The following is a satsang on the topic of Vyavasthit. This aspect of spiritual science has been opened to the world for the first time, in the history of man. Worldly exposure of this knowledge is of note. Its existence in history is well known to the enlightned Ones.

What follows below is a sample of one of many telesatsangs held by Pujya Niruben and Deepakbhai on the topic of Vyavasthit as unfolded by Dadashri.


Pujya Deepakbhai

Topic: Vyavasthit: Scientific Circumstantial Evidences

Source: Aptavani 11: Volume 2 chapter 2, Page 19 onwards.  

This is a direct real time translation of the teleconference satsang and the meanings of the abbreviations used appear at the end of the satsang.



August 26, 2001


Deepakbhai is in Lonavala:


Initial Monologue preceding questions and answer session:

Vyavasthit is the doer for those who have received Atmagnan, The Knowledge of The Self, and have become established in the Bliss of the egoless State.

This is the State of the Akarta...the non-doer.

Akarta means...

I am not the doer

He is not the doer

Everything is the result of SCE or Vyavasthit

There is no independent doer

Karta is Vyavasthit

Except for SA…shuddhatma..The Pure Self, everything is Vyavasthit.

Progressive fitting of V by degrees to 360 degrees is Keval Gnan… absolute enlightenment.

This is the result of karodo...  millions of lifetimes of search of Dadashri...The gnani Purush


Example of the gnan of doership... otherwise known as agnan... is as follows:


Kartapananu Gnan is ...If the young son gets 100 percent marks in an exam he is rewarded with a gift. This reward only reinforces the sense of doer ship ...that "I am bright...everyone thinks I am a super student etc. This is a set up for the suffering to follow when in the subsequent examination he gets 98 percent marks and he does not get rewarded and instead is admonished by questions like...why did you fail to get 100 percent?



Parsatta is defined as that which is beyond the control of the Self.

Swasatta...Hu SA chho...GD

Swa satta is the realm of The Self.. I am pure Self. The Knower – Seer.


All that comes under the control of V...i.e. MVK… mind, speech and body , is parsatta...external control

The only swa satta ...self-control is the State of The Self and the quality of the Self, i.e. GD... Knower Seer State.


I did. I am doing, they are doing...is all seeds of karma for next life. This is the expression of the residues of ego, which suffers and perpetuates the suffering life after life.


The chain of faults starts with seeing anyone as a doer. This includes seeing one's own worldly self as the doer.

I did something wrong...I did good...is all considered loss of application and understanding of the agna of V...and after Gnan leads to muddled effect and loss of the bliss of the non doer state...the Self. New charging does not occur. Where as for the worldly being who has not received the separation of Akram Vignan...the ego continues to take the ownership of the doer state and hence the charging continues even as suffering occurs in the current life.


Dada says even if you see 6 members of a family murdered it is Vyavasthit.

What has happened is justice

Proceed in freedom with the Gnan of the Gnani and

Be bound if you proceed with the gnan of the sansaari...the worldly being who is ignorant of the real nature of the doer.


All that happens is V

If this is not exactly understood and accepted in Gnan,  then arta or raudra dhyan will take over...and will impede the bliss that is associated with shukladhyan of the Self and the dharmadhyan of F1. Arta dhyan is the inner restlessness that is associated with KMML. Raudradhyan is associated with the spillover of this restlessness and hurt to another being. Dharmadhyan means when these two types of restlessness do not exist. Shukladhyan is the nondual awareness of all states of being and is the bliss of the Self.


One word... Vyavasthit will fit everywhere resulting in bliss.


9 times on and out of the car is V


This is the example...not in the current chapter...but elsewhere in satsang of Dada that when you are given a lift 9 times and 9 times you are asked to get out of the car.... and if for those 9 times you do not develop an iota of artadhyan...inner turmoil and negativity...then you have indeed digested the Gnan of Vyavasthit.


Kartabhhav...causes the binding of karma

Binding of karma means the results of this feeling that I am doing this...will express as an effect in next life.


Knower of the knower

Seer of the seer

Dhyan no pan karta mite to GD pad ma aavey

When the doer of the meditation leaves then the knower seer state establishes.


This gives glimpses of even higher levels of awareness.... and what is to come for mahatmas.

The Knower of the knower simply exists just like the Seer of the seer.

The inner awareness of the variations of dhyan is "noted" by the one who knows that the state of bliss has been impeded by a reaction, which has occurred. This reaction is the form of an asar...an effect usually of negativity...and ultimately of both negativity and positivity. Such a seer ...then "takes" or directs F1…file no 1 to take corrective action like being aware that agna of the Gnani has been missed and hence a video rewind( samayik) or pratikraman is necessary. In fact there is the Seer of this seer who simply exists and is aware of all that happens...and is not involved with any corrective action. This is the final Gnaata Drashta State.  For such an awakened One...every second is Vyavasthit.




