Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho

Vitarag Pratinidhi

The Lord's Representative

Vitarag Pratinidhi Saashan Devi...Vitarag Pratinidhi Kalyan Murti
The Divine Deity that represents the Enlightened Lord (at Mahavideh) the one who graces all with ultimate (knowledge) of salvation

Vitarag Pratinidhi Anupam Murti...Vitarag Marg na maara Gnani
This representative is beyond any description...and is my Gnani of the path to freedom.

                                                                                  Vitarag Pratinidhi...


Adhyashakti aa sahaj sthiti....Vatsalya Murti roodiyen vasi
This natural being with enormous spiritual energy....this embodiment of love...has taken residence in my heart

Akram Vignani nu dhiit aascharya...murti ma pragat shat aishwarya
This is the profound miracle of the Akram Vignani that the Lord with all His benevolent qualities expresses in a human being

Nirantar akarta thhyney farata...Niranjani Sat Shreya Felaavataan
She has walked the world as a non doer...and has spread the final truths that shed all bondages of karma

Nishkaami shreya-prem murti...Nirgranth Marg na Maara Gnani...                             The embodiment of selfless love...She is my Gnani of the path of the Enlightened

                                                                                  Vitarag Pratinidhi....

Kevali Kalyaanak Sanketo ney...Vartmaan Arihant Gher Gher Sthaapak
Taking forward the cues and inspiration from the Absolute One...She has established the Current Living Arihant Lord (Simandhar) in thousands of homes

Alakh Niranjan Arihant Sharaney...Avirat Krupa Ni Link Jo Chalii
At the feet of the Divine Unattached  and Fully Enlightened Lord who is devoid of all internal enemies of raag and dwesh...behold the link that continues the constant Grace (of the Gnani Purush).

Gnani j Atma...Gnan j Atma...Gnani ni Agna Swayam Shreyatma 
The Gnani is The Self...The Gnan is the Self...The Agnas of The Gnani is indeed The Self.                                                            

Jene Jag maanshey...tenooj chaalshey...Laghuttam Bhaave jey Mukti apaavshey The one whom the world acknowledges as the spiritual the one who shall lead the world. Such a One liberates others with the ultimate humility.

                                                                                  Vitarag Pratinidhi....

Mun Vaccha Kaaya thhi Pal Pal Seva..."Dada Nu Jey Chhe Ey Maaruj Hojo.."
The Service to The Gnani Purush through thoughts, speech and acts every moment since meeting Him...and "Only That Of Dada (The Self) as mine" ...

Aseem Krupalu Pragna Sanketak...Pratyakshanubhav Yathaarth Linkage
...Is the exact link to the infinite Grace of the One who has lighted the inner force that liberates....and is my living direct experience.


                                                                                   Vitarag Pratinidhi...

Kalyani Bhaavarth...Kalyani Nimit...Kalyani Deshnaa...Akram Kalyani
The inner intent that is exclusively liberating...The instruments ( living liberators) that liberate...The Words that liberate...The Akram Liberator

Shat Aishwarya Pratyaksh Nihaadoo...Saashtaang Vandoo Pratyaksh Gnani Ney
...All lead to my total surrender salutation to the One who is in front of me with all these Godly ( liberating) qualities.


                                                                                   Vitarag Pratinidhi...

Shuddha j chit thhi Mooniipananu...Shish aa jhookatoon...Gnani Soocharaney         With the purified inner vision of the one who has no  further words to express...this head bows at the  divine feet of the  Gnani                                                                    

Hey Vishwa Vandhya Evaan Pragat Shuddhatma... Maaraj Gnani Saoonaa Kalyani O...Glorious One Whom The World Bows to...The Expressed Lord Within...with (humility) I am stating that my Gnani is the instrument of salvation for all...  

Sarvagna na Soocharanoma
At the lotus feet of the One for whom nothing remains to be known

The above words came forth on April 25 1995. Web posting May 14 2004

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