To act according to one's own opinions and prejudices

The Gnani Purush...Akram Vignani ...Dadashri... discusses the problem of Swachhand...with unprecedented clarity.


Satsang with Gnani Purush

Moksha ...freedom eludes the one who has any form of swachhand. Swachhand means to act and behave according to ones own prejudices, opinions and limited understanding. Such behaviour is a grave error in the path of enlightened world view. This error of swacchaand is the main reason for infinite life times of sansaar...birth after birth in different life forms.

The seeker in the path of self realization regardless of the process has to recognise the insidous nature of this error of swachhand creeping in like a cancer and obstructing his goal without his knowledge. Any kriya...ritual, renunciation...tyaga, penance...tapas performed without the perspective ...drashti...vision...of a Gnani Purush lead to swachhand and results in further bondage, the exact opposite of what one set out to acheive.

And for the seeker of freedom ...moksha...mukti, the following two sutras of

Srimad Rajchandra, Atmagnani Purush are cardinal.

"Sajeevan murti na laksh vagar jey kayee pan karvaama aavey chhe, tey jeev ney bandhan chhe. Aa amaaru hridaya chhe ."


"Ek sat purush ney shodheeney tena charan kamalma sarva bhaav arpan karee dayee vartyo ja, pachhi jo moksha naa male to maari paasey thi leje. "

translated from Gujarati as follows :

" Without devotion to the aim of the One who is Free...whatever one does in life...results in bondage. This is my heartfelt conviction and truth. "

" Find a Sat Purush...the One who has known The Real...the Eternal. Surrender all your bhaavs...feelings at his lotus feet, and be free. If you then do not find moksha...freedom, come and get it from me. "

To try to understand the above two sutras of the Gnani through one's own intellect results in further swachhand ! A pratyaksh Gnani...a living Enlightened Knower is needed to really impart the true import of these sutras for the one desiring moksha. Such clarifications which lead to right understanding...samyaktva, are provided in the satsang that follows through the medium of Akram Vignani Pujya Dadashri who opened up the Science of Akram ...experience of the Bliss of the Self followed by a sahaj...natural approach to daily life situations with the right understanding thus acquired.

Is moksha, true freedom possible by following a religious order, reading scriptures, penance, japas..name recitals, mantra recitals, meditation...dhyana, yoga practices...etc ?

What is the value and importance of scriptures in the path to freedom ?

What is the importance of a murti ...idol ?

What is the value of the Gnanis of the past who have left the world ?

How would one recognise a pratyaksh...living Gnani when one meets one ?

The answers to many such questions are available in the spontaneous satsang that has occured with The Gnani Purush.

There are many references and quotations of the previous Gnani Krupaludev Srimad Rajchandra.The reader is requested to understand the antaraashaya...the perspective of the Gnani in these satsangs.

~ Dr. Niruben Amin

Satsang with The Gnani starts...

All questions in italics. Rest are words of The Akram Vignani.

For endless lives one has done japa-tapa-tyaga-shastra vaachan yet has not found moksha.

How will he find the right path to freedom ?

It was not necessary to do anything of the sort. In the path to freedom...moksha one does not need to do any japa or tapa or anything. All he needs is to know who he really is. All these other were done in order to acheive something...benefits in the relative life and for pleasures of the relative life.Sansaari sookhs, bhoutik material benefits.

The path of Freedom only calls for samaj...understanding.

Krupaludev...Srimad Rajchandra has made us all ask, " What kind of karma have I done which makes me return to life after life ? "

All these wanderings life after life are the result of acting according to ones own intellect. Moksh is not far for one who follow the directions of The Gnani. For endless life times one has tried all kinds of actions in search of freedom but has failed because of this very issue of swachhand. Swachhand remains whether he is a sadhu or tyagi...

So swachhand is the main culprit ?

Swachhand exists until one meets a Gnani Purush. No one should talk about moksh as long as swachhand exists. To do what one has a desire to do according to his own view point and validation of the same is swachhand. This causes more bondage.

