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Reflections Upon The Meaning of These Words Images & Experiences

Reflections Upon The Meaning of These Words 



The short quick instant access to the one who is identified as the liberator.

The worldly name of the Gnani Purush

The one who is respected like a grand father.

The senior wise man.

The common denominator in all names in this list.



The revered Gnani Purush. The Enlightened One who liberates. 

The worldly identification of such a One whose words liberates.

The one for whom nothing remains to be known.



The Lord within all living beings.

The Eternal Knower Seer.

The Inner State Of The Gnani

The Lord Of The Fourteen Worlds.

The One Who Was Never Bound  and hence seeks no liberation

The Absolute One.

The God Of All Religions.

The Self.



The One who has realized Dada Bhagwan within.

The One who is free from all effects of the non self, thoughts, speech and acts.

The One without desire.

The One who liberates others.

The One who represents eternal knowledge.

The One who sees all, as it is and is never deluded by anything.

The only human being whose company liberates.

The Lord in human form.

The one who represents the divine in human form.

The One whose words set forth new scriptures relevant to the times of the wordly age.

The One who is able to communicate with other enlightened beings and celestial beings.

The One who lives as The Self.



The one who has the knowledge of the Self and is able to impart this knowledge to others.

The one who has been given the knowledge of the Self and has been instructed to impart this to others.



The One who unfolded the direct approach to moksha, liberation.

The Master Scientist.

The Liberator who comes in Kali Yug... the times when liberation is impossible.

The One who is able to separate the my from I and guarantee this eternal separation.

The Gnani Purush.

The One with the lift from instant liberation to final liberation.

The One who will never tell you to do anything for liberation.

The One whose very presence liberates.



The True Master. The Final Teacher.

The One who has only one follower... you.

The One who resides within after enlightenment.

The One who has been awakened by the Gnani Purush .

The Gnani who lives within.

The One who speaks to you from within without saying a word.

The Awakened One within... who leads you to final liberation.

The One who seeks no more.

The Eternal Love  experienced within.



The living liberator in front of you.


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