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Param Vinay thhi moksha chhe

Absolute humility leads to freedom


Dear Francesco:

The answers follow your highlighted questions.

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Hello Shuddha, here are my further thoughts on your answers. I didn't mean to "shout", it was just easier to highlight my questions.

 ...the "I" in Francesco is separated from the worldly Franscesco.

How? Is this a potentially dangerous process?

When someone insults you by saying," Francesco, you are an idiot," you become upset from within and may even lose your sleep and devise ways of how to hurt him return. If you investigate closely you will find that the insult was hurled at the person called Franscesco and was the result of a lot of circumstances. It just did not happen out of the blue. Even if you were to approach the person later and beg him to insult you some more, he may not. With this Gnan , the knowledge and the establishment of the ego in the right place, ie in the Self and not in Francesco, i.e.. I am Pure Self and I am not Francesco (because ego can not exist in two places); such insults will be seen as what they account of Francesco, not yours. The inner stillness and composure that remains during such a potentially violent interaction of anger and abuse is the result of this separation which is purely an applied understanding of the real nature of things and who you are.

It is dangerous to continue complicating your life after life by reacting and not knowing who you really are. The reversal to the original state of the Self is like coming home where there is no ego left and no fear, no danger, nothing to declare to the world, nothing further to do. The  one who is in bliss has no desire left to hurt any living being. The daily life work of Francesco is not at all hurt by this internal separation. On the contrary it continues toimprove significantly as all egoistic interferences into the relative self and other being of this world diminish.

There is no transfer of any power from the Gnani to you.


How can it work then? How can it be effective?


The power certainly exists. The power of His presence and His Words is the reason why the internal separation occurs. The power is phenomenal. That power is the reason why non Gnani's can not perform this vidhi for you. The power of the words of
The Gnani has the exact effect of unfolding the power of The Self which is latent within you. Only physical or psychical powers can be possibly transferred. But then such powers remain in the relative worldly realm and are temporary just like the
thoughts, speech and body of Franscesco. The Vignan of Dadashri is beyond that which can be understood by human intellect. The experience of the result is of The Self and this is beyond the intellect, beyond any physical feelings or experiences, beyond any words. That which you have been accustomed to so far has been all in the temporary level, for which you have been asked to do this, do that, meditate, fast,  think, practice, read, contemplate, avoid, try, persist, and keep trying. The Science of Akram Vignan does not ask you to do any of the above. It does not ask you to do anything, period. It simply is the experience of the Self as known by The Awakened One, The Gnani.

If you have not tasted sugar in your life, it might take hundreds of pages to describe its taste to you and at the end of it you will continue to wonder what I am describing. If on the other hand, I ask you to open your mouth and I place the sugar on your tongue, do I need to say anything more?


But if previous karmas are not erased, how can i not slip back?

Very thoughtful question indeed.

The fire of the Knowledge of The Gnan Vidhi burns all your karma. Those that unfold are the ones which now belong to Francesco, not you. Now if someone insults Franscesco, in the example above, you will remain unaffected and be an observer of the effect of the insult in the mind of Franscesco. Only the ones that you have carried forward from your past life, charged in your past life ,express as discharge in this life and are ready to unfold as you live the rest of your life.

If you slip back and say end up "doing" something that you should not have done, the Awakened Self within ,will warn you, Francesco that you have slipped and not You...who is free and pure. Franscesco's regrets and repentances then are noted by You, who continues to rise above all human fallacies and trials.

The only ones who slip are the ones who are not awakened, and continue to hurt others and bind karma.

The Awakened awareness after the Vidhi will shield and protect you from the effects of heavy karma of past life unfolding in this life. No new karma are charged for those who have awakened after this Vidhi. These individuals are called mahatmas by the Gnani.


You are simply asked to repeat special sentences of The Akram Vignani which separate you from that which is the non self..

Are these mantras? How can there not be transfer of some sort of energy or action upon subtle bodies to bring about and keep the change?

This question has been partially answered above.

The sentences are not mantras. They are the Original Sentences of The Science of The Akram Vignani. A mantra is that which stills the mind. Repetitive chanting of words bring about a focused concentration on the mind and stills it transiently and thereby gives a sense of peace. Whereas here we are talking about bliss, which simply prevails and can never be taken away from you. The effect of this bliss is beyond the mind. This bliss carries forward with you into your next life.