Yes, but in daily life activities one has to do what he has established as a goal...

Yes, one ensures that whatever he wanted or desired or designed, gets done. For this he may go to great lengths. This has no relationship to Atma or freedom.

Is it a form of swachhand if one breaks the rules set by society ?

Swachhand applies more aptly with reference to those who desire mukti, moksha, freedom. In this regards if he persues methods according to his own understanding, then swachhand starts.

Swachhand is very difficult to understand. If a person understands swachhand he has acheived a lot. His kalyan ...salvation is guaranteed.

Please explain swachhand to us.

To act according to his own whim, understanding and intellect. To do everything thinking that he knows best. Such a person never asks anyone.

For example Dadar station is only half a mile from here. But because he uses his own opinionated intellect it takes walking seven and a half miles for him to reach Dadar. Why ? Because he has no knowledge of the station. He does not know how to get there. Even then he does not ask anyone for help. If he walks about without asking...when will he reach the station ?

He will not reach...

Yes, he simply does not ask. Just acts according to his own mati...opinionated understanding.

The whole world is searching for moksha according to its own mati....and dahapan...wisdom. Mokshamarg...the path to freedom eludes those who seek it according to their wisdom. Leave freedom alone...even shanti...peace eludes those wise ones who refuse to ask.

This is why the whole world is suffering. Nij mati kalpana...imagined opinions and intellect driven behaviour...This is swachhand.

Kindly give more subtle details of swachhand please...

Swachhand is the greatest of chronic diseases. It obstructs the vision of the Self. In the absence of yathhaarth gnan...real knowledge swachhand arises and looms large as a major obstacle from knowing and experiencing the bliss of the Self.

If we talk to such folks they reply, " I will accept only that which I consider correct." These are the overwise. Do you know what we call these overwise people in Gujarati ?

Dodhadaahyo....one and a half times wise !!

Yes, dodhadaahyo. The Lord is daahya, wise and here come this dodhadaahyo. His other title is swachhandi , overwise. The wise will be free. The overwise will perish in clashes and collisions. There is some scope for the underwise who can be graced by the Gnani. But even a Gnani can not help the overwise. There were these dodhadaahyas in front of Lord mahavir also .

Explain swachhand in dharma please..

To understand and interprete scriptures and books according to his own intellect and wisdom. To find conformity in scriptures according to his own aims and understanding. This leads to failure. It simply does not work. He is wasting time. Not only is he wasting precious time but he is also incurring loss. To search for moksha according to ones own understanding is swachhand. When this swachhand ceases...moksha follows naturally.

Why is this so ? This is because after reading some scriptures...shashtros...he starts beleiving he has found something, but he does not follow the instructions of the lord.

What has the lord said ? I do not care whether you read or not read the scriptures. But if you get rid of your swachhand...moksh will occur.

But...even Srimad Rajchandra used to read Niyamasara and Samaysara and would ask some to read them...

Yes, but he used to say that read them from the viewpoint and vision ...drashti of the sadguru.

Read them from the viewpoint of the Bhedvignani....otherwise do not read them, or else you will get burnt.

So does it boil down to false interpretations...according to his own limited vision ?

Yes. This obstructs progress in the path to freedom. To act according to his own intellect and imagination in the interpretation of scriptures. The scriptures are fine, the problem is with the mati.

As long as swacchand exists all your scripture reading is useless.

Are the scriptures for reading or are they for understanding ?

For understanding.

And here this person reads some shashtros and starts the process of explaining them to others !

Nobody can explain shastras. Only a Gnani has that right. There is a lot of danger if one attempts to do so...without first meeting a Gnani.

The Satsang with Gnani Purush Dadashri

on Swachhand continues...

swachhand...how do I eradicate it ?

I want to know more about The Gnani

Jai Sat Chit Anand

More satsang...

The Gnani Purush...Dadashri

The origin of Kashaya...passions of anger, pride, illusion or greed.

Satsang with Dadashri.

All questions in italic.

I wish to know more about "charge" and "discharge" kashaya.

