Dada Bhagwan

Janma Jayanti

Nov 07 2004



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The Gnani Purush 

Dadashri was "born"

on Nov 7...

The Eternal 

Birth Day Offering




Vahine Vasiyo Muladhaar re

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Vahine vasio muladhaar re...mara mandiriya no saar re

You have flowed into the core of my existence...O essence of my temple (the worldly body)


Tarine taravyo bhav paar re...taran taaran eva amaap re

Having swum across the ocean that throws one back into life after have taken me across with you...Such a Liberator that can never be measured by any human being.


Jhaver Mulji ne ...trikaali vandan..Tarasali bhumi ne saashtaang vandan

My constant namskaar to thy mother JhaverBa and father Muljibhai and I prostrate myself on the soil of Tarsali where you were born...

Bhadrakali Bhadaran ni bhet re...kaliyug ma moksh sukaani re

This gift of a Liberator to the world of KaliYug is from Bhadrakali Mataji of Bhadaran


Balyavaya ma natakahat Ambu...Manohari hasya godgoda Gala nu

Playful young Ambu with the round cheeks that labeled you as Gala...

Niddidhyase sparshoon aa laal ne...sarve vyaapi hoonf ajod re

As I touch thy cheeks in this internal meditation...the all encompassing hug of  (secure unconditional love) envelops me...



Mamata vinano aham joovo kevo...param kalyan ma ogade evo

Behold this ego that is devoid of attachment...It expresses and dissolves in the State that is the Salvation of all


'Mamataj sansaar chhe...aham aandhadO jya tya doraya chhe'

In your own words..Dadashri, ' Attachment is verily the worldly life after life...and the blind ego just follows...'


Joda ni khiilee na avda tapa thhi...adeetha tapa poorna charitra nu

From the penance of the nail that came through the heel of the shoe to the highest internal penance of the fully enlightened One


Laalchod antar na gnaata...comission kyaareya na chookavataa

(You taught us) the penance that observes the fully heated inner self which never spilt over in the form of a complaint that represents the concession of a commission to others, in the path of liberation.

Positive ne poshan aaapi antar thhi bhetataa...nabadaa ne rakshan aapii...shuddhaj nihadataa

You encouraged and boosted the positive within everyone and gave shelter to the weak even as you saw the pure Self in all

Dadai soogandhee felaaya jo...murtamurta pratyaksh na taar thhi

This divine aroma of Dada is spreading in far corners ( of the world) through the live enlightened one...


Poorvey milan nu aa poonar milan...avyakta odakha hridaya thhij jaanoo

This meeting with you again (in this life) of the meeting in prior the expression of recognition through the heart of that which cannot be expressed

Amoorta no mooda sparsh re...mahavidehe ghadaatoon moort re

That is really a taste of the original touch of the One without form (the Self) ...and the new form is being constructed beyond the realms of the visible body


Sarvagna Na Soocharanoma

Dec 29 2002


The Ninth Kalam Of Dadashri


Where Gnan Vidhi happens, the Gnan takes hold within.

Where the Inner Light shines, darkness of ignorance and suffering vanishes.




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