I want diksha from Dr. Niruben


What I mean is, by reading, contemplating and understanding the many
texts available on, am I receiving the bulk or majority of
this science, or am I missing out on some vital elements of it?


How? Is this a potentially dangerous process?


Are these mantras? Is there some transfer of energy?


If God has created everything ,then why does it seem that nearly every person on this planet has worries/problems?


If we know an act is wrong but we have no choice but to do it or act
towards it, for some reason what so ever, let say when it involves
feelings. So how should we act toward the feelings?


What is the meaning of  Jai Sat Chit Anand?


Why is it that only if Gnan Vidhi is taken, then only Liberation is possible?


If we start putting in the future what we can not see today how can we be sure that this will happen at all in such a big time span?


After the gyan-vidhi, is final moksha a certainty? What is the difference
between the realization obtained by the method of akram vignan vs
traditional enlightenment/realization of spiritual giants like Sri.
Shankara, Gautama the Buddha, Ramana Maharishi or Shri. Ramakrishna
Paramahansa while they were living(and liberated)? Is it of a lesser
quality? Or would one become similar to a Buddha/Shankara?


What is the difference between prarabdha-destiny and  choice- purushartha?


Why we still may need from one to 15 life times to get final liberation? 


I sense that Gnan Vidhi is somehow "beyond religion"


David Godman told me that there are only two to three living Gnanis...


It seems you are a Jainist Sect. Am I right?


How can complete bliss and serenity be attained?



My Guru has given me a lot, but I am not there yet. I am afraid of leaving him...



Past two weeks have been full of awe and wonderful.  Just an accidental switching on of the TV which resulted in my encounter with Pujya Deepak Bhai's Q&A sessions.


I had an extremely beautiful experience of a parallel world but...

Is it really possible for a Christian or a Muslim to receive Akram Vignan without leaving his religion?

What is Bhav Karma, Dravya Karma, No Karma? 

What is sin?


What is Self-realization in Akram Vignan?


What is the Gnan Vidhi?


I am not interested in the Gnan Vidhi, but I sure would like to be free from pain and conflict


I would like to ask a question



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Jai Sat Chit Anand

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