The Gnani

Introduction to The Akram Vignani


His worldly name is Ambalal Muljibhai Patel.

No one who has met him after 1958 has ever called him by his worldly name.

The worldly name ended in June 1958. He was 50 years old then.

A worldly man, contractor by profession, married, from all external appearances looked like any other gentleman...

He had just finished supper, and was waiting for a train. He was sitting on a railway platform bench in Surat, India...when the extraordinary event happened.

The Lord manifest in him .

In one hour all secrets of world, life and universe opened up to him.

The experience of the absolute established in him permanently.

He became ...

The Enlightened One.

He continued the worldly life, with the experience of the

Gnani Purush.

When he surrendered ALL of his relative self to the Lord...then he became

the Lord of the self.

The Lord manifest within became popularly

identified as


Everyone started identifying this Gnani Purush in whom Dada Bhagwan had manifest as


This place...this body ..wherein the Lord manifest...

became a public trust...and one and all who met him felt eternally graced and blessed.

After 1958 he introduced his body as a " public charitable trust ". This is the first time

that this worldly title of trust attained such great level in spiritual sphere. It

clearly heralds the onset of great future for salvation of generations to come.

Who is "Dada Bhagwan" ?

" What you see is not Dada Bhagwan. What you see is A. M. Patel, but the One who is manifest inside is Dada Bhagwan. He is the Lord of the 14 worlds. The same lord is present within you ! The only difference is that in the Gnani Purush he is fully manifest and in you he is unmanifest. The Gnani Purush is eternally with Dada Bhagwan, except when called to attend to worldly duties, at which time he is with A.M. Patel."

The Lord is not a doer

So the Gnani Purush becomes the medium for the salvation of all living beings.

He is but an instrument of the process.

The merits of virtues of infinite lives result in the meeting with

The Gnani Purush

and thereafter all work is done.

For the experience and attainment of infinite bliss of the Self

and moksh even while living daily life...

we worldly beings have to express our desire and yearnings for this state

to the Gnani Purush.

This is all we need to do.

Because of this desire and yearning of ours... Grace happens , it flows from The Gnani...the one who is beyond all desires...through a very subtle process that is entirely incidental to the meeting of the two.

The Science which bestows upon man the Ultimate Knowledge of Life...

which leads to total freedom..moksha is beyond any adjectives.

Dadashri introduced this Science to the world as


The scientific experiment behind this process of bestowal of knowledge...


is complex and beyond any comprehension.

Its measure lies in the experience of the one who receives the knowledge.

That such a process of transfer is possible is beyond doubt.

During the 48 minutes process, the worldy being experiences the state of




The experiment is absolutely and completely scientific.

In the Gnan Vidhi Process of the Akram Vignani

what had existed as a mixture of



Anatma...Nonsoul..the body

now separates eternally.

The power of the words of the Gnani

result in the separation of




I becomes I

My becomes what it really is...Non-self.

This is called the Bheda Vignan of the Akram Vignani.

The words that are acquired or heard in the Gnan Vidhi is not Gnan

The manifestation within is the Gnan.

The reason this is pure science is because all the person has to do is to have and express a desire for this state. Through this desire...yearning , bhaav he surrenders his ego.

Bhaav Samarpan

Surrender the ego and the Lord manifests.

And in this Vidhi...the Gnan Process

all one has to do is to...

feel and surrender with feeling

his worldly ego, all illusion attached with the worldly name...namely i and my..

bhaavkarma... cause karmas

dravyakarma...effect karmas of deluded world view

nokarma...neutral karmas which are not associated with kashayas


the holy feet where

the Lord is Manifest.

Bhaav...feelings only. Nothing else has to be surrendered. If such a surrender occurs

then the words of the Vidhi process are no longer words, but they take hold as the Reality

within. Thereafter, long after this Gnan Vidhi one continues to be still in the Bliss of the

Self...with ever increasing awareness of the Self. The Vidhi has awakened him from infinite

lifetimes of slumber and ignorance. Since no external process or act or kriya or agent is

needed for this process of enlightenment, this science has become known as

Akram Vignan

Furthermore, Dadashri graces the one who receives this Gnan

by showing him how to live the rest of his life

so that the samadhi remains and moksh is experienced

regardless of the state of thoughts, speech or action.

