Taroj hu bhavo bhava no roonee...Param Purush Vitarag !!
Pratyek naya thi param trupti janee...Soocharano no aaswaad.

 I remain in eternal gratitude to you...The One who is Absolute and  devoid of all attachments
 I have known absolute contentment from each perspective and aspect of all that confronts me
 And hence my desire for Thy Lotus Feet

Aakharee asha sajeevan motey...par ney paraayee janee...
Icchaa asha bhavafad ni...bhav na fad maa pamee
Kevaa bandhano...chhedee deedhaan maara Vir !
                        Taroj hu bhavo bhavno rooney....

Even the final wish and desire was known to be alien and not mine
As I died to all that was bound by desires
These wishes and desires  which were the result of feelings
Are now known to be the cause of this life
Now I realise what mighty shackles you have broken for me for this freedom my Lord !
                                    Eternally indebted to you ...My Lord.


Maatra aagna no aa maaraga  ...Panch Parmeshti sujaan
Ananya Punyodaya ke kayeen naa jaanoo...banney ek samaan

Alakh Niranjan nij sthirataa ney kahyu..Taroj


                     This path which represents the ultimate surrender to Your instructions...is the  one which

                     enlightens  those who have followed the road to perfection
                     Some say this state has arisen as a result of some extraordinary merits of a previous life
                     I equate it to simply these words...I do not know anything
                                                  This natural state of equanimity within is where there are no karmas.


Satsang khodu..satsang hova  chhata                                      kevee                   ajaayub  dasha
Satyaasatya ni khench ney mooktaan...sarvatra nyaya joyaan
                        Chidaanand roopi Poorna Shivohum hu...Taroj hu

                      What a wonder to note that despite the presence of the company of the Eternal...I still seek satsang
                      Justice prevails all over when all opinions and expectations towards right and wrong have been                 discarded
                                    I am the Eternal Complete Blissful Self...Eternally indebted to You  My Lord


Ek ek shabda ma parmaartha shaashtra  hridaya  bhiitara  vaseet
Nilkanthee aa Kshamaapanoo Soodarshana saheet
Laghuttama Upayogey...Guruttama maheeloo vadhyoon
                                                    taroj hu bhavobhav no rooney param 

     Every word of Thine which is an embodiment of scriptures for the common good...has been enshrined deep
                    in my heart as a result of which the state of Shiva, Mahavir and Krsna is known within
                                     With all living beings superior to me...I have known the inner growth of The Master
                                                                                And hence to you I am eternally indebted.


           Koyeeye avasthaan ma poorna sthirtaa...kyaaye naa deethee
            Gneya janee ney Gnaatapanoo...sthir thayoo palpal
                        Pal Pal Sthirataa...Parmodaya Aho !!
                        taroj hu bhavo bhav no rooney param purush

                 In this relative world of thoughts, speech and actions I have never experienced total harmony and stillness
                 My State of Observer of all these becomes stronger with each passing moment as I  know all that I see as transient
                                    How lofty and magnificent this ever increasing State of Stillness  !!
                                                                        Eternally indebted to you My Lord.
 Swaaso na phooloni maada...paheraavoon tamney
            Panchendreeya na rasa rasaayana...Abhogee tan ney
                        Sajeevan mukti...Aaa Ek Swayum Sahaj
                        Taroj hu bhavobhavno rooney param Purush Vitarag.

                    I am offering you this garland made up of flowers of my breaths of life
                    Indeed an offering of all that the five senses are capable of experiencing...to the One that is eternally non indulgent
                                     Freedom while Living....This is your natural existence !

Sarvagna  na Soocharanoma
     At the feet of The One for whom nothing is left to be known

            Namo Vitaragaya
            Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
            Namah Shivaya

Jai Sat Chit Anand

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