Annual Labor Day Shibir  Kansas


The satsang shibir was on a new experimental format

It was called  a workshop becuase it was indeed a workshop...a spiritual workshop.

Mahatmas gathered  to enhance the experience of

Akram Vignan of Pujya Dadashri

and over a three and a half day period in quiet retreat surroundings they were able to

delve and probe deep within, on day long themes of



Anubhav Laksh  Pratiti  Upyog


Relations and Sambhaave Nikaal with F2

The Link and the Message of the Gnani is eternal. The above picture needs no introduction with reference to the three
individuals....and the issue of satsang link.

Gnani Purush Dadashri has also paid similar reverence and namskaars to The Real within a Fully Awakened One.

The Gnani Purush

The material and the focus of discussion and workshop was exclusively and solely based on

Dadavani  in written or in audio format.

From a cross section of Aptavanis detailed reading of Dadashri's Vignan was done during the workshop
with the following aims in mind

The ten point questions were:

How will this help me in increasing sat chit anand?

What new veil and avaran has been lifted and thus increase my awareness of The Real?

How can I be an instrument in helping my fellow mahatma progress in atmagnan and akram vignan?

Is what I am about to do in any way contributing to the garbage of kashays of file no. one in any way?

What can I learn from my fellow mahatma?

What are his/hers positive points?

How can we all make Dada’s Gurupurnimas in the west an ever increasing and even loftier event?

Have I become more laghuttam compared to the day I arrived at this shibir?

Did this shibir make my determination to follow the five agnas of Dada even stronger ?

Am I aware of more time in shuddha upayog?

The workshop was designed with six sessions in the three-day period. The sessions was moderated by six mahatmas in 3 pairs and these three teams was given a whole day to lead satsang with the above aims and issues as the goal. These three teams selected the theme for the whole day, provide detailed reading material list in advance and be thoroughly familiar with the material themselves. They  simply read this material with enough time for interaction between mahatmas and at the end of the day just before dinner

samayiks happened on:

vyavasthit evidences which were not viewed as vyavasthit

the pure Self within all human beings

and on the final evening...simultaneous samayiks occured

men viewed all evidences of vishay in their prior life.

and women  viewed the life scenes  to get things done according to  subtle insistence and predetermination...

dhaaryoon karavavyoon te

  After dinner satsang was through pados and mahatma's experiences and discussions related to gnan issues in daily life.
An informal CD was made from some of the pados sung by mahatmas.

The shibir also gave us some clarifications about how to manage precious satsang time efficiently. Every mahatma was able to fully participate in atleast six hours of satsang each day and this included the host ladies who prepared the carefully plannned menu of food conducive to sasang attentiveness. This model time schedule is available from

 Dr.Bachu Amin

Further Directions:

In the western hemisphere it is becoming increasingly clear that satsang of Dadashri must continue.
Mahatmas of Dadashri in the US, Canada and The UK are  a very select  group who will indeed have to rise to the final
niraalumb...  independant state through satsang. This satsang while readily available in spring and summer is deficient in fall and winter. Dadashri is present when a group of mahatmas gather for satsang. The energies of Dada Bhagwan express from within for the one who decides to follow his agnas. Satsang is the fifth agna of the Gnani Purush and all evidences that promote satsang must be absolutely encouraged.

We mahatmas of Dadashri from the Kansas area have the desire for increasing experience of focused understanding of

and its role in the Bliss of The Self.

Dadavani is our only legacy. Its applied understanding is Dada Alive Within. This is the link of Dadashri within all of us.
Those who have been instrumental in bringing forth Dadavani to us...as is...are the ones who command our highest respect. Without their live presence and guidance the subtle danger of inner enemies of false pride and deceit exist. These  are the devils who will lead us on the wrong line in the path of liberation. May we never fail to see the beauty of the live presence of the Gnani in front of us.
Those who strive unfailingly to fathom the subtle depths of Dadavani in all its glory are the ones who we look up to for guidance.
They are the ones about whom we have much information on the links of our main web site.To know them personally and contact them

Come  to Experience  And Absorb The Message Of The Following Content

Jai Sat Chit Anand


Summary Of Kansas Labor Day Shibir 2002

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