The science of recitation of 3 mantras together is being revived

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Trimantra Vignan

The Science of the three mantras

Lord Rishabhdev who is the source of all religions and who as Adam or Adinath is accepted by all religions, has told all human beings who desire to overcome obstacles in life to recite all the three mantras together. In this trimantra, the mantra of the Panch Parmeshti known as Navkaar Mantra, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya and Om Namah Shivaya, all three have to be recited together.This the Lord had directed. He had said," If you want to split and divide your places of worship according to your convenience, so be it, but do not split these three mantras. Recite them together." There are celestial beings.. devos and devis.. who are in charge of protecting every religion. We please these celestial beings when we recite their respective mantras and they in turn help us. If you recite the mantra that is of only one religion then you cause displeasure to the protectors of the other religions. Alas now a days they have not only split the mantras but also the holy occassions related to the religion. The agyaras...a form of holy fast of the Shaivites has been split from that of the Vaishnavites ! Even in the Jain religion splits have occured into various sectors on account of a holy date related to lunar calendar ! One will have to accept the authority of all relative religions in order to arise and awaken to a higher meaning of the Real !

What is a mantra ?

A mantra is that which pleases, energises and stills the mind ! The mantra given by The Lord destroys obstacles. The Trimantra given by us destroys all obstacles. Heavy suffering is lightened by dedicated adoption of this Trimantra. The rest of the mantras only tend to still and calm the mind.

This Navkar Mantra encompasses all scriptures , does it not ?

If this was so then Lord Mahavir would not have made Gautam Swami write the 45 Agamas. He would have just given the Navkar Mantra. The role of the Navkar Mantra is to defeat oncoming obstacles and pressures. The suffering of a 100 pound stone's falling on you is lightened up to a mere tiny stone's worth, thru the recitation...aradhana...meaningful adoption of this mantra..

Are you saying that the recitation of the Trimantra lightens up the effects of karma ?

Yes, the karmas are lightened. The suffering of the effects of karma is eased, because the saashan dev and devis ...the celestial These mantras have to be recited with unison ...ekagrata of thoughts, speech and action. Then only they produce results.The early hours of the day, predawn period is conducive to the recitation of mantras because then there is less disturbance and greater ease in having unity in thoughts, speech and action.

Dada, what is the meaning of this Trimantra ?

" Namo Arihantanum ", means that I am bowing to the Arihant Bhagwan , the One who has destroyed the internal enemies in the form of anger, pride, passion and greed and yet walks about in human form. " Namo Siddhanum " , means I am bowing and offering namaskaars...obeisance to the Siddha Bhagwan, the One who is Siddha..who has attained moksha and does not have a body.Thirdly, in "Namo Aayareeyaanum", we are bowing to the Acharya or the Principal Bhagwant who is fully Self Realised and imparts Gnandaan...The Knowledge of The Real to others. Then comes the "Uvazzayanum..." the Upadhyaya means the teacher who has received Atmagnan..the knowledge of the Self, but are in the process of progressing towards full Realisation, and are also teaching others the way and the method. " Namo Loye savvasahunum " renders obeisances to all sadhus...saints of this world. But who can be called a saint ? This ascetic with the ochre robes ? No. Only the one who strives for establishment of the state of the Self, and no body else can be called a sadhu or a saint. " Aiso panch namukkaro..." to these five I bow. " Savva paavvapanaashano.." means this destroys all sins. " Mangalanum cha savve sim, padhham havai mangalam " means of all that is auspicious this is the highest, the most.

The Lord laid down all types of religions ; the way of moksha...liberation and enlightenment, and the way of the right and wrong, virtue and vice, auspicious and the inauspicious. He has not laid down the path of the Satan or the impure. The mantras lighten the karmas. Their recitation is an evidence of life. The other evidence is the Gnani. The shakti ...the energy to overcome or to destroy suffering exists in the mantra as part of the evidence.

You sir, are a Jain. Do you recite the Navkar Mantra ?

Yes, I recite it daily.

