The Gnan Vidhi Self Realization in 48 Minutes by Gnani Purush Dadashri of Akram Vignan




The Gnan Vidhi


Gnani Purush Dadashri

There is much excitement in the spiritual world about the Gnan Vidhi. 

Gnan means Knowledge. Vidhi means the special inner process which involves the subtle effects of words on the purification of chit. Chit  has no direct word equivalent in western languages. Chit has two components. Knowledge and Vision. Impure chit 'sees ' the world as it is, becomes drawn and affected by it and then trapped in it. That is the illusion. The pure chit is the Self. It does not become affected by any worldly effect, pleasant or unpleasant. It cannot be veiled by the illusion.  Chit is that which sees scenes within. Right now you can visualize your office or your living room, or the face of your loved one, as it is, or was,  even as you are reading these words. It is because you have knowledge of those places or beings. 

You have no  experiential knowledge of the Self, the Atman, the Soul, the Eternal in all living beings, that by which Life is, and that without which, life ceases. The initial experience and the establishment of the pure vision and knowledge, as the Self, is accomplished through the now famous Gnan Vidhi of Gnani Purush Dadashri. Dadashri is the enlightened One, who began enlightening others in 1962, through the Gnan Vidhi. This is His absolute compassion and grace. There have been previous Gnanis, a handful but they were not able to ' transfer'  this enlightenment to others. Dadashri has been able to 'do' this for thousands and in his subtle presence continues to enlighten thousands all across the globe. The vehicle by which the enlightenment happens has changed. After 1998 it was through the medium of Dr. Niruben Amin, and since March 2006 it is through Deeapakbhai Desai.  These latter two, insist that the Gnan  Vidhi is purely the grace of Dadashri and the current living Tirthankara Shri Simandhar Swami. The world of ours has not seen Simandhar Swami, but thousands have met, moved with , served and have attained Gnan directly from Dadashri.


Welcome therefore, to the Science of Dadashri and His Gnan Vidhi.  Gnan Vidhi is the 48 minute process where you will shed ignorance-agnan, and attain Gnan, and much more. It will not disturb or touch any of your current knowledge, beliefs or ways of interacting with the world. It will only allow you to attain the experiential knowledge of who You  are, and what forces and factors run this inner and outer world of yours. It will allow you to see the binding link that creates and perpetuates your attachment and abhorrence with that which arises in front of you through the vehicle of these thoughts, words or acts, which you currently identify as yours.

To state in other words, ego-I am the doer- and 'my-ness' are shed in the Gnan Vidhi and thus one becomes the pure Self. Furthermore, the seeker also receives the exact knowledge of the doer of all that is happening in front of, and within you.

It is the process by which you receive that which you are lacking. That which you had never before experienced. That which you cannot gain from your own efforts. That which your current guru-master has not been able to do for you.

To receive anything, you have to be ready. Your humility and sense of 'I know' has to come down significantly before you may receive it effectively. You may be aware that you are indeed an expert in your field, but in matters of the eternal world of the Self, it should be easy for you to accept the fact that you do not know anything much. It is an entry into that world, the spiritual realm within, that you are seeking access. You need not be a scholar of any religious scripture or someone who has done any significant sadhana-spiritual efforts before. You may come as you are, ready to receive. You will not be receiving any particular heavy dose of any specific worldly religion as you know, now. You will be receiving your Self, which is beyond all man made religions and all current prevalent notions about spirituality.

Spirituality in Akram Vignan begins with the Gnan Vidhi.

With the Gnan Vidhi, in the Gnan Vidhi You will enter the universe of the Eternal. It is beyond thoughts, speech and acts. It is an inner experience, and its expression through words or acts is individual specific and secondary to the original result of the process which defies all attempts at expression. Simply put, it is the flow of pure Grace of the Gnani Purush on the receiver.

Somewhere in the world around you a Gnan Vidhi will happen. There, you are welcome.  You may find a lot of Indian faces there, men and women, and children, smiling and really free. They will welcome you. Feel free to ask for help. If you have not met the Gnani, they will take you to meet Him. Much of the question and answer sessions may go on in Gujarati or Hindi, but there will be someone to translate for you. The Gnani may even speak to you in English. His immediate assistant will explain in detail what you may or may not expect to happen in the Gnan Vidhi.