The current kashayas you are experiencing , of becoming angry at someone, are all discharge kashaya. But if you have bhaav...feelings, attitude, opinion within that anger, then the seed of charge kashaya is being sown.

Bhaavkarma...charging karma is part of every discharge karma, is it not ?

No. During the process of discharge, charging can be stopped. This is possible for those who have taken Gnan ... Jnana, Knowledge of the Self, from us. These folks never charge.Thereafter, karmas do not bind them.

Is there a test to know whether this is "charge" or "discharge" karma ?

Yes. All kinds of tests. One will know. In charging process...he will experience inner turmoil and disruption. Ashanti. There will be loss of Samadhi...tranquility and equanimity. Samadhi remains established where charging is not occuring.

Does anger occur in the state of samadhi ?

Anger which occurs is part of discharge, but if there is bhaav within to express anger then samadhi leaves.

Does the same apply to greed ?

Yes. This is the same for krodh, maan, maya, lobh...anger, pride, illusion, greed.One is discharge bhaav and the other is charge bhaav. What is your name ?

Panachand Mehta.

Have you confirmed that you are Panachand ?

Everyone tells me so.

I accept that as your name, but who are you, really ? As long as you falsely accuse yourself to be Panachand, charging of karmas will continue.

Raag Dwesh, are they kashayabhaav or something else ?

They are the bhaav of kashaya. Anger and pride are part of dwesh...abhorrence and illusion and greed are part of raag...attachment. These anger, pride, illusion and greed are not gunadharma...intrinsic property, quality of the Soul nor are they the gunadharma of pudgala...body that takes in and takes out...matter, jada, physical cosmic flux that operates as living body through thoughts, speech and action.

So which third tattva...element is it ?

This guna...quality arises through presence of atma...soul and pudgala. In absence these kashayas do not arise.

The word kashaya is formed of two words...kash and aya. What does it mean ?

All that bothers, hurts, obstructs, pains the soul are kashayas.

There is no hurt or pain with raag. Why is it that raag is called kashaya ?

There is no pain with raag, but raag is the seed of kashaya. It grows into a big tree !

Dwesh is the beginning of kashaya. Raag is the seed. What will be the result of raag?


When the fruits come, then dwesh will commence. Yes, now because of raag, they taste pleasant .

This is just the beginning of satsang with Gnani Purush...Vast amount of previously unexpressed Gnan...continues...in many more satsangs..

Source : Purusharth Dharma.

For endless life times your vision has been external to you...

Your search for God has been outside you...

Now you have approached the gate beyond which the direction of your vision and

search takes a 180 degree turn..

to see and experience Your Lord..

The Self


The real Self within every living being is Pure.

The relative self of every living being appears different.

No one has puzzled this world. The world is the puzzle itself.

There are two view points to solve this puzzle:

By relative view point you are Bill.

By real view point you are Pure Soul.

For endless time those who have realised this supreme Truth

have come home to the Bliss of the Self.

And those who tried to solve this puzzle themselves..

became dissolved in the puzzle.

The Akram Vignani walked the face of this earth to give this

solution to the suffering humanity.

Suffering in the form of



upaadhi...externally induced.

Those fortunate ones who acquire this Vignana...science

are for ever in samaadhi..rest

despite being the subject of the 3 fold suffering described above.

This is my guarantee.

The establishment of the State wherein despite all the turmoils and stresses of your daily

life, the Bliss that never leaves...is possible now.

Sanatan Sookh

Eternal Bliss...Your Birthright.

How do I get to this state ?

Go to the person who has known the Soul.

The Gnani.

By and through your own efforts, it is impossible.

How will I recognise such a person ?

His eyes will show his vitaragta..detached state.

Such a one as this is very very very rare.

Despite the presence of a physical self ..

The Gnani is for ever free...

from all interactions of thought, speech and action...

His desirelessness is the direct Presence of the Absolute Lord

in human form.

Find such a person and ask for



Jai Sat Chit Anand

The Awareness of Being is Bliss

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