Dear Seeker or Casual Visitor:

Do you wonder why India is filled with images of Gods and Godesses and rituals of idol worships that seem far removed from spiritual pursuits and enquiry?  What is the difference between religion and spirituality? How can anyone fathom what happens in the heart of the one entering a church, a mosque, a temple or a synagogue? Can one attain anything spiritual without coming to know religion as it is?  Or can one attain religion without opening up the door of spirituality within?

Why are there so many versions and interpretations of the Holy Texts? Who can attain the message that is free from the divisiveness of intellectual interpretations? And once it has been attained how can it ever be expressed?

The gurus in India and  now elsewhere, talk about Self realization, eternal bliss, Atma, The Self, make promises that do not come true, and then tell you to do this and that and keep you coming back, not to mention the special costs of his or her darshan,  retreat or 'company'? Does it bother you that once you come in, he changes  his tone and asks you to give up this or that and walk the straight path? 

What does he have that you are lacking? Why have you become such a beggar? Do you wonder about what is it in you that makes you run to such gurus? Do you really believe that what you are seeking can be given to you by another human being? If so, what is it that you are seeking?  The guru the disciple relationship is very precious and delicate. Check it out before you jump in.


Is the path of Bliss, something that you can buy? As you read these words, you are also aware of internal conflicts. Can conflicts exist simultaneously with the bliss of the Self? Is there a simple way to resolve conflicts in life?

Do you wonder about the surrendering to false gurus because you or someone you know, have been stung before? What is more important, the surrendering or the guru?

Is this path of Gnani Purush Dadashri called Akram Vignan, one of surrendering to a guru? What is a Gnani Purush anyway? Why is the word Dada, Dadashri so filled with subtle energy for thousands who had  been seeking and now have found it?

Do you believe or wonder about life after life? Do you believe that for every effect, there has to be a cause? Do you know how you have attained this wonderful human life in which you are a temporary traveler?

Enough of initial questions. Please be assured that you will find the answers to all these and more here. You will find your Self here. Along with it will open up the realm of the ocean of bliss that You are.




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