magazine which will instill peace in your worldly life interactions and show you the path of eternal bliss within.

For those who hail from India, in whose homes the newer generation has difficulty in reading or understanding Gujarati or Hindi this magazine represents a golden opportunity to communicate the message of harmony in the home and interpersonal relationships through the words of the enlightened One, while simultaneously improving one's fluency in these languages.  

Only  about five percent of the extraordinary new literature of Akram Vignan is now available in English. The Gnani Purush has never written a word, and yet every time he said anything the words that came forth have been taken up by spiritual aspirants and freedom seekers like a man who has come across a few sips of water after a day long journey on a hot desert.
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The Literature in Akram Vignan


All these books may be downloaded free and read
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in the process of translation for the first time in history

 If you had to pick just one of the many books here this is the one you should start with.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

The Awareness Of the Eternal is Bliss

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