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What is the meaning of JAI SAT CHIT ANAND ?
Trushna Shah.




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Hello Trushna:
Jai means Glory to...
Sat means that which is eternal, our Real Self, The Soul, The Atma
Chit means that which sees 'scenes' . You can instantly visualize someone's face, a scene even when you are away from it.
Sat Chit means that which visualizes the pure in all. That chit which sees The Lord in all. That chit that is not lured by anything temporary in this world.
Anand means joy, happiness. Here it means bliss, that which remains constant.


Also see the details of the mantra at:


The mantra is an affirmation of the bliss of the Self. This bliss exists in all human beings. The problem is that they are not aware of this inner bliss. Therefore, they strive for happiness outside. They project their idea and search for happiness on external things and persons. For example, she will say, 'I will be happy if I have this jewelry, or if this person is around me'. As you know such happiness is not constant, even when one's wishes are fulfilled. All worldly happiness is temporary and is followed by pain, sooner or later. This was the experiential knowledge of Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha.


The Bliss of The Awareness of The Eternal on the other hand is constant and unchanging. This is only possible to experience if one meets a Gnani Purush and is blessed with the experiential knowledge of Who Am I ? The Atma is full of bliss. To know the Atma, you have to meet someone who has known and experienced Atma in all its glory and magnificence. Such human beings are called Gnanis. Such persons are very rare in this world. The Gnani's live with so much bliss of the Self that nothing in the world sways them or lures or tempts them. Such human beings are equivalent to living Gods.

For further details,please read the book , free on the web , called who am I?  at:
Let us know if you have any further questions.
With namaskaars to the Lord within Trushna


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Jai Sat Chit Anand
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