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hrim dada bhagwan sarvagna sharanam gacchhaami


Question :
All the Gnanis say that you have to look within. What are we supposed to see within ?

Yes, this is from a relative perspective. Those who have gained the inner knowledge have to see within and those who have knowledge of the external world have to see outside the body. If a person has knowledge of the external world only, what will he see when he attempts to look within?

He will see only the external.

Only the one who has awakened to the internal world, who has known the real and the relative
will be able to see within. The one who is ignorant and oblivious of the inner world will not be able to see anything. On the contrary when he looks within in meditation he will get involved in the thoughts that arise. The one who is awakened and has known the inner world to be as it is will not get carried away by thoughts as he will see them as they are. But alas, it is not easy to attain this state of inner separation. Only a Gnani Purush can help you attain this. The ego is an impediment and does not allow you to remain aloof from your inner world.

The one who is habituated and constantly involved in external worldly view has nothing to gain by looking within prior to Self realization. He may do good and meritorious deeds in this externalized world view but that will not lead to freedom and moksh. This is called shoobh upayog.

Shuddha upayog gets established after receiving Gnan from Gnani Purush. What kind of gnan?
Atmagnan...The knowledge of The Self.
The answer to Who am I gets established with experience of awakening.
Shuddha upayog is the way of freedom.
What you are eluding to is shoobh upayog, which is a way of progressing from bad deeds towards
good deeds.

Why is it that in your presence we experience harmony and peace in all situations and remain swasthha and when you are away from us we experience disharmony and  become aswasthha
in our worldly situations ?

Harmony is a natural consequence of my presence. Disharmony and loss of inner peace is the result of buddhi...intellect in action and as long as this intellect is functioning residual ego exists.
The intellect that is associated with ego is the culprit and cause of your disharmony. Once it ends there is no cause left for any internal disturbance and loss of peace.

This (...the cessation of ego associated intellect)  is not likely to happen living in this material world.

Quite so! It is not possible. Even then whatever you gain in my presence is yours. The alternative method of dealing with equanimity in all situations where intellect and ego come into play will result in a gradual dissolution of these causes of disharmony, and then you will attain permanent inner peace. Swa...the Self is synonymous with harmony. Transgressing over into situations...avasthha renders you aswa...non Self...aswasthha...harassed and hassled and prone to disturbances.
Swa is eternal and permanent. Straying over into the temporary aswa...non Self results in mood swings and unhappiness.

One is aware that he is involved in external non self situations and has thus become aswasthha...hassled and irritated. One can see and know this situation from the vantage of The Self and yet is not able to remain and in harmony. Does this mean that there is a heavy force and function of buddhi...intellect?

No. In this situation the exact judgment is that the Self that you have gained from Dada, the Observer of all this. If we remain as The Observer then there is no problem whatsoever. Otherwise if you start observing the cool and the hassled there will be no end !

And what may be the key for this?

Cool or harassed, the knower of both of these situations is Shuddhatma...PureSelf. One becomes irritable and harassed because he strays into the foreign non Self department.
Be cool or harassed, I am concerned with the Knowledge of the process only. These are all transient states of the pudgal...complex of thoughts speech and action which fill and rise and drain and fall.
The knower of all these states is Shuddhatma...Pure Self.
You will experience these avasthhas...states because they have been filled ( in the past life) and as they come now they will drain and fall away!

Stray your hand in the foreign non Self situations and you will experience burns.
We...( The Gnani and Dada Bhagwan ) never poke our hand in the non Self, because we know that whatever fruits ( results of past life causal karma ) we are going to get can not be avoided and if one strays into foreign territory then the fruits get doubled. So he loses twice! We suffer only one loss.
We keep knowing that Chandubhai...( the name given to your worldly body ) is currently upset and hassled, and after 15 minutes this will change. If you keep will not sustain two losses.

Prolonged state of disturbance and disharmony implies a greater veil over the Self ?

Yes. Heavier the veil the longer the agony! But if 'you' keep knowing as Shuddhatma all veils will fly away in a hurry and your work will be done. If you interfere and stray into foreign territory suffering will ensue.

Jai Sat Chit Anand
The above satsang with The Gnani has been translated from Aptavani 5
edited by Pujya Niruben Amin


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