hasya  rati  arati   bhay  shok  juguptsa  5 anatarai  mithyatva agnan  raag  dwesh  apratyakhyan   nindra  kaam.  The 5 antarai obstructing karma are against labha bhog upbhog daan and virya. Thus they total 18 types. Their meanings are at the SIN webpage

These are defined as the eighteen types of sin by the fully enlightened One. 

Sin is simply that which hurts another living being. Now from this loftiest of definition and stage, the Gnani Purush lets us come down to

Sin is that which hurts another human being. The Indic term is paap. It represents negative or demerit karma, because it will bring pain and suffering to the self. The self remains the self, life after life. The self suffers pain and pleasure. To hurt another being is to hurt the self. The Self is beyond all hurt.

The perception and the detailed understanding of this hurt increases as one becomes free from the gross heavy layers of  that which clouds the vision as the pure Self. 

In his infinite vision, and understanding of the life after life cause and effect relationship, The Gnani Purush makes it very simple for his enlightened mahatmas. This is through the path of Pratikraman. As one begins to look within at the obvious gross mistakes that hurt other human beings, the understanding of sin begins. Until then one has not even scratched the surface of this major road block on the path of Liberation--moksha.

Hurt is a very simple word. It is the foundation on which begins a  huge  complex  which ends up as a human being in current life. Human beings of the current era of the time cycle are present because of the effects of hurt, not because of the effects of helping others. Avoidance of further hurt therefore, is a great achievement for any human being of this era. He is not required to help or give pleasure to any other being.

Please note that these very subtle components in the 18 types of sin expounded by the Lord, are from the eternal perspective and vision and are for the one who wants to be fully liberated. 

How can laughter--hasya be a sin? To laugh at anyone is to mock and scorn him, and is at the expense of pain to him- his ego, on which he exists and lives as 'I am William or I am Katarina.' 

How can fear--bhaya be a sin? Fear creates an environment of intense displeasure and even the human system is stressed. Countless subtle life forms  within the body complex-- a mega city-- is disturbed. To create fear in someone is to hurt him.

How can raag--attraction and loving attention for someone be a form of hurt? Does this have to be answered? Look back within your own 'loving' relationships and you will have the answer. From the subtlest darshan vision it involves the process taking the other one away from the Self that he is. At a little lower level from this understanding is the following: One moves away from the Self into the realm of the self, the realm of suffering with this initial attraction. Most of  us have yet to approach this level of hurt analysis.

So therefore, a close inner look at these 18 sins will make one aware of the precision with which the Lord has opened up the path of Liberation, the Vitarag Path. It is the birth right of every human being who happens to see these words.

The antarai to obstruct, is to prevent someone from profit in labha antarai. These is just one of the five sins that obstruct. Immediately one would know where he has done so in business relationships. The profit may be subtle, as in the sitution of satsang. If one is prevented from attending satsang, it is a major hurt caused to the other being, for it is essentially satsang that makes a meaningful difference in the life of a human being, life after life. Satsang as you know has many levels and the final Satsang is with the Gnani Purush.

How is mithyatva--the wrong belief hurting anyone? All beings are siddha, fully contained and attained, with their own independent capacity for progress in life. It is ignorance of this fact which leads to interference through intellect and ego which disturbs the natural progression to Liberation. How subtle is this? And at a much lower level is this vision, 'I am Jeff',' which obvioulsy begins to hurt others.

How is dwesh hurtful to the other? From the subtle aversion tendency and the vibrations received by a person in front of you to the less subtle scorn and backbiting through jealousy, envy, suspicion, and competitiveness to the gross scorn, rejection, insult and vilifying all represent hurt and is sin anyway one looks at it.

How is kaam sex hurting anyone? This is for the critical thinker on the path of liberation. From the perspective of Liberation the answer is obvious. Liberation is to be free from the effects that continue in this body complex, now the non-Self, after Gnan, How is one going to proceed in that direction if there is further interaction  with another non-Self complex that is not yet free? Sexual interaction takes away a lion's share of the energies that are necessary for a meaningful effort towards final liberation, a state in which one will never have to return to the universe of life and death, pleasure and pain. Does this strike a raw nerve ending within? Alas! These words are not flowing to continue the status quo of suffering and inability to experience the Bliss that has been awakened in the Gnan Vidhi. Does this mean that Akram Vignan is connected with Brahmacharya? Akram Vignan leads to Brahman --the Self  charya--to delve and Be the Self.  Dadashri allows rightful sex. Why? It is because it does not involve deceit, fear, aggression, treachery, betrayal, and all its consequences with reference to the 18 sins here. To deceive another human being is to deceive the self. How can one remain as the Self by deceiving the self?

Kaam  is much more than sex. It is the term that represents the inclination within, the driving force into the world of life after life, instead of moving in the direction of the Self, the Liberated One within.  Sex is gross. Kaam is very subtle and has shades and colors beyond one's imagination. These colors cannot be seen by the one who is lost in standard sexual interaction in daily life. It is especially not evident to those who have the added load of 'my-ness' along with the 'I-ness.' That is the moha--the illusion.

How is agnan ignorance hurting any one? Does this need an answer? Are the policy makers of the war machines of the 'exploiting powers' ignorant? And to blame a Bush, a Cheney or a Saddam is also ignorance. This then is the spectrum of ignorance. Is the hurt committed through ignorance not called hurt? Not called sin?

How is nindra sleep hurting anyone? 'I am Ralph' is sleep. There begins all the hurt. The one who is well ahead on the path of Liberation finds his sleeping hours deceasing. It is not that he is not sleeping many hours. He is more awake in real time. He has made a significant progress away from the universe of hurt and its reactions. His awakened state is exclusively occupied with the subtle hurt and its reactions within only.

How is apratyakhyan = the indecision  never to repeat the error,  hurting anyone ? Again this is the basic first step towards undoing the hurt. One has not even come to enter into the world of awareness of that which is sin. If the awareness begins, through the exact understanding, then the decision never to do it will begin.

How is virya antarai--obstruction to energy expression a sin? These words are flowing and represent energy expression. What kind of energy is it? That is for you to decide and experience. To obstruct such energy is sin, because it hurts the self, and others who are suffering in this current world of ours. Then there is the relative energy which arises and falls. The Lord leaves it as it is.

So then, this gives us a glimpse of sin from its gross to the subtlest state. We are able to begin to comprehend it because we have been graced with the Light of the Self by Dadashri The Gnani Purush. Without this Gnan we would be just scripture readers who have climbed up a tree in the deep depths of a jungle and have forgotten that they are in a forest.

How does all this makes sense for us, who are recipients of Akram Vignan through the Gnan Vidhi? Very simple. The awakened one is aware of all the subtle hurt-sin-mistake that is potentially a problem to further expression of the Blissful State. To be able to see clearly is to see with the Light. To use the energy of the Light to 'see' is to apply  the time available for proper use as an Enlightened Being. And there is something for the non-Self complex  who is used to doing something, to do:

Dearest Lord within me, let no living being be hurt to the slightest extent through these thoughts, speech and actions. In fact, the Charan Vidhi covers it and the 9 Kalams is the Ultimate Pratikraman through intent, which covers all the 18 sins here. 

This is the Light we all have within. This is the Gnani and the Gnan within. This is pure vintage eternal Dadashri within us all.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

shuddha 0f  dadashri  Feb 15 2008



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