As said above these sentences have the unmatched and explosive effect of separating this sense that I am Franscesco and bringing you back to the Supreme Truth that You are the Pure Self...which is eternal. This energy is the energy of The Gnani
Purush. It is the miracle of miracles of this modern era. This energy is the unfolding of the exact energy within you, which increases day by day as you get to know The Gnani.

Religions have always talked about how long and difficult the process of Self-realization is. India has produced some of the highest and most profound religious personalities the world over and devised amazing techniques to effect soul relaization. Why wansn't this technique ever discovered through the millenia?

Pujya Dadashri has told us all that this technique, we call it science is not new. It did exist. 1000,000 years ago. The Akram Vignani comes once in every 1000000 years. It will last a few thousand years, 18000 years he has said,  and then it will be covered up again.


Why isn't this knowledge known worldwide? If it is that simple and that fast it sems to me that would already have been known and spoken about. I chanced upon it.

Pujya Dadashri attained this knowledge in 1958. It was in Gujarat, India. By 1962 a few folks around him became aware of it. In 1968, Dr. Niruben Amin met him and recognized the tremendous importance of the process of moksha in just 2 hours and the extraordinary powers of Dadashri. She left her role of an Obstetrician Gynecologist and dedicated her entire life at the feet of The Gnani and recorded all his words which by 1981 started coming in the form of books of the new science but the English versions on web are available only in the past 7 years. So this is a very new science, and while well known to folks in Gujarat is not known to the world, yet. Yes, you "chanced" upon it. It is now in front of you. Just like it chanced upon those who have now been graced. Obviously, it is not for all. Only the right seeker will see its results. Those who laugh and deride it will not see it for what it is...the easy way out of what is otherwise a very uphill battle for moksha.

We are a non profit organization, and in our quiet way submit Dadashri to the world. There is nothing to be sold here. So you may see the inherent limitations in promoting the web pages as is done in commerce. Pujya Dadashri has taught us that while there must be religion in all commerce, there must not be any commerce in religion.



Exact application of the Agnas of the Gnani will give you bliss that is of the Lord Himself.

This sounds like mantras.

It may sound like that now, but the 5 sentences are unique and are meant to keep you in the Self Realized state ultimately leading to final moksh. These senteces are not to be chanted. They are simply internal keys that open up further vistas in the
wide ocean of bliss.


Are there any Italian disciples I can contact to talk about their experiences?


I am not aware of any. I will check with our center in India and let you know if they know of any.


How old are you and how did you get involved into AV? What did you practice before and what were your experiences?

53. My friend sent me the book of Dadashri entitled " Who am I?" in 1991 and it changed my life for ever. I had no practices before, of any kind in this life. I had read Ramana Maharishi and his satsang and was very attracted to his words but did not any meet anyone. A few months prior to receiving the Gnan of Pujya Dadashri, I had met a Shankaracharya from South India, who was visiting Kansas and  in his company for a  few weeks I had experienced some deep but vague inner transformational feelings of internal purity but my exact answers and experience came from The Gnan of Dadashri.

It could be said that prior to my experiences above, I lived and enjoyed the high life...and worldly pleasures. Now I see them as they are. I have no likes or dislikes, or opinions left regarding such life. The bliss within prevails over these sensual passions.

Many thanks,


We, many mahatmas of AV thank you, Franscesco, for the opportunity of this satsang.

With kind regards,




The following were the original questions of Francesco in response to the material on the web about Dadashri and Akram Vignan.

Hi and thanks about your message and interest. I have read some of the Web pages on Akram Vigyan but I still don't quite get what the practice is all about.

1) What is vidhi ?

It is the scientific process of the Gnani in which the real You...the "I" in Francesco is separated from the worldly Franscesco.
The seperation is an awareness that is established within you. You are currently aware that you are Francesco. After the vidhi of 48 minutes you become aware that you are pureSoul, and your identification with Franscesco is like that of a neighbor. Francesco becomes your first neighbor. You are internally separated from from the thoughts, speech and acts of Francesco. Now you are involved with the thoughts , words and acts  and you say that these are my thoughts, my speech etc and after the Vidhi you become the exact observer of these thoughts and words. So a separtion has occured between that which is temporary and changing and is ultimately going to die...this body, acts, and thoughts, and the permanent , the real and the eternal which is the real you...the I in the one who says my name is Franscesco.

