Self-realization is easier than you may have ever  imagined. It is as simple as coming home. It takes effort to leave the home, you have to plan, prepare, move, arrive, find temporary resting places, meet others, look for food, connect with  friends and others for your business, and then return home. In this venturing outside your home, you are at the mercy of external forces. At home you have a sense of safety and control. At the end of all your outward bound efforts, when you return home, you do not have to do anything.

Likewise, when you are ready to come home to the Self within you, you do not have to do anything. If it requires for you to do anything, then know that you are not on the  path of liberation. If you have to meditate, enquire, follow instructions and perform rituals, give up anything,  avoid anything, then know that you are still searching and therefore  going away from your home, rather than coming home. 

Self-realization means to experience the nature of the Self and to know and then experience your realm and role in this body. Right now, you only know the realm and the role of -----------, fill in your own name. The name is simply a means of  identifying this body. The enlightened Ones call this ignorance. It is the same as being asleep in this worldly life. Your entire life passes in this darkness of ignorance, if you do not come to know who you really are within this body complex of thoughts, speech and actions.

This is not to negate anything that you may have been doing to help humanity and others. That is worthwhile, but it will not liberate you. If you run around day and night helping others, you may forget your sorrows, but you will not be free from the passions and enemies that are alive within you: Your need to be validated and recognized, your pride and sense of what is right, your anger which arises when someone confronts or obstructs your way of doing things, your sanctimonious flavors ,  your smugness that repels others, your ego that erupts at the slightest provocation, your fixed opinions about others, your political views, you subtle greed, your subtle deception  that sweetens your greed and  does not let you see it all as it is, your sense of kindness for others and the impotent anger at the injustices in the world.  These are the ones that have bound you. No one else. Who are you? What do you really want? Do you know of a way by which you can really make a difference? Has it worked so far?



Now there are really 2 within you. There is the one who believes, 'I am thinking, these are my thoughts, this is my hand, these are my feelings, this is my idea, this is my belief, this is my life, this is my desire, this is my anger, this is my experience..." This is the one whom the world identifies as, 'John, Mary, George or Hillary or your worldly name.'

Then there is the other one within. The real you. The one who is the knower-observer of the one saying 'These are my feelings, This is my wristwatch, this is my computer, she  is my wife, he  is my husband.'  No one, including you,  know about this one. Intellectual perception and ideation is not enough.

The one who says, thinks or feels, 'This is my watch,' is indeed separate from the object. Likewise, feelings and thoughts come and go. Ideas, visions, scenes, experiences in life come and go. Therein within , and common to all these is the one who is the constant observer and knower, the 'I". This 'I' is eternal. This 'I' has gone through infinite experiences in infinite lives and has arrived here and is now aware of the one reading these words, or feels that, 'I am reading these words.'

What is the difference?  Is there a difference between , this 'I' and 'my'? What is the difference between 'I am Hillary' versus, 'My name is Hillary'? You can instantly visualize your first day at school. You can see who led you to the school. The face of your teacher. The smell and feel of the classroom.  The day of your wedding. The guests present. Who is the one who has been present and knower of all that, even now so much later? That is the 'I'. That I was, is and will always be there, regardless of what happens to these thoughts, words, actions of this body that is in front of this computer. That 'I' is eternal. That 'I' is who you really are. That 'I' is God. That 'i' is the one present in all living beings. That 'I' is the Self. That 'I' is Self. And the other 'i' is the self, the one whom you know, and the world knows as John or Mary.

To know and experience the 'I' in its pristine, exclusive, pure and total realm with all its attributes is Self-realization.  This is now available and possible for you. It is awaiting you. There is the one within you that is yearning to come home. If this was not the case you would not be reading these words. You have approached this door to the eternal many times before, in this or past lives. Then, either  you walked away from it, or you found it closed. 

Now the time has come. You have arrived, and the door is open. The inner intent is ready. The willingness is  there.  The time has come to be face to face with your ultimate friend, the one who has been your non-judgmental companion life after life, always there for you to reach out to, to hold your hand and guide you. You have addressed him as, 'My dear God, my Lord, or my Everything.' Or you may have walked away from him, saying, 'I do not believe that you exist, I do not believe in you.' He remains as the 'I' within, that  you cannot negate or deny. The experience is always separate from the one who is aware of the experience. There are no words, only the experience. 

There is the experience that is within the realm of thoughts, speech and acts. And in addition to this, there is the experience of the one who has moved forward millions of miles of experiences life after life in the spiritual realm seeking the answer to the eternal question: Who am I? Where am I going?

Even this eternal friend within you cannot liberate you. If it was possible, your prayers would have been answered by now.  So then, what is the solution? How can you attain the glimpse, the peek into the eternal Self that is within you, that you are. Your intellect will accept and agree with the statement, 'Thou art That.' and may even assert, affirm, 'I am That.' But, is that enough?

If it was enough, and you think and believe you are there, then you would not be reading these words, you have no use for them, your work is accomplished.

The experience of the answer to the question Who am I? is available when the following happens. The one who is seeking this, meets the one who has attained it, and this latter is a Gnani Purush or the enlightened one. Only such a one has the spiritual presence and energy to make the  seeker attain that.  How would you find such a human being? And if you meet him, how would you know that he is the one? 

Simple. Simply observe him, listen to him, look in his eyes. If not satisfied, ask him if he is the one, if he has what it takes to enlighten you, free you from that which has kept you bound you in ignorance and suffering, life after life. If you do not have such an access to someone, then you should continue to search until you find such a one, and then proceed to clear your doubts by the direct question and answer approach. This is critical. Life is too precious. The time in this body, is extremely precious. Do not waste your time around those who do not give you direct access and allow you to ask questions, or if they do, you remain unconvinced.

There is much more to Self-realization. Please read and absorb what you have read above and if you have any questions so far, please be assured that I will  personally answer your initial inquiries. After you meet the Gnani Purush through these web site, I will let him take over your questions, if there are any. My role is to facilitate your meeting  the Gnani Purush. That is the most important event in your life.


The Gnani Purush lives in India and travels overseas too. The web has plenty of material about him. Most of it is about words of knowledge and wisdom  that liberates. However, that is history. Only that which awakens you is real. That which liberates you is real. That can only happen when you have a live interaction with the Gnani Purush. His words remove the veils of ignorance that impede the  expression of eternal bliss and the awareness of who you really are. So therefore, please do not be intimidated by anything that the Gnani Purush has said in any of the books that have been compiled from interaction with seekers from all walks of life,  with different social  and cultural backgrounds. The medicine of the Gnani varies with the disease of the seeker. The answer of the Gnani Purush is tailored for the exact reception and understanding of the seeker's question.  

The above statements are made with the assured guarantee of one who has attained the Self from the Gnani Purush. The seeking has ceased, the seeker is non-existent. These words are purely for your access to the one who will unveil the Self in its pristine beauty and glory within you. That is the coming home. That is easy. Very easy. An email click away. 


With deep reverence for the seeker and the Self within you.

Shuddha  Anami

shuddha means pure. It is the short form of shuddha atma, pure soul.  Anami means the one without a name. My worldly name is not important. These words which flow on the web site are important if they help bring you home, to the place within, the state of bliss eternal.




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