The significance of what you experience during the Gnan Vidhi will be explained by the Gnani later. Much of it is peripheral to the main happening within, which is beyond your initial comprehension but will soon become your State and experience.

If you have decided to participate in the Gnan Vidhi, you will have to provide your full name and contact info and email address, and then you will simply follow the instructions of the few care givers who will guide you through the process. 

You may see images and idols in front of you in the location where you will be receiving the Gnan. Do not be overwhelmed by them. They all represent highly evolved beings beginning with the Gnani. Those images do not imply any specific religion, but rather what they mean within, once someone explains them to you. 

You are not being converted to a specific religion. The Self within all living beings, is beyond any religion. You may be asked to bow down to an image of a God and a human being. The human being is Dadashri, the Gnani Purush whose knowledge you will be receiving in the Vidhi. He has repeatedly said, that he is merely a vehicle through which the knowledge of the fully enlightened current living Tirthankara is flowing. The bowing down of the head simply is the symbolic gesture that represents the surrendering of the ego. Alas, it is the ego that refuses to surrender. It is the ego that has suffered so much, life after life.

This knowledge is the beginning of the inner Light, being lit within you. In that Light you will be able to see every corner of your self and begin to see that which is at the core of all suffering in life. You will begin to see your own mistakes and stop blaming anyone else. That is Self -realization. You become awakened within.  

At the end of the 48 minute process, you will be given very specific instructions through 5 Sentences called the 5 Agnas by the Gnani Purush. This will take about an hour. This is very important. Please listen to them with your fullest attention. You will not find these detailed instructions anywhere in books or tapes. Applying these 5 Agnas will sustain the freedom that You have just attained in the Gnan Vidhi. As you proceed in your life with the applied knowledge of the 5 Sentences, You will be the experiencer of infinite inner energies and bliss. This Bliss is moksha. This bliss is freedom. This bliss lets you see all that is false pleasure in life, as you know it. This bliss is your guiding Light towards final liberation-nirvana.

As you leave the Gnan Vidhi session which involves about 2.5 to 3 hours maximum, you will go home with a booklet given to you at the commencement of the Gnan Vidhi, called the Charan Vidhi. Its contents will be discussed by the assistants of the Gnani Purush. It is relevant only for those who have received the Self, from the Gnani Purush.

There is no cost or entry fee for you to receive the Gnan Vidhi. It would be good if you accept the meal offered at the end of the Gnan Vidhi, before you go home. Avoid any discussion with anyone except the Gnani Purush, for the 24 hours following your Gnan Vidhi. It would be of beneficial for you to have no business engagements for the rest of the day of your Gnan Vidhi, your birth in the realm of the Eternal, the deathless State. 

Please know that the Gnan Vidhi and its aftermath will shatter all your previously held concepts, experiences and mental reactions about Self-realization and spirituality. 

The Gnan Vidhi is conducted in any of the following languages at the choice of the Gnani Purush: Gujarati, Hindi, or English. Sometimes it is conducted in all three languages. 

On the day following the Gnan Vidhi you will have a special session with the Gnani Purush to clear any specific questions and doubts. 

Please note that 'self' refers to the worldly self, 'I am Mary' or 'I am  John', and 'Self' is the eternal One within, the pure Soul. A very precise line of demarcation is drawn between the two in the Gnan Vidhi. This is essential for living moksha or becoming liberated. This Liberation allows You to become the 'seer' of the self who continuous his worldly life interactions.

The Gnan Vidhi is not a diksha. The Gnan Vidhi is the total attainment of the experience of the Godhood within you. You are the master of your universe. Depending upon your critical receptivity of the process, the Gnan Vidhi is the beginning of the end, the nirvana-the final liberation process. Highly elevated worldly spiritual masters seek it, but it does not exist in books, not even in the many books of the Gnani Purush on this web site. For that, you have to meet the Gnani Purush. 

If you still have any questions with reference to anything stated above, please feel free to contact me.

It is hard to find anything on the web or in the world, where something worldly is not being sold to you. This here is beyond this world. The Self is the only thing that cannot be sold, or bought.

With kind regards,




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