Which dhyan?


buddhi no GD

pragna no GD

Then Atma as the final GD

There are three levels of the Knower Seer State.

The knower seer of the intellect

The knower seer of pragnya… the force that takes hold after the separation of the Self from the prakruti… the mvk

And finally the Self as the Absolute Knower Seer/


Deepakbhai takes us even higher by making us aware of the varieties of the Gnaata Drashta State.

Initially in the awakened state there is the awareness of ...Knower Seer relationship with the exercise of intellect.

Then with increasing awareness and experience of Gnan and following of 5A of the Gnani...the Knower Seer State of the Pragna takes hold. This means that the Knower Seer is now aware of all that leads one to and helps establish The Bliss of The Self and Moksha. This is the awareness of evidences that lead to increasing bliss and freedom.

And finally the State of The Gnani is where Atma is the Only Home. There is no external link beyond the Self.


70 percent 5A.... is the guarantee of moksh

The Gnani Purush has guaranteed us all that following his agnas 70 percent of the times will guarantee our final liberation, even as we experience the living moksha of Akram Vignan.


Pujya Dadashri has guaranteed our final liberation if we make the unflinching determination to follow the 5A and end up being aware that we have indeed done so by 70 percent.


Daily life evidences...who did them?

Ans: V

Even court.... time...go but without raag or dwesh...with SBN (Please consult legend below for all meanings of these short terms)


Dadashri says that even if your evidence...internal bhaav unfolds in such a manner that you have to take someone to court, do so  without attachment or abhorrence, without any negative feeling towards the defendants. This is your unfolding vyavasthit. This film will have to finish...rolling. (P32)


Poornahooti of the Gnan of V...is Keval Gnan...KG

When one understands and experiences the full knowledge of vyavasthit,  (which took Dadashri many life times to experience) then total enlightenment results. So the experiential understanding of V is an increasing process for the one who follows the agna of Dadashri.



Mahatmas...do not improve? There is a common complaint after this Gnan that there is no “visible” improvement in the conduct or behavior of a mahatma…in response to that Dadashri states that:

Aachhar...  conduct is a discharge effect...under V

We do not improve effect...behavior...because it is not under one's control


Dadashri relates that he often hears complaints from worldly folks that his mahatmas have not shown any improvement in their external behavior after receiving Atmagnan. To this Dada readily answers for us... that " My dear, I am not the doer of that which is unfolding...how can I change that? You believe that they are doing it. Can you change your own worldly behavior?" (Page22)


Pratiti …  total inner conviction…has changed ...that I am not with it...not sahamat with it.

Yes indeed something has changed. That is his conviction that whatever wrong...hurtful to others ...occurs...I am not with it. That fundamental inner change is the one that counts and leads one to final freedom.


In time of Mahavir...mvk was in unison...so it worked.

More than 2500 years ago in the times of Lord Mahavir it was possible to change because MVK functioned in synchrony. Now it is a very difficult task (the traditional kramic way)


Question and Answer Session:


Q: We are assured by Dadashri not to be concerned about the unfolding of our future and he has stated that it will be orderly like 96 97 98 99...please explain...


D: The ego less person's future is regular and exact. The flow is regular. The future is predictable. 55 56 57 58 59...

     Agnan state... the state that is associated with I am the doer and hence the sufferer...is unpredictable because ego exists, is blind and is prone to react unpredictably under the influence of unfolding events...example after reaching 98.... a slight insult...will slip him to 15 even... because his prakruti is aniyamit …unpredictable…and has not become easy and stable like the one who is devoid of the ego.

Mahatma has a niyamit prakruti.... mahatma being defined as the one who follows the agna of the gnani purush.


Q: Discharge can vary in rate?


D: Jagruti may vary in intensity...not discharge rate. It will take its own time.

That which changes is jagruti. Increase it.

Jagruti is defined as awakened state awareness. The awakening has occurred. The awareness may become clouded by unfolding karma effects.


Q: How?


D: With 100 percent determination to follow 5A jagruti increases.


Discharge depends on DKKB...dravya kshetra kaal bhaav. Only the bhaav component is under your control. Concentrate on the bhaav.


Q: Agna nischaya results in jagruti.... does it not? The determination to follow agna will increase jagruti?


D: Investigate...pol and exactness in all events and that will help you in increasing jagruti.


This was a very critical answer of Deepakbhai. Notice that simply a determination to follow the agna does not necessarily increase jagruti...awareness. Rather, it is the constant exercise of the aware approach to where the agna have been missed during daily hourly life is what increases jagruti. And also the aware application of where and why pol... an attitude of worldly convenience leading to sansaar...occurred needs to be teased out and viewed as is, to return and remain in the bliss of the Self.



