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Hello, Thank you very much for writing to me. I am very drawn and excited about the possibility of receiving Gnan Vidhi, and I would like to know more about it. My main question is somewhat subtle, and so to be clear, I'd like to try to write it out: I have a great respect and love for your tradition and spiritual culture, and I am deeply immersed in a different tradition and spiritual culture. I believe both traditions lead to the same "mountaintop", and yet they do have different means, different rituals, etc. I sense that Gnan Vidhi is somehow "beyond religion". For example, the question "Who am I?" is not inherently religious, and therefore not in conflict with any religion. I would think that the process of separation between the Absolute Self and the relative self would also be a neutral and universal process. I would think that realizing the Self would be like clear water that can be poured into the colored vessel of any religion. If the Gnan Vidhi ceremony itself is colorless and universal in this way, my spiritual teachers would permit me to attend. That is, I'm not allowed to worship Hindu Gods or murtis, or say their mantras. Therefore, I would need to know before I attend, whether the Gnan Vidhi ceremony requires invoking, worshipping or bowing to Swamis or Ishwaras, etc., or saying "Om namo ...." Is it possible for you to tell me the kinds of words that one must repeat with the Gnan Purush? Thank you for your patience in helping me with this important question! May all beings awaken to the Absolute Truth, 


Dear Matthew:


If the Gnan Vidhi ceremony itself is colorless and universal in this way, my spiritual teachers would permit me to attend. 

Your presumption about the Gnan Vidhi is indeed the case. Nothing about the entire Gnan Vidhi process involves a submission or surrender to any worldly gurus or idols or man made , man defined, Gods or Godesses. Nor is any specific chanting or mantra done in the Gnan Vidhi. The Gnan Vidhi is the specific spiritual process of the Gnani Purush in which the seeker is given the knowledge of who he really is and what runs this entire universe. The answer to these 2 questions are readily available in scriptures yet that remains an answer that is employed by the intellect.  The grace factor is what happens in the Gnan Vidhi. This grace is the unique undefined element which essentially separates the Self from Matthew for ever. This is the experience. 


Yes, indeed if you walk into one of these occasions where the Gnan Vidhi is being conducted, you will se a lot of Indian men and women, young and old bowing to the image or idol of Lord Simandhar or the photograph of the Gnani Purush Dadashri. Some others bow down to the image of Lord Krishna.  That is because those are the images they are familiar with, or have come to appreciate as being important for them. The bowing is the critical part. Not who they are bowing to. Of course, if the bowing, the internal surrender is done with a sense of understanding of what those images represent, it is of extra benefit. For instance in the entire world there is no one who has ever liberated, truly liberated Matthew. if this was the case, this interaction would not be happening. So then one comes to this location and event with a specific hope and a need, which is going to be fulfilled. This is the intense burning desire to experience the Self and the eternal bliss that we all identify as worthwhile. The Gnani  Purush whose Gnan Vidhi one is participating in, is of course  the one who is being respected and revered. This Gnani is beyond thoughts, speech and actions and is no one's guru. He is the liberator. His knowledge liberates and he does not make any conditions that you continue to revere him, afterwards. If you come away with the desired result, the question is no longer necessary.

The Gnani does not ask you to  forsake or leave your current worldly spiritual master. He simply gives you the awareness of who you are. He awakens you in the internal universe of Matthew.

With the correct understanding and approach you will realize that one is in fact bowing down to the highest master. That master is the Lord , the eternal Self, within Matthew. Hence you will see on the front page of the Gnani Purush folding his hands inwards towards his own self.

You would be free to bring your own master's image or the image you revere the most for purpose of the first part of the Gnan Vidhi which consists of being called to the front, bowing down, placing your forehead on the image, and reciting some simple words of surrender in English. The surrender or samarpan is where Matthew is surrendering the junk that is the illusion, karma of all sorts and then you simply have to sit quietly, close your eyes and recite Jai Sat Chit Anand which is explained in Then the Gnan Vidhi a process of precise separation starts in which Pujya Deepakbhai:  will ask you to recite specific sentences which separate the Self, from Matthew. This takes 48 minutes and this is followed by a break where you open your eyes and listen intently to 5 special instructions, which are known as Agnas. These are master keys that are to be used whenever  Matthew runs into any worldly problems. They also sustain the bliss of the Self. The entire process takes a couple of hours, 3 at the most. Later you meet the rest of the participants there, have dinner with them and go home.

Nothing would have changed externally. There is no magic. The grace has happened within. To know more please read the q&a's in the following link: and at the  website under experiences.

 or saying "Om namo ....

Om Namo etc are...mantras. They are for the one who is not yet enlightened. For the one who becomes enlightened, the

mantra...Namo the only one which has any meaning. This means

I bow to the one who has completely annihilated all the internal enemies. These internal enemies are pride, deceit, greed, anger and their ramifications in worldly interaction. There is no such a One currently in this world of ours. But one can yearn to become That. The One who is awakened within, in the Gnan Vidhi is indeed THAT. The Five Agnas are designed to lead to Him, the fully enlightened State.

Please feel free to ask any follow up questions and remove any residual doubts in your mind.


With my highest salutations to the divine Lord within Matthew




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