The vidhi is simple. You do not have to do anything. You simply have to repeat the words that The Gnani asks you to repeat. There is no transfer of any power from the Gnani to you. You are merely waking up to the exact reality of your existence in this world. That simply is Self Realization. Currently you have a false identification with Franscesco. Francesco is the name given to this body of yours, you are not Francesco. You are the divine eternal Presence within this thoughts, speech and act complex called Fransceco by the world. That divine eternal presence needs to be relaized and is the final aim of human birth.

The vidhi process also makes you realize the nature of the doer in this world.  These two components, who am I? and who is running this universe? is all you need to know. This is the knowledge of liberation. This liberation is experienced after the vidhi. The vidhi is simply is a process.

There is no exchange of anything. All that is required of you is to accept that in these matters of freedom and true internal bliss and the science of the Self, you do not know anything and that is why you are asking the Gnani Purush to grace you with the knowledge. You are the Lord yourself but you do not have the key to access the infinite power and the strength of the Lord within you. Coming back to your real Self, means coming home and this is the dissolution of the ego. Ego is defined by the Gnani as
" I am Francesco."

There is no exchange of money and you are not required to do anything after the vidhi.

The Gnani explains five cardinal sentences and principles or key instructions for you to understand called 5 Agnas after the vidhi. These give you protection so that you will not slip or lose the experience of the Self that you have acquired in the vidhi.

There is no hypnosis, occult psychology or anything wierd done in the vidhi. You are simply asked to repeat special sentences of The Akram Vignani which separate you from that which is the non self...anatma from the Self...atma. The process is extraordinary and beyond words.

The vidhi is typically done in Gujarati. Pujya Niruben does perform it in English for some who do not know the language.

2) Is there something to do or are disciples "done", so to speak?

There is nothing to do after the above mentioned grace of the Gnani. The disciples are done, in that their work is done. The final knowledge has been attained. There is nothing further to do except to increase the experience of the bliss of the Self through an aware understanding related application of the five sentences which are cardinal. After the separation from Franscesco, you remain in bliss and Francesco's work in daily life will be observed as simply being done, without any hassles or friction.

3) What are the preparations involved?

There are no preparations to be done. The science is new and unique and does not call for any readines, study, spiritual practice, fasts or renunciations.  All that is necessary is the arrangements to meet the Gnani and request this Gnan...the knowledge that separates you from Francesco in the Vidhi. Of course, all residual doubts must be cleared by asking as many questions as you want to, to the Gnani. You are doing the right thing. You have studied extensive material on the web.

There is nothing that you can not ask a Gnani.

4) Are there any qualifications to be fulfilled in order to qualify for "initiation", if you call it that?

Traditionally the initiation means that you will have to follow what The Guru tells you. This is not a Guru disciple path. The Gnani refuses to be a traditional worldly guru. He gives you your Sadguru...internal guru. He liberates you from all worldly gurus.
On the day of the vidhi you become eternal and beyond births and deaths. Exact application of the Agnas of the Gnani will give you bliss that is of the Lord Himself. Thereafter there are no worldly instructions to follow. Those who hover around the Gnani do so out of sheer love and reverence for Him who liberates, amidst all the pains and misery of the world.

5) Is there a practice to follow after initiation?

The only practice that needs to be cultivated is the practice of following the five agnas of the Gnani which perpetuates the Bliss of The Self.

6) Can a disciple have another guru and follow Akram Vigyan?

Absolutely yes. As mentioned above the guru is for the relative world. The Gnani is for liberation from the relative world.
The guru will tell you to do something...The Gnani will tell you that nothing need to be done. The guru has an ego...The Gnani is egoless. If one has a guru, fine. The guru will be seen as  he is in true light with the Knowledge of The Self. The Akram Vignani gave Gnan to a few religious gurus.

7) Are there any centers in Europe?

No, but the way you are asking these questions, we may have a first center in Italy in future. This science is simply very new and the world has not awakened to it yet.

8) What has your experience been of AV
and anything else you may want to add?

My words... is my experience. The real experience is beyond words. The web site will give you glimpses of my experience.
Some of them have spilled over into my poetry for the Gnani. I am just one of the thousands who have been graced with an ever increasing bliss within...For nearly ten years now, since my awakening , I am totally free from within, free from worries, anger, greed or any persistent desires. I am the child of The Gnani. The family of the Gnani all over the world marvel at the presence of selfless love in all mahatmas...term used by the Gnani for all those who are liberated.
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