Then all your upadhi...externally induced sufferings..must have vanished, no ?

No, Dada...Life means suffering, and suffering never leaves...

Who has authority over a sentence..judgement...the judge or the worker ?

The judge .

Likewise the Navkar Mantra also must be given by the judge. You are reciting the Navkar Mantra, but are you doing so with awareness and identification as to whom you are offerering your obeisances ? If you do not know ghee...clarified butter, how will you purchase the right ghee ? The true result comes forth from the mantra given by "The Gnani Purush". If one recites these Trimantra as per our Agnas...directions , his worldly vignas...obstacles and conflicts will abate, he will remain in dharma...right path, and may even find the way to moksha...enlightenment !

"Sarva sadhubhyam namah: or he even recites the Navkar, but Navkar does not exist here today. Only those who have received the Swaroopgnan...knowledge of the Self...from us come under navkaar and reap its benefit. Thereafter the navkaar reaches the other kshetras...worlds. It would not reach these here ordinary acharyas..religious heads because they believe, " I am an Acharya."

If we recite the Navkar Mantra within our minds, does it automatically reach the Panch Parmeshtis Lords?

The Navkar mantra is so unique that it reaches whomsoever you wish to send it to !

So many folks here recite the Navkar Mantra, and yet they say, " How come my worries and tension still bother me ?" This is because no one has recited the True Navkar. This is because the letter, the message is posted to the wrong address. We must decide that our Navkar has to reach all true saints, true acharyas, and true teachers, whereever they might be in Hindustan or Bharatkshetra. Then it reaches them in addition to reaching the Siddhas and the Arihants.

So in this manner it reaches them automatically ?

Yes, it does. We say Namo Arihantanum, knowing fully that there is no Arihant here in Bharatkshetra, but the message goes to wherever there is an Arihant, and so also for the siddha. The effectiveness of the message is proportional to the intensity of the bhaavs...feeling behind the message.

All of this needs to be understood. Jain Religion means the use of the understanding attribute. Sing only after understanding. Narsinh Mehta the great bhakta and poet of Lord Krishna composed many songs of the Lord and sang them too. Some of the people in the street used to imitate and tease and mock fun of his singing. Then once he said, " The one who sings and imitates me will suffer, and the one who sings after understanding what I sing will attain salvation."

So likewise, recite this Navkar with understanding. Know where and whom it reaches. Know whom the title of the saint has been given to by the Lord. Only the ones who strive to know the Self. All the rest are koosadhu...and all of those who separate you from the path of the Vitarag...the Enlightened One...The One beyond all passions...are koolingees. Why do we need to mess with these koolingees ? We accept the truth as laid down by Lord Mahavir. We should say " Namo Vitragaya".

Om Namo Vitaragaya

Jai Sat Chit Anand

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The Science of the 3 Mantras

Namo Arihantanum

I bow to all who have destroyed their internal enemies, namely anger, pride, attachment and greed ( Ari means enemy, hant means to destroy ).

Namo Siddhanam

I bow to those who have attained Siddha state ( have achieved final moksha or liberation e.g. Lord Rama and Mahavir ).

Namo Aayareeyanam

I bow to all the Acharyas ( Principals ) who have attained Self Realization.

Namo Uvazzayanam

I bow to all the Upadhayas ( teachers in the path of Self Realization, who are progressing themselves ).

Namo Lo Ye Savva Saahunam

I bow to all the Sadhus in this universe ( sadhus are those who have received

AtmaGnan..Knowledge of Self and are learning more in this path ).

Aiso Panch Namukkaro

These five salutations( namaskars ) destroy all sins ( paaps ).

Mangalanam Cha Savvesim

Of all that is Auspicious,

Paddhamam Havai Mangalam

This is the highest (auspicious).

Aum Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

I bow to all those who have become Gods from human beings ( nar to Narayan).

Aum Namah Shivaya

I bow to all beings who are Auspicious ( Self Realized Beings ).

Jai Sat Chit Anand

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