Shuddha means pure. The pure can never be tainted. The tainted can become clean, but not pure. The pure is beyond good or bad, right or wrong, clean or dirty.

Shuddha  is the short form of shuddhatma, pure Soul.  Anami means the one without a name. Shuddha is the web name. The actual worldly name of the writer of these words is not important. If you know it, your ego will arise in response to it. You have no idea  how far and wide you have traveled, before coming to these words as you read them. You have no awareness of all your seeking in your countless previous lives. Shuddha remains  at the feet of the One who knows, the Sarvagnya, the Gnani Purush. He has a unique inner connection with the words of the Gnani that become alive for him. He  is one independent source to clarify your doubts, questions, puzzles and misgivings before you meet the Gnani Purush who will liberate you by awakening you from within, if you so desire.

Any attempt to know and come nearer to shuddha in the relative world,  will not help you. His role is simply to bring you closer to the Gnani Purush. Shuddha is alive on these web pages of Dadashri. There you will connect with him. Let it be that way. The Gnani who represents the pure One in the universe exists within the two of us too. Shuddha knows him within, you have yet to. 

Please take your time as you read these initial pages about Akram Vigan, the direct path to the Self, the living experience of it, through the grace of the Gnani, the enlightened one. 

Please be assured that shuddha will personally answer your questions by email, until you become Self-realized. After that you will not need shuddha.  In fact the awakened inner light of awareness will carry you forward until your final liberation-moksha. The one who has liberated you, the Gnani will be there to guide you, very closely, without becoming your guru.

This  web site has extensive information about the Gnani Purush and his new liberating spiritual science called Akram Vignan. Some of it may be overwhelming or intimidating but with a little patience and an open mind; and with liberation and eternal bliss as your goal, you will  get there. Definitely.


Shuddha Anami