Dadashri's body is a public charitable trust.

He is an instrument for the salvation of this world.

The words that stem from his heart...Dadavani..

are also doership attached.

These words and vani are original..complete with

a higher meaning...paramaarthik.

The real meaning behind Dadashri's words is very deep. The meaning of his words have multitude of results. Therefore, in order to be graced by his words we have to follow his


His instructions after the GnanVidhi which perpetuate the Bliss of The Self.

There is inherent danger in dragging this

Param Vani

words of Gnani Purush

to worldly sansaari meanings.

One can not make and take the meaning which is convenient to him or his way of

understanding the moksh process.

Furthermore, the words of the Gnani Purush come forth in the context of the

nimit...the one who happens to be present at that particular satsang...

according to the needs and question of the questioner and are

specially intended for the


awake awareness

of the questioner.

Sometimes, he scolds. But all such scolding is with

vitarag karunya

detached compassion.

After Gnan Vidhi...awakening of the Self

further residual questions are clarified by one on one

questions to the Gnani.

Most are clarified in the satsangs that follow naturally.


The company of the Self

is one of his Agnas.

Dadashri says that you do not need to do anything in Akram Vignan.

This is meant to say that except for Being in the Bliss of the Self..


and the alert awareness of the Knowledge of the Self

you do not have to do anything.


The complex of thoughts, speech and action is the evidence of the doer.

You are to observe the prakruti and what is happening.

To claim the doership of what is happening is defined as





After establishing in the Self

Observe the effects of circumstances on prakruti.

Know the main cause of effects of circumstances on prakruti.

You are not to take sides, oppose or give opinions on what happens.

These above are the qualities of the One Established in The Self.

The Observer of the prakruti is The Purush.

In the Gnan Vidhi process

what has so far existed as a mixture of




separates forever.

I becomes I


My remains as non-self...separate.

The power of the words of The Akram Vignani

cause this separation.

A permanent line of demarcation is drawn between I and My.

The words spoken in The Vidhi is not Gnan.

What manifests within is Gnan.

The One who gets separated Knows that He is separate.

This Knowledge is Moksh.

Pragat Deevo Aa Jyoti Jhadhada...Jag Aakha nu Taado Dadadara

Let this flame ...abolish the darkness that is the suffering of the world

your links to the Bliss of your Self...

Gnani Purush...How will I know him ?

Gnan...Where can I get it ?

Who Am I ? The Book.

Vitarag Dharma through the Eyes of The Gnani

I want to more about This Gnani

Dada Bhagwan Vignan Institute

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The Gnani Purush is nobody's guru...

He is beyond any identification with the body.

For endless life times your vision has been external to you...

Your search for God has been outside you...

Now you have approached the gate beyond which the direction of your vision and

search takes a 180 degree turn..

to see and experience Your Lord..

The Self


The real Self within every living being is Pure.

The relative self of every living being appears different.

No one has puzzled this world. The world is the puzzle itself.

There are two view points to solve this puzzle:

By relative view point you are Bill.

By real view point you are Pure Soul.

For endless time those who have realised this supreme Truth

have come home to the Bliss of the Self.

And those who tried to solve this puzzle themselves..

became dissolved in the puzzle.

The Akram Vignani walked the face of this earth to give this

solution to the suffering humanity.

Suffering in the form of



upaadhi...externally induced.

Those fortunate ones who acquire this

are for ever in

despite being the subject of the 3 fold suffering described above.

This is my guarantee.

The establishment of the State wherein despite all the turmoils and stresses of your daily

life, the Bliss that never possible now.

Sanatan Sookh

Eternal Bliss...Your Birthright.

How do I get to this state ?

Go to the person who has known the Soul.

The Gnani.

By and through your own efforts, it is impossible.

How will I recognise such a person ?

His eyes will show his vitaragta..detached state.

Such a one as this is very very very rare.

Despite the presence of a physical self ..

The Gnani is for ever free...

from all interactions of thought, speech and action...

His desirelessness is the direct Presence of the Absolute Lord

in human form.

Find such a person and ask for



Jai Sat Chit Anand

The Awareness of Being is Bliss

your link to the world within...


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