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Tenacity: True & Faithful To The 5 Agnas Of Dadashri The Gnani Purush

Tenacity is about sticking to principles, and in this instance, the principle is that liberation, the bliss of The Self is sustained by remaining within the Five Agnas of the Gnani Purush. The Gnani has said that He is The Agna and The Gnan is all encased within these five Agnas. Further, he asserts that he himself also remains within these Agnas and is instructing us all to do the same. 

Where Gnan Vidhi happens, the Gnan takes hold within, beyond the realm of thoughts, speech and acts and thereafter the only thing that remains to be done in current life is to be aware of all states and situations where the Five Agnas prevailed as a vision of the Self.
        The same rules apply to all situations and circumstances in life after Gnan where one experiences confusion, questions, puzzles, or worries. The awareness of the applied result of any of the five Agnas resumes the Free State and Bliss of The Self. 























Tenacity was designed by the original scientist of spiritual matters, Dadashri in his famous experiment called The Gnan Vidhi. Having attained the eternal bliss and all its vision in 1958, out of pure compassion for suffering humanity he returns to the world as a householder and shows man how to come home to eternal bliss.

He has achieved this in two cardinal ways.

First he has the Original experiment of The Gnan Vidhi in which the seeker is given the knowledge of his real Self in 48 minutes. Second, he guarantees the bliss of The newly acquired state by the tenacity and the power of the five sentences. These Five sentences which the seeker simply has to be aware of are beyond the world and maintains the One who has been awakened in the realm of all that transcends this universe.

The Tenacity  family of the Five Agnas cannot be recited here. They are the core and cor of the New Spiritual Being who arises from endless lives and deaths to the Eternal.

Many who have just happened upon The Science Of Akram Vignan wonder what these 5 Agnas are and want to know about their details even before they receive the Knowledge or Gnan of Dadashri. This is simply not possible and even if he were told, it has no relevance because the Five Agnas are designed by The Gnani to sustain That which has been newly established.

When you have already received Gnan from an Atmavignani, one who is Self Realised the Akram Way, you may delve further into the intricate details of this Grand shortcut to Moksha.

Check the help page if you have any preliminary questions, or mail  for other queries.

Getting the best out of Tenacity To Five Agnas

Tenacity is intended to be used after Gnan when daily life problems and conflicts arise. The Self has been realised suddenly, and now one wants to sustain the bliss of this freedom.

The troubleshooting with the tenacity of the Five Agnas is universally applicable and Dadashri calls it the Master Key which opens all locks that block bliss. The Self is bliss. The unfolding situations of thoughts, speech reactions, and bodily activities will appear to block this bliss. Any one of the five sentences, Agnas will sustain the bliss. The reversal to the Bliss is faster than a thought. Why would anyone want to loose the tenacious guarantee of this bliss?

        There are some who continue to be vexed and wonder why they do not feel the same heights of flying in freedom as they did immediately after the Gnan Vidhi. To this the answer simply is that one has forsaken the tenacity and the promise of the Five Agnas.

        Others complain that the 5 Agnas are not easy. To this the Gnani Purush simply states that one becomes what one states and opines. Also a meditative review, a video rewind of the days events will reveal where all the agnas were missed.

        Finally the Gnani guarantees that whosoever binds tenaciously to the deep inner intent, bhaav to follow the Agnas of The Gnani will be released for ever in a couple of life times.


        It involves no doer ship, no repetition of the sentences, no meditation effort, no scriptural reading. All it is, is the exactness with which the Gnani's words have been received, deliberated and digested. Then onwards, Grace flies within in full form with a span of wings that reaches heavens and beyond constantly caressing the feet of The Lord Within.

To tenaciously follow the Agnas of the Gnani Purush Dadashri  please read the following Dadavani in which the Grace of the Akram Vignan comes through with the joy like the first rainfall on parched land and people.

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