The Ultimate Religion

Vitarag means the One who is devoid of all attachments.

The religion of The Enlightened One is the Ultimate religion.

It is the religion of the Self.

It is not an exclusive label for any man made religion.

All religions of the world are relative.

Vitarag Dharma is Real.

Vitarag Dharma liberates you for ever.

All other relative religions point to the path.

The eternal Bliss of the Self ...

exists as the essence of The Vitarag within all living beings.

Come..dear fellow traveller in this life...

Get to know this Vitarag ...

He knows..

How much you have searched...

How many life times and forms you have taken..

How much suffering you have been through..

He is The Knower.

Once you get to know this Knower...your work is done.

The Akram Vignani walked the face of this earth to

reestablish and renew

Vitarag Dharma

In addition he provides human beings of this era with

The extraordinary shortcut to Moksha...eternal freedom


Akram Vignan

in which no doership is called for..

there are no rituals..

there are no gurus..

there are no sacrifices to be made...

there is nothing to renounce..

there is no organised religion..

no meditations..

no yoga of any kind..

there is no commerce in the name of religion.

Vitarag Dharma

does not negate any of the existing world religions...

See Pushpanjali.

Atma Vignana

The religion of the Self...

is above all man made religions.

To know this religion and to experience it in your daily life is the Ultimate accomplishment


human birth.

The Gnani

is the One who introduces you to

The Vitarag

and thereafter your work is done.


Enlightenment eludes the one who takes sides and is partial to a particular religion.

Jain, Vaishnav, Swaminarayan, Islam, Christianity are all relative religions, religions that set standards. They are the religions of view point. To accept your view point as the truth and to stick to it and defend it is the nature of relative religions which set standards. Where is moksha here ? When will enlightenment occur ? When will keval darshan..absolute vision occur ? When will real samkit, samyak darshan occur ? When there is no conflict or partiality , schisms and partisanship, disputes and differences of opinion with anyone in the entire world ! There is no moksha for those who are engrossed in taking sides. Why is it that schisms, divisions and partisanship occurs ? The egoists create divisions to feed their ego and the egoless Gnani Purush mends these divisions. Brings them together. Gnani Purush is nishpakshapati, all Vitarags are nishpakshapati ...impartial. No partiality towards any caste or creed. Totally impartial. with every living being !

All these are packings and packages. There are all varieties of packings and within them is the Soul , Atma... the real material. The material is the same in all, but Bhedabuddhi ...the intellect that creates divisions and differences of opinions arises because of different external packings. Gnani Pursh is indifferent to packings. His vision is eternally on the material, the real within, the Atma of the one in front of him. The Gnani is established in this Atmadrishti. It is this packing drishti that creates pakshapaksi divisions and discordance and that is why this sansaar is perpetuated ! By taking sides of a certain party the person is strengthening the foundation of that party. My dear, do you want to be free mokshey javoo or do you want to remain stuck taking sides of a paksh ? Moksh and paksh are totally contradictory. The Lord is nishpakshapati and mankind is in pakshapata creating differences. The Jains will say, " This much is ours, that is not ours, that belongs to Vaishnavs." Or else the Muslim will say, " This is ours, that is not, that belongs to the Hindus." In this manner people of all religions are in divisions and partisanships. Here in the presence of The Gnani all religions are explained openly. People from all faiths feel that this is their own dharma religion because I am nishpakshapati. This is the sangam confluence of all religions !

The lord has remained aloof from those who have created divisions in the name of religion. Even within a religion there are so many divisions. Amongst the Jains there are 84 gacchas collections ..divisive sects. Likewise the Vedantis have so many different religious sects. The true Jain Dharma follower is the one who never takes sides, is impartial and if the opponent is creating divisions, he will go to the opponent and try and make him understand. With careful understanding of the issues he will avert differences of opinion. Even if he knows that the other person is absolutely wrong and he is right, he will approach the other with the intent to avoid divisions. Some may object to such conduct. Why should I go and pacify the other who is toatlly wrong and I am right ? Yes, a real Jain will say, "Because I am a Jain, I have to let go and approach the opponent." The real Jain listens to one and all and avoids avaran the covering of ignorance over the Self. He does not use kapat deciet that says you are wrong and I am right. Should you not listen the talk that is naturally accepted by your Atma..the Self ?

Lord Mahavir used to say that one should listen even to the vidharmi sacrilegious person who has come to say something. And here in the religion of Mahavir there are so many divisions !

These days even the sadhu maharajas saints in religious paths have fallen into divisions of paksha ! What is the difference between the sadhus of Jains and the sadhus of Vitarag Bhagwan ? The sadhus of the Jains fight amongst each other and create divisions, like brothers fighting in the sansaari family. The sadhus of The Vitarag are nishpakshapati, and devoid of interfering tendencies. We revere and send our namaskaar to those Vitarag na sadhus who have not taken any sides and have avoided partisanships, discords and divisions.These namaskaars then go to such sadhus regardless of whether they are Digambars or Shvetambars. What we see however is that the Deravasi maharaj does not go to the Sthanakvasi maharaj and the Digambari maharaj avoids going to the Shvetambari maharaj. Does one acheive moksh with such partisanships ? The truth should be accepted even if it is coming from a muslim. But where is the truth in this era ?

The Digambaris and Shevatambaris fought over the issue of whether or not to clad the Lord or to keep him unclad. Why did the Lord say to stay unclad ? Aangi dressing and ornaments of the image worship is baladharma religion of the child..early step in spirituality. By such worship even at least darshan process of the Lord is relevant ! Whereas Digambari is for gnanjeevo those seeking knowledge. This fact has changed in current times ! A Digambari maharaj met me. He said, " Only we will attain moksha, wouldn't you agree ?" I asked him, "Why do you say so ?" He replied, " Why not, did not the The Lord say, "Naggaey mokkha magga ?"...the naked shall be free.

I told him, " Your statement is right. Indeed The Lord has said, " Naggaey mokkha magga," but you have misunderstood this sutra. The Lord has directed you to lay bare your Soul, not your body.

This has arisen because of ignorance and lack of understanding. The Soul is covered by three clothes : mun..thoughts, vaani..speech and kaaya..body. These clothes have to be removed. The one who removes these clothes and lays bare tha Atma is the True Digambar. These symbolic clothes of mun, vacchan and kaaya have to be discarded, because those three represent the biggest parigraha attachment...acquisitive nature which impedes real freedom.

May I tell you what this pakshapakshi ..partisanship is like ? Is it possible to really dislike your own image ? Is it possible for anyone to think that he is ugly ? No, this is not possible. Otherwise he will throw away the mirror. Real beauty is that which never vanishes from your memory. The impartial ones are radiant in their bliss, fragrance and beauty. The ones who take sides carry their stench wherever they go, even in their own homes, they stink !

Many ask me , are you Jain ? Others inquire, are you Vaishnav ? My dear, why Jain or Viashnav ? We are Vitarag. In Vitarag dharma all dharmas are contained. By declaring me to be a Jain or a Viashnav the person is setting up antaraya ...on his own Self. He projects his own judgements upon me that I am pakshpati..taking sides. But once ...if he sees me doing darshan of this Ramchandraji...all his wrong beleifs will be dissolved. Such punyas..merit of karma have to arise...

Jai Sat Chit Anand

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