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Absolute humility leads to freedom




Dear Alexander:


I will have Antje translate and explain all this, which is on the following web pages

and bhaav karma means that process which charges-creates new karma for an effect in the next life. Bhaav is that very subtle inner intent-vision which begins the moment one says, 'I am Alexander.'


No-karma means discharge karma. Effect karma. Everything that one experiences in this life is due to no karma/ In that discharge process,


Dravya karma is the vision with which one sees what is discharging in this life. It is like the spectacles-glasses, if one has green glasses, he will see everything green. If it is red glasses, one will see everything with a green tint. The glasses of the one who says, 'I am Alexander' are such that they create or instigate like or dislike, attachment or aversion, anger, pride, greed or deception.


The Gnani removes  the spectacles and therefore one is able to 'see' everything as it is, and therefore one is not caught up in the illusion. This Vision is the Agna 1 and Agna 2.


When one 'sees' with, 'I am pure Soul', one is 'seeing' without the coloring effect--attachment-aversion' of dravya karma.


In simple terms you may say that bhaav karma is charge karma, and dravya karma is discharge karma of illusion  which creates new karma and no karma is discharge karma which does not charge new karma.


If this is difficult to understand, please see the following Dadavani


Dadavani May 2009

Jai Sat Chit Anand



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    Subject: AW: Post Gnan Vidhi Follow Up : gut Schermau April 15-19 2009

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    Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009, 9:43 AM


    Hallo shuddha,

    danke für dein mail. Ich hätte da noch 3 Fragen?

    1.) Was sind die 6 feierlichen Gelübde?

    2.) Was sind die 18 Arten des negativen Karmas?

    3.) Was ist bhaav Karma, dravya Karma?


    Danke für deine Hilfe und Unterstützung!


    Liebe Grüße aus Österreich!





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    Betreff: Post Gnan Vidhi Follow Up : gut Schermau April 15-19 2009


    Dear Mahatmas and New Friends in Germany and Surrounding Areas:


    This is shuddha of

    I am writing to you from New York.

    You are being addressed as Mahatmas because You are a Mahan- great Atma -Soul. That which can never be attained in infinite life times has been accomplished in gut Schermau. It has happened at a very subtle inner level. I would be happy to tell you more about it if you write to me. For the most who were present there this is a unique new experience.

    I would also appreciate an email from you if you do wish to be kept informed of this new Science of Akram Vignan and all that is going on in the world.

    Nada Vitanova has formed a group that will keep you in close touch

    I would urge you to join in and post your questions and concerns so that we as a team could address them.

    Dr. Antje Helling, a participant in the group has improved on the

    Charan Vidhi in German

    which I will send you if you ask for it or you may directly send a request to Nada or Antje whose emails appear in the cc colum above

    You may contact me directly for any questions, and many are linked at

  In conclusion, I invoke the pure Soul within you, offer my highest reverence-namaskar to that Lord within you, and wish You--the awakened one--the Vision that liberates through the 5Agnas that You have received.


    Please note that what has happened in gut Schermau does not change the external world  of Agnes, Alexander, Beate  or Constanze...that will continue to unfold and present as it was meant to be. However, You the awakened one have been freed form it all.

    I enclose-attach  something that you will find invaluable on the path of moksha-Liberation

    And for memories here is Mahatma Herbert Walter singing at gut Schermau

    With those reverence filled namaskars...

    Looking forward to a response from you.

    Jai Sat Chit Anand




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