Understand V exactly

Constant rewind all evidences in a retro film of your daily life.

See all events and situations in past life where you saw anyone as the doer.

See where you felt feelings...negative or positive as a doer.



Q:  In The Charan Vidhi there is the mention of 6 mahavrat... 6 great vows…please explain


D:  These are ahinsa...nonviolence, achouraya...non-stealing, satya...truth, aparigraha...non-possessiveness, brahmacharya...celibacy and the sixth one is avoidance of ratribhojan...eating after dark.

These 6 vows of conduct are relative and are all under the control of V for the one who is awakened and Self Realized.

Is all paraadhin....  not under the control of the Self… under V

SA is the non-doer and beyond these 6 vrats.

The one who is SA is aware of all 6 vrata and hence these are his natural state in the relative realm.

Adhyatma Vignan starts when mahavrat varte.

The science of the Self commences when these simply remain as the relative state for the one established in the Real.


Raja goes to play marbles.

in 6 mahavrats

6 mahavrats are relative religion...and Vignan starts when these are transcended.

You have been given the Kingdom of kingdoms and, as the king to delve or to revert to the doer ship of, and into these issues is akin to going to play marbles as a king. You are the king. You do not play with marbles like a child.


Q: Kartapanu...of a minute time means loss of agna of V? If I feel a sense of doership, then have I missed the agna of Vyavasthit?


D: Yes. Example: "Why is she telling me?

Why am I feeling this...is all loss of Agna of Vyavasthit.


Q: What about applying Agna later on after the event?


D: Works but apply constant practice of seeing everyone nirdosh… faultless.


Prakruti minus ego is Vyavasthit

This is the second equation Dada has given us. The first one is

I plus my= Chandulal, I minus my = God.

Prakruti is with live ego and hence is never V...in fact avyavasthit.

That prakruti from which the ego has been disconnected…  removed...(a mahatma) is the same as vyavasthit. (P32)


After all efforts what results is Vyavasthit.


Vyavasthit is only for the one who is egoless.

For mahatmas:  Chandubhai, mvk, MBCA..mun buddhi chit ahankar is all  under Vyavasthit.


(Noise of children in telesatsang is V)


Q: mun thi ke V...kare chhe...how do we know? How do we know that V is doing it versus the mun...the mind is the doer...?


D: Three rings...from inside...then proceed...bhajiya...three times..proceed. Observe the three rings principle. If the mind tells you to eat some bhajias...pakoras...snacks...be aware the first two times and the third time go get them. The awareness practice the first two times will mean you have been separate from the one who makes demands from within.... the mind. That mind is under the control of Vyavasthit for all of you who have received Atmagnan.


Demand of Vyavasthit is noted after three rings.


Coming events cast their shadows before.

Jumping after first thought is the effect of mun...mind.

The gnani is aware of the first ring.... and remains aware of the follow through.

The awareness of the Gnani is constant

The awareness of the follower of the gnani is becoming that way...gradually.


Hu SA is akarta and the other one is SA also and akarta


I am pure Self. I am not the doer of that which is unfolding.

The other person is SA. He also is not the doer of that which is unfolding.

SA is shuddha atma…pure Self.




Q: Some files appear karta constantly and it is very difficultt to see them as non-doers and hence nirdosh...faultless. What to do?


D: Wipe your abhipraya...opinion


Q: His behavior does not change...what shall I do?


D: Is it difficult to see SA in such a person? Do constant pratikraman.... until you are able to see his/her SA.


Q: V helps in moksh? Does Vyavasthit the scientific circumstantial evidences help in liberation?


D: Depends on the train you are sitting in.

Depends on the udaya...poonya multiplied by bhaav is the result as Vyavasthit

So watch out for the bhaav.

poonya is a result.

It depends on the unfolding effect of karma. Merit karma expressing along with inner intent of a higher order is what brings forth the vyavasthit. Since poonya merit karma effect is a result in this life the thing that one has to be careful about is bhhav…deep inner intent.


Q: Deepakbhai...heavy duty karma is now unfolding which clouds jagruti. It is difficult. What should I do?


D: Say Dada Dada Dada...help

This is happening to Narendra...I am SA

Help Dada, help, Dada

This may come...e.g. surgery...heavy clouds...at such time...get extra energy of the Self by remaining in the Self...and be free.


Person vomiting ...someone pats the chest and helps get rid of the inner vomitus. This helps the person.

Lots of dust of current difficulties... is clouding the vision but the dust will settle down...and clarity will resume.


Q: I am reminded of the pad Kesariya vir na ya hom...fateh vina jumpe nahin...in this context


D: Yes...and he goes on to recite the first four lines of this pad by Shri Kaviraj.


