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Param Vinay thhi moksha chhe
Absolute humility leads to freedom

Which = Anger,Ego
Name = Manoj
Email = withheld

February 22, 2008

Comments = How can complete bliss & serenity can be attained?

Dear Shri Manoj:

This is easy.

Please see

and follow the links at the bottom

You would be surprised how easy it is

I am attaching the Gujarati pdf for it.

Anger is the reaction that arises within, when someone hurts what Manoj holds very dear and special. If someone says, Manoj is an idiot, anger arises. Then when you find out that he is talking about Manoj of New York, not you, your anger vanishes.

So all your reactions are based on the belief, 'I am Manoj'. Are you really Manoj?

To explore this with the phenomenal Gnani Purush of this Millennium, please see

To listen to this


Please let me know where you are in India and your contact number.

With kind regards

Jai Sat Chit Anand


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