Self-realization 2

Now to some answers and clearing the cobwebs  on this much  touted theme of Self-realization:

There is a huge difference between self-realization and Self-realization. The experience of the latter is eternal. It never decreases. It only increases. If it goes away from you, it was not Self-realization. It was something experienced through the subtle ego and intellect, both prone to change. The indelible  experience of the Self must begin for you. Has this happened for you? If so, please feel free to tell me about it. I would like to learn from you.

If it has, you do not need anything further.

Now let us explore what Self-realization means.  self-realization is already there for you. The small s self-realization is the indelible conviction that I am John, Mary or Mukesh, whatever your worldly name is. That is natural to you. That realization is why you are prone to attachment-abhorrence-attraction-repulsion-anger-pride-deceit-greed. That is why you suffer so much. That is why you have so much mental weight on you, and you feel so bound. That is why  you complicate your life so much. Not only this life, but also many lives to come. That is why you are unable to taste even a drop of the Ocean of Bliss that exists within you. How sad. The emperor of bliss has become a beggar. Not knowing this, he seeks pleasure externally. To seek pleasure in that which is temporary, will only bring forth pain in the end. To seek the pleasure that never leaves is to seek the Self, because the Self is eternally blissful. 

How can you seek the Self? Only when you read and agree somewhat with what has been said so far, will it begin. If you are an advanced seeker, please excuse me. The internet is wide open for the world, and anyone may come here. 

Capital S Self-realization is to realize and experience that You indeed are separate from this body complex of thoughts, speech, acts, mind, chit, intellect, ego, and all that it has done so far in life. That is called karma. Now karma means to do. Self realization means to be free from all doer ship. 

Let us simplify this. Let us assume your name is John. Then, there is the world of John. This world is inner and outer. The outer world of John is what the world sees and experiences as it interacts with John. Then there is the inner world of John.  And then there is the Self, which is absolutely separate from these two worlds of John. You as John are currently simply spinning in the inner and outer world of John. That is a one way street to the funeral parlor. What have you gained so far, in that spinning? Could you make a list? Send it to me, if you like.

Would you like to stop spinning? Would you like to be still? Even for a minute? It is impossible. The inner world will not let you. So then what is the solution?

Do you know of a way out of this life after life spinning: birth, childhood, youth, marriage, kids, responsibility, middle age, disease, old age, death and more of the same, all over again?

I do. That is why you have been reading this. Please know and be assured, that I will not disappoint you. I have stopped spinning since July 28, 1991. On that day I attained the Self, in all its glory, through the path of Grace of  Dadashri. He is the Gnani Purush  who has opened up the new path of direct experience of the Self, called Akram Vignan.  It took 2 hours for me. A month prior to this process called The Gnan Vidhi I had read Dadashri's Book called Who Am I?. You too can read it in an hour or less.

Dadashri the original Gnani Purush conducted Gnan Vidhis from 1962 to 1988. Thereafter,  Dr. Niruben Amin did so between 1989 till March 2006. Now the current Gnani Purush Deepakbhai Desai has been giving Gnan-knowledge of the Self since March 2006 and is opening up the knowledge of Akram Vignan all across the world.

I  received Gnan-knowledge of the Self, in the Gnan Vidhi. It was easy for me. This is because that is how life evidences unfolded for me. I met the Gnani Purush. At his feet, I surrendered my ego and concepts of whatever I thought the Self was, I gave up willingly any arguments of the intellect, I had no doubts. I was ready to receive that which I had zero knowledge about. I  was not asked to switch over  from my previous guru-spiritual master-guide. I was not asked to pay anything, do anything, even later, after the Gnan Vidhi. I came home to my Self. I am the Self. For the world I continue to remain the same, and it is not important to know me personally. It is critical to know what these words mean. They are leading you to Your Self.

These words will  lead you to the Self that You are, through the current living Gnani Purush. My role as is to gently and blissfully guide you into the hands  and care of the Gnani Purush. He is the one who is going to enlighten and liberate you when you meet him and ask for this knowledge.  

Somewhere in this world the Gnan Vidhi is happening. Just do an internet  search for the term Gnan Vidhi and you will know much more about it. But return here, if you want very specific answers, prior to attending it.  Gnan means knowledge. Vidhi means that which is really worth 'doing'. It is the method of the Gnani Purush Dadashri. It bypasses all spiritual endeavors like discipline, yoga, meditation, scripture study, mantra chanting, deepening techniques, serving others, fasting, following spiritual cook books, attending expensive seminars, worldly dikshas, mysticism, dietary regimes, abstinence, and following intellectual worldly gurus.  If your current guru or spiritual master has it, you should not be reading this, because he would have given it to you, by now. If not go and demand it from him or her.  

Your worldly guru-spiritual guide, is not to be shunned. You have come here, through his grace. However, he can only give you what he has. If he does not have it, you have to get it elsewhere. Your spiritual guide  helps you to move on from the bad to the good and thus improve your worldly life. However, for liberation-moksha-Self realization, you will need to meet face to face with a Gnani Purush. He only will let you experience Self-realization which will clearly let you see how it is distinct and separate from self-realization.

What will the Gnan Vidhi accomplish for you? It will give you an experiential knowledge of who You are and who is running this internal and external universe. Thereafter, You will become the Master of the one whom the world identifies as John. You will be given a detailed understanding of  five simple practical sentences in the second half of the Gnan Vidhi called 5Agnas. The exact understanding of these 5 Agnas will sustain Your enlightened blissful state until Your final liberation. The initial liberation will begin immediately after the Gnan Vidhi. Through the enlightened vision as the Self, You will be able to see the mistakes of John who will become Your neigbor-like companion in the remaining time of this life. Bliss will begin as You follow the 5Agnas of the Gnani Purush. Worldy worries and fear will be gone.  You will become the eternal one. Even amidst profoundly hurtful events in life, You will remain unaffected as You experience the internal separation from the world of John. You will come to know the many hidden enemies within you that are the reason why you see the faults of others.  As You proceed on the exact path of full enlightenment as unfolded by Dadashri, these inner enemies-kashays- will die and cease to exist. In this entire process You will not have to do anything. This is a very brief summary.

Will you have to give up anything after the Self-realization? No. There is no such demand or prerequisite from you. Would you have to take up celibacy-brahmacharya? No. Would the Gnani Purush become your guru? No. 

If you would like to meet Gnani Purush Deepakbhai please send me an email at

If you are not sure, I am always here. Remember, I have stopped spinning a long time ago. I remain willing to clear the cobwebs for you so that you may approach the mirror that will reflect your pure Self. 

Please know that the Akram Vignan, the scientific approach to the Self opened up in Gujarati Language. The original Gnan Vidhis were conducted in Gujarati by Dadashri. Dr. Niruben Amin commenced doing them in Hindi and English too. Gnani Purush Deepakbhai has just started doing the entire Gnan Vidhi in English when needed. In fact, Language is not a barrier to attaining the Self in Akram Vignan.


With salutations to That within You that is rising Higher,

Shuddha Anami