Ran Yoddha na udgaaro...parsatta ma amey nahin


The ones who go to war...the true warriors of Rajasthan...leave home with a vow that either they will return victorious or they will die in glory fighting as a lion. The battle cry of the warrior in the desert is that I know my domain and I do not have any concern with that which is beyond my control. These thoughts speech and acts are not my domain. Kesariya Vir is also referred to the Lion, the King of the jungle. We mahatmas are the virs of the lion warrior, our Dada.



All fears exist in foreign department...parsatta only...

It has come to end only...all these transient difficulties that you are going through now will come to an end.

Be appreciative of this difficult time as it is a vitamin for your Real Self.

Jagruti increases in difficult times.

Fit it as V

Je pudgal nu thhavanoo chhe ey pudgal nu chhe.

That which is going to happen to this complex of MVK called pudagal is of the pudgal only, not you.



Once you are prepared...with the Gnan nothing can touch you

If you are not aware and prepared you will be tripped by a small hole, and where you are aware, a big hole will be no problem for you.




Q:  There are currently 3 to 4 files ...causing mixtures...and lot of problems. What shall I do?


D: Deal with one at a time in the present...

Vartmaan SBN

The application of Agna four is for the present file.

Do not take sides of any particular file

SBN with all. Settle all files with equanimity.


Q: What if there are many files at the same time...?


D: Potani bhool no svikaar kare chhe ene koy file tang nathhi karti...

The one who accepts his error (here the udayakarma) is free from any harrassing effects from any file.




Fit the Gnan of V

See all as SA, and their Prakruti under V...and do SBN

Do this homework for the whole coming week

Study chapter 3 next week.



He DB he SSSP, maney sup potane akarta aney V ne karta eym darek ne SA tarike akarta aney prakruti V ne karta ey rite samayik ma jovani shakti aapo

hu mvk....


Dear lord within me, Dear Shri Simandhar Swami, with the Highest Awakened awareness, let me see my self as the non-doer Vyavasthit as the doer, and likewise all others as non-doers… as The Self and their prakrutis as doers in this samayik.


MVK ni avasthha maatra kudarati rachana chhe jeno koi bapoi rachanaar nathhi aney te V bhaavej raheli chhe.


The state of the mind, speech and the body is a natural construct, which does not have a creator, and it exists precisely according to scientific circumstantial evidences.


Jai Sat Chit Anand

Please feel free to send in corrections. These are real time notes.




D: Deepakbhai

N: Niruben

SBN: Sambhaave Nikaal...Settle with Equanimity. Be done with it without attachment or abhorrence.

GD: Gnaata Drashta...Knower-Seer

SA: Shuuddhatma

5A: Five Agnas

Q: Mahatma Questioner

DB: Dadashri Dada Bhagwan , Original Gnani Purush

AV: Akram Vignan

CV: Charan Vidhi

V: Vyavasthit also SCE

F: File

F1: File no 1.

M: Moksh

P: Pratikraman

Pu: Purushaarth

Pr: Prakruti.

J: jagruti

JJ: jabbar jast...phenomenal and extraordinary advance in spirituality...here.

KMML: krodh maan maya Lobh...anger, false pride, taking relative as real...illusion, greed.

B: Brahmacharya... Freedom from all sexual impulses and bondage of these inclinations and impulses.

TNMK: Tan Maya Akaar...to become the shape of the body...to become involved in the body...to become Chandulal.

MVK: Mun Vacchan Kaaya...mind thoughts, speech and body

SS: Simandhar Swami

BM: Bharelo maal...Old stock from past life...expressing KMMLVK through MVK or F1.

KMMLVK: krodh, maan, maaya, lobh, vishay, kapat...anger, pride, delusion and illusion of the non self being seen as real, greed, sex,deceit

RD: raag dwesh...attachment abhorrence...pull push..kashayas.

Dis: Discharge.

HBM: hu baavo aney mangaldas...the three within one...

NM: Nhoy Maaroo..Not mine.

DKKB: Dravya Kshetra Kaal Bhaav...Matter, Location, Time and Intent

AK: Akarta...Non doership...not the doer

K: Karta...I am the doer...doership...he did...she did..he does...she does...

KG: Keval Gnan... Full enlightenment. Absolute State.

MBCA:  mun buddhi chit ahamkaar... mind, intellect chit and ego.

TNMK: tanmayyakaar...becoming the shape of the mind and the body...becoming the mind and the body. "This is happening to me."

Agnani: The one who has not received Gnan of The Gnani Purush Dadashri.

DBAJJKHO: Dada Bhagwan na aseem jaijaikar ho. Eternal Glory to The Lord Within….

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