Dear Friend

The events just seem to happen in life. Whatever you think you were able to control, were just events. When you reflect upon what you thought you could control, why did it not end up being what you expected?

When thoughts come you have a choice. What makes you decide to follow one thought and not the other? What is the first thought when you see a person for the first time? What is the origin of thought? What is the connection of thought and previous life? Do you believe that you have had a previous life?

When you eat your favorite ice cream where does pleasure arise from? What happens if you eat a pound of it? Who is it that is constantly seeking pleasures from objects and beings and running away from pain?

You felt good and high when you met a spiritual master. What happened then? Why did it not last? You have tried everything for this high. What is it? Is that enlightenment? 

Rare indeed are the souls in this world who lead you towards the bliss of the Self called moksha. Even more rare than these are the scriptures that describe the Self and show the ways to attain the Self. Even more rare than these are the Self realized masters who have attained the Self. An encounter with an Enlightened Master, an Atma Gnani and the consequent unfolding of the true desire for liberation within a seeker is extremely rare. The most rare of all is the direct establishment of The State of  The Self , Self Realization within the seeker, at such a meeting.  

The one who talks about the bliss within is very rare. The one who has attained such bliss is very rare indeed. The one who is able to make someone else attain that is so much more rare. The evidences in life, and unfolding of circumstances that results in the meeting of the two states, for these indeed are inner states, is even more rare. Then finally the actual event, the enlightenment, in such a meeting, is so rare that it has been described as an event where one manages to thread the eye of the needle in darkness in the light that happens in the flash of a lightning.

The darkness is the world of misery that is created by the lack of understanding of the forces that have imprisoned this mind, thoughts, words and actions. The deep desire to escape the recurrent cycle of patterns of speech and thoughts, actions that take one farther and farther away from the Self. The inability to see the futility of any pleasure seeking venture or the running away from a painful one.

The question arises...Am I a seeker? What am I seeking?

How can one even answer this, unless one defines the 'I'  here? Now in the absence of this understanding, one is able to answer the second question from a worldly perspective. One wants avoidance of inner conflicts and disharmony. Thousands are the instances in life when one has been through such inner conflicts and resultant clashes and hurt, and yet one forgets. The hurt within is covered up by the band aids of transient pleasures in life.

Akram Vignan of Dadashri offers  harmony within and  in daily life interactions. One does not have to take up anything here. There is the simple understanding of four basic tenets which help avoid conflicts in life. These four basic truths of the Gnani Purush  help even without the awakening of the Self.

Then finally, there is the awakening of the Self in the Gnan Vidhi which accomplishes what has been mentioned above. This is as rare as the process of threading of a needle in total darkness in the flash of a lightning. That is moksha or liberation. Liberation even as one moves about in daily life. This is the State of the Jeevan mukta. The liberated one.

Now to some practical issues...

Shuddha Anami