The Ultimate Religion

Vitarag means the One who is devoid of all attachments.

The religion of The Enlightened One is the Ultimate religion.

It is the religion of the Self.

It is not an exclusive label for any man made religion.

All religions of the world are relative.

Vitarag Dharma is Real.

Vitarag Dharma liberates you for ever.

All other relative religions point to the path.

The eternal Bliss of the Self ...

exists as the essence of The Vitarag within all living beings.

Come..dear fellow traveller in this life...

Get to know this Vitarag ...

He knows..

How much you have searched...

How many life times and forms you have taken..

How much suffering you have been through..

He is The Knower.

Once you get to know this Knower...your work is done.

The Akram Vignani walked the face of this earth to

reestablish and renew

Vitarag Dharma

In addition he provides human beings of this era with

The extraordinary shortcut to Moksha...eternal freedom


Akram Vignan

in which no doership is called for..

there are no rituals..

there are no gurus..

there are no sacrifices to be made...

there is nothing to renounce..

there is no organised religion..

no meditations..

no yoga of any kind..

there is no commerce in the name of religion.

Vitarag Dharma

does not negate any of the existing world religions...

See Pushpanjali.

Atma Vignana

The religion of the Self...

is above all man made religions.

To know this religion and to experience it in your daily life is the Ultimate accomplishment


human birth.

The Gnani

is the One who introduces you to

The Vitarag

and thereafter your work is done.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

The Awareness Of The Eternal Is Bliss

your link to the world within...

The Eternal Question...Who Am I ?

Akram Vignan
Simandhar Swami
The Gnan Vidhi

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