The Gnani Purush  Presents The Liberating Science Called Akram Vignan

Warm Welcome to the  Spiritual Seeker who does not understand Gujarati

and Seeker who come from Outside India

Welcome to the world of Dadashri. Dadashri is the Gnani Purush.  A Gnani Purush is one who is constantly absorbed in the Self, who has no inner inclinations, whose words are not to be found in scriptures, but  touch you through Your experience. He  has no sense of doership at all, is not veiled by  the illusory pleasures of the senses, and his words have the energy to liberate you from sufferings of infinite life times. His words will liberate you from within. There you will come to the defining line, the edge between the worldly self and the eternal Self.

The Gnani Purush will liberate you by placing You where You can 'see' and experience-know  this.

This experience is the experience of The Self that is free from all elements of the worldly self. Many western spiritual seekers are now awakening to this beautiful and simple scientific path of Self-realization.

You will not be required to do anything.

You will not be asked to quit your current guru, practices, or life styles.

You will not be asked to pay any money for anything  that you receive here. You leave here with the freedom that is your birth right.

Please contact any of the following non Indian seekers who have attained this liberating knowledge called Gnan through this new path recently.

Nada Vitanova

Siddhartha Ingle

Juan Carlos

Christian Opitz

Gayatri Schreifer

Chava LeBarton

Barbara Rozen

Cecelia Miguez

Jan Esmann

Jeff LeBarton

Pernilla Lillarose

Nadiane Bastin

Feather Patel

Patrick Wiser

Bharat Rochlin

Kimotchi Garcia

Sonny Ritscher

All of these individuals have  attained this Gnan from Pujya Deepakbhai in the last few years, except Juan Carlos who received it from Pujya Niruma. Non have met Dadashri. They will be able to speak of their initial  and subsequent experiences with this path, only. For a more detailed understanding one has to have a significant interaction directly with the Gnani Purush and thus understand  this Science called Akram Vignan. Please note that some of these persons have their own web sites which promote their personal views and other pursuits which has no specific bearings and endorsement from the main sites of Dadashri relating to the pure scientific approach to liberation through direct Self realization. Dadashri has always held that there must be religion in all commerce, but there must never be any commerce in any religious-spiritual venture. He has emphasized this and its pitfalls in great length in Aptavani Nine. Therefore, the above introduction is simply to help you have access to some western mahatmas who have received the Gnan Vidhi, but apart from that no other endorsements are made with reference to their qualifications to guide you further on the path of Akram Vignan.


You may directly proceed to the entrance of this path by either reading or listening to the book

Who Am I ?

Having done this much, you will be ready to step into the world of bliss eternal. You will  be better equipped with the clarity needed to proceed on this new spiritual path. You will know what you are seeking and how to attain that. 

Then the choice is yours. If you still have any residual questions, you are free to ask, by email or direct phone call. Sooner or later you will have to meet the Gnani Purush, face to face. 

Thereafter, if your questions are answered, your work is done. After the grace of the Gnani, through the Gnan Vidhi, now no longer seeking anything, You may proceed to

Staying in Satsang With The Gnani

by reading , seeing, hearing the treasures that lie for you in addition to the live satsang with the one whose knowledge-Gnan has liberated you.


dadashri or dadabhagwan web sites. 

Jai Sat Chit Anand




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