Prayer To The Current Tirthankara Shri Simandhar Swami


 Namo Arihantanum



        O detached Lord of this universe! You are free from all attachments and passions. You are the embodiment of pure eternal

 awareness. You are the natural eternal bliss. You are infinite knowledge, infinite vision, and illuminator of the past, present

 and the future world. With the live presence of ‘Dada Bhagwan’ as my witness, I hereby offer my obeisance filled with infinite

 devotion and accept your most exclusive protection. Dear Lord, by granting me a place at your divine feet, grace me by ending

 the horrendous wanderings of infinite lives. Please grace me, grace me, grace me!



        O universally revered fully enlightened Lord! Your real Self is my real Self. But because of ignorance I do not understand this full Self that I am. So let me see this real Self of mine continuously, as I behold you. Grant me this energy, grant me this energy, grant me this energy!


        O liberator of liberators, the Lord of all celestial lords! Since the beginning of worldly interactions until this moment, infinite faults have been committed towards the mind, speech and body of living beings, knowingly or unknowingly. Grant me the energy to see each one of these faults and to do pratikraman. For all these faults I ask for your forgiveness. I am recalling them, repenting for all of them, and avowing that I will never do them again. Grant me the awareness to see these faults. For this grant me energy. Grant me energy. Grant me energy!


        A pure world of pilgrimage is established with each footstep of yours O Tirthankara Shri Simandhar Swami! Let there be no intent of any kind towards all the living beings of this world and let there be total acceptance and devotion towards all the Self-realized beings of this world in my heart. I give my obeisance to all Gnanis of the past, the present and the future.


        Dear Lord! Please shower me with such grace that I encounter here in this world, a  Gnani Purush representative of yours, or a  Self- realized being, and after satsang with him, become deserving of  his grace, whereby I become worthy of reaching thy supreme divine feet.


        O celestial Gods and Godesses who are the protectors of the reign of Lord Simandhar! O Panchanguli Yakshini Devi ! O Chandrayan Yaksha Dev ! O Padmavati Devi ! Please grant us the exclusive protection that ensures that no obstacles shall arise in our path towards the feet of Lord Simandhar. Grant us the absolute energy to remain as the Self.  


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Jai Sat Chit Anand



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