Punya Shravak

This is a satsang for those who have been graced by the Gnani and realized the Self.


Akram Vignani Purush Dadashri

Jai Sat Chit Anand


Question :

Please tell us why Lord Mahavir was full of praise for Punya whose samayik was extraordinary.
What was the secret in his samayik ?

Dadashri :

That samayik was shuddha...pure.
Ordinary human being is not capable of being in such a samayik.
Shuddhasamayik...pure awareness and existence with divine vision of the type which I have graced you all
mahatmas with.
I have given you the samayik of the same order as the one done by householder named Punya.

Punya's samayik ...state was pure whether he remained at home or moved about in the world.
His awareness was due to divyachakshus...divine vision.
He used to collect raw cotton from which he made poonios...little fine threads with bases for
lighting tiny lamps with oil, sell these in the market and so he was called Punya...the householder.

While making these tiny fine threads called poonios, his mun...mind was attending to and concentrating on
the task at hand...and his chit...the inner complex of knowledge and vision remained still with the Lord within.
Apart from this he did not deviate or waste his energies on anything else. He never encountered or created any
dakhal...interference with anything or anyone.

He kept his mun...mind in vyavahaar...daily life interactions
he kept his chit...that within which sees nischaya...pure Self state.

This is the loftiest of the lofty samayik !!!


Samayik ...means to come face to face with the Ultimate Reality...The Self.
To experience the Self
To Be...and to Observe all that is in front of The Self.
Samayik is synonymous with
Sat Chit Anand
Samayik can not be "done"
It simply happens for the One who is graced by The Gnani.
It increases in exponential proportions for the one who follows the Agnaas of The Gnani.
The Samayik of The Akram Vignani differs from traditional samayiks done in
some religious practices wherein the meditator " sits" for 48  minutes to "look" within.
For followers of Dadashri, samayik is a natural consequence of following His first and second agnaas.

He also recommends special 48 minute samayiks for those burdened with heavy weights of
anger, greed, vicariousness, passions, guilt, etc which impede the natural expression of
the bliss of the Self. Such practice done in satsang groups preceded by appropriate explanations have been found to be highly beneficial.



King Shrenik was searching for some way to lighten the burden of his previously accumulated karmas.
Having heard of Punya, the king went to him.
"I will give you the way of this samayik, " said Punya.
"And what will be your cost ?", asked the king.
"The Lord will decide that." Punya replied gently.

King Shrenik mused within that at the most the Lord will make him pay 50 Million or even a
hundred million for this samayik. That would be OK. So he went to Lord Mahavir and

"Punya has agreed, My Lord. Please help me. Please decide so that my trip to hell is averted ."

The Lord inquired, " Did Punya decide to give you this samayik free of cost ? "
" No, he has left the decision of the cost to you, " said the king.
Lord Mahavir then said, " Do you know the true cost of this samayik of Punya, O King ?
Your entire kingdom will only buy the cost of the commission only !

King Shrenik was stunned. This is the value of the Samayik of Punya the householder, as
proclaimed by the last Tirthankar Bhagwan Mahavir.


Dadashri :

This is what I have given you all in the two sentences of
If you utilize them with a true mind and true heart..chit, e.g., with the mind fully and exactly engaged you pay attention to the task at hand and thus avoid pitfalls
and with the chit you observe the real and the relative in all that comes in front of you
then your samayik will be like that of Punya...priceless.

Make full use of this opportunity. During this samayik you will experience infinite samadhi...bliss.
It is quite simple. You do not have to sit in any particular way to do it.

What do you have to do in samayik ?
Just make use of the 2 view points given to you.
Let us take the example of your wife telling you to run an errand and buy some groceries.
As you walk to the market, look at the Pure Self within all living beings that come in front of you
the cat, dog, donkey, trees, other human beings, children, old ladies, the checkout clerk, car drivers.
Instead of taking a bus or car you walked for an hour.
This is being done in accordance with my agnaas while going and returning.
What was the benefit ?
You saved money
What else?
You have followed agnaas of Dadashri
What was the third benefit ?
Samayik occurred.
What was the fourth benefit ?
The fruit of samayik...Bliss was experienced.

Just try it...only an hour

Jai Sat Chit Anand



The above sating with The Gnani has been translated from Aptavani Twelve.

Gujarati Version of this 2 Volume set comprises of more than 800 pages and was
unveiled and presented to the world by Pujya Niruben on Gurupurnima Day in July 1999.

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September 11, 1999

May I see only The Lord within you...


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