Jai Sat Chit 

T H E  S I N G I N G   M A N T R A  


Endless Glory  to the Eternal Lord Within Me




Dada  Bhagwan is the eternal element, shuddha tattva, within all living beings in this universe

Na means Of

Aseem means infinite, boundless

Jai  means highest glory

Jaijaikar  means continuous

Ho means let there Be

This mantra is sung as soon as the Gnan Vidhi ends. It represents the beginning of the direct bhakti. For endless lives one has placed his Lord, God or the Higher Entity in front to be worshipped with devotion and deepest reverence. That changes when one becomes awakened to the Self. At the end of the Gnan Vidhi, the Self awakens and then there is no separation of the devotee from the Self. The one who has attained the Knowledge, the Gnan, sings with love and purity never before experienced.

D A D A       B H A G W A N    N A     A S E E M    J A I    J A I K A R   H O

This mantra has been given by the Gnani Purush Dadashri to the world. Wherever you travel in the world, this singing mantra will come to you, at airports, in groups where the enlightened followers of Dadashri are moving, on railway platforms, in holy places, in   homes, in satsang, or in the privacy of their vehicles. When group singing is going on it is called kirtan bhakti. You may even spot them dancing in a circle singing this mantra.

Dadashri says, 'Sing this and with each line sung, the drops of amrut, the essence of immortality, the eternal, will drip within. Direct bliss is experienced. Within 8 minutes the results begin and if you have the time sing for 48 minutes.'

He used to sing, and encourage all around him sing this. The Lord within has awakened! Never before has this happened. Up until this moment, one has moved around as John or Mary, Chandu or Sarita, Guru or disciple, a worldly being.  All that dissolves as one joins in this singing with the exact awareness and inner vision.

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Dada Bhagwan is not any living body. Dadabhagwan is the eternal element within all that lives. It is that in whose presence you live and in whose absence there is no life.

Even He used to sing folding His hands inwards, in deep reverence, for the Lord within,  like this

When I am not interacting with the world, I become One with the Lord within... he says.

This mantra has tremendous benefits. 

Even a child calms down.

It works for the one who has not entered Akram Vignan or the realm of the Self too.

The environment feels the vibrations and projects it to far away places

The living beings the plants, the birds, the dog, all feel the vibrations.

The restless mind becomes still

The one who cannot focus and concentrate gets a break and comes to baseline.

Try it in a few minutes break in your daily routine or even as you are doing routine stuff.

The beauty is, it happens within without effort.

Set it to any tune that you like

Create and Be

in Bliss of the Self


Joy to the world



The Gnani Purush graces the one who has come to him with this divine inner vision. His definition of a mantra is that which stills the mind. The above mantra which he has given must be used with awareness. In its exact application it will reap infinite dividends for the spiritual progress of the user of the mantra, the awakened one of the Akram Vignani.