Freedom via apology

The Gnani Purush opens new vistas with unprecedented clarity


Vitarag means the One who is devoid of all attachments.

The religion of The Enlightened One is the Ultimate religion.

It is the religion of the Self.

It is not an exclusive label for any man made religion.

All religions of the world are relative.

Vitarag Dharma is Real.


Vitarag Dharma liberates you for ever.

All other relative religions point to the path.

The abridged version of the book, Pratikraman is now being offered to the reader.

The words have come forth from The Akram Vignani and are original. They do not belong to anyone.

They are offered to humanity at large for parmaarth, the ultimate good.

This book was published by :

Dada Bhagwan Foundation (Madras), in 1993.

Its cost: Param Vinay & The Bhaav that I do not know anything

Edited by : Dr. Niruben Amin


What should be the prime motive of man in life?

To speak what arises in mind, and to follow through what has been said, by corresponding action.While we speak, if the mind and thoughts are negative , we should do pratikraman.Whose pratikraman is to be done ? Who will you keep as a witness? Answer: Do pratikraman with The Lord within you ( Dada Bhagwan ) as your witness.

Good deeds are called dharma, bad deeds are called adharma.To transcend good and bad, dharma-adharma is called Atmadharma. You gain credit with good deeds, and you have to return to this world, take rebirth to clear the credit. Bad deeds, karmas create debits and you have to return to pay their price. When no debits or credits remain...Atma is attained.

You must repent a bad deed-karma with sincerity. After this if the bad act repeats, do not worry. All karmas of the the one who repents with a pure heart, sincerely are ultimately washed away by the pratikraman process.

As long as the realisation that " I am Atma" has not occured , then in such a state, if repentance for a misdeed does not occur, karmas tend to bind even more. With repentance, the bulbs gaanths of karma, which on sprouting produce karmaphala, fruits of karma, become light and less laden with potential negative fruits. Otherwise in the absence of repentance the result of paap-misdeeds is disaster and loss of human rebirth.( lower life forms).

In whose presence are you going to repent ? Who will you keep as a witness? The One in whom you have faith. Lord Krisha or Dada Bhagwan ? Who ever you beleive in, with Him as a witness, do pratikramans. There is always a way. That is the nature of this world. There is always a solution . A solution arises first. The problem arises afterwards.

How has this world arisen? Through atikraman...agression in thoughts, speech or action. There is no harm in kraman...all happenings of thoughts speech and action which do not entail hurt.

If a policeman stops you and you do not obey, you have commited atikraman. For this pratikraman is necesary. Otherwise you will be dragged into court.

All krodh maan maaya lobh , anger, pride, illusion, passions, greed ; are atikramans. If you repent do pratikraman of these, they leave.

Every living being is projecting, as a result of a push, not as a part of a natural state...swa.bhaav.For these projections which apparently results in atikramans, we have to go on doing pratikramans.

There are all kinds and all modes of projects and projections.Within splits of a second, there are nuemerous phases and endless such atikramans and agressions are caused.

This has arisen out of atikramans and it ends with pratikramans.

Where there is quarrel there is no pratikraman, and where there is pratikraman there is no quarrel.

You have no right to abuse your son, you are to make him understand. Even so, if you beat him up badly and do not do pratikraman, then a lot of karmas bind you. Pratikraman must occur, don't you agree?

" I am Chandulal " is atikraman. In worldly terms, vyavahar, let us discuss at a different level. Do you hurt anybody ? If not, then you have not done atikraman. In the course of the whole day, if you have hurt anyone, do pratikraman for that atikraman. This is the Science of The Vitarags.

If you have uttered anything that might hurt somebody or someone, then you have commited an agression, atikraman. This is a mistake. If you do not do pratikraman for this, karmas will bind you further.

What use is a dharma, religion which does not destroy karmas ? How will you stop new karmas?

With Pratikramans.

With faith and knowledge...shraddha and gnan, decide for once that this is wrong. Do pratikramans for this. Ask for, strength from The Gnani, that this needs to go. Then such faults leave. Big bulbs ...gaantho ( which sprout forth as karma phala...fruits of karma ) are dissolved with samayik ( to come face to face with ) and other small faults go away with prarthana ...prayers. What arose without prarthana...higher meaning, dies with prarthana. All these have risen out of agnan...ignorance. Those shakti of the pudgal...body which tend to make you slip into errors , leave with prarthana. It is much easier to slip down. It is very hard to rise higher. This is because the slipping process involves the energies, shakti of the pudgal...the thought, speech, body complex.

How do you save your self from paap karmas...bad deeds ? This depends upon your knowledge.This knowledge, this Gnan does not reside in books, or in ordinary individuals. Such folks only have Vyavahaarik...worldly...knowledge. Nischaya Gnan...the Knowledge of The Self is only found at ( the feet of )The Gnani. Scriptures do not have Nischaya Gnan which is hidden within the core of The Gnani. If we ever listen to this Nischaya Gnan through the words of The Gnani, then only we attain salvation and are saved from future bad deeds karmabandhan...binding. There is no other solution. The only other method is through pratikramans.

Wherever any injustice has occured to anyone, therein alochana...recall of agression, and pratikraman should occur and firm decision not to repeat such injustice ..pratyakhyan, should occur.

We should tolerate. Tolerate with samata...equanimity. Do not be tolerant by uttering curses from within. Tolerance with equanimity is with the knowledge that.." My dear brother, you are now freeing me from this karma. It was indeed my karma that resulted in my suffering from this agression, and after such suffering I am being released and therefore I am thanking you who from all external appearances is the agressor. " Thank your agressor with this knowledge within ! This suffering does not come freely, because it is the result of our own faults.

Gnani Purush Dadashri

carries this satsang on pratikramans

further in

Pratikraman Chapter2

The Gnani Purush has defined Vitarag Dharma with unprecedented clarity

and has given us the true darshan of the

Current Tirthankar Lord

Arihant Bhagwan



Kevala Gnan Kalyanak ne Namaskaar

The Akram Vignani walked the face of this earth to

reestablish and renew

Vitarag Dharma

In addition he provides human beings of this era with

The extraordinary shortcut to Moksha...eternal freedom


Akram Vignan

in which no doership is called for..

there are no rituals..

there are no gurus..

there are no sacrifices to be made...

there is nothing to renounce..

there is no organised religion..

no meditations..

no yoga of any kind..

there is no commerce in the name of religion.

Vitarag Dharma

does not negate any of the existing world religions...



Atma Vignan

The religion of the Self...

is above all man made religions.

To know this religion and to experience it in your daily life is the Ultimate accomplishment


human birth.

The Gnani

is the One who introduces you to

The Vitarag

and thereafter your work is done.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

The Awareness of Being is Bliss

your link to the world within...

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Dearest Lord within me...Grant me the infinite inner strength, not to, not cause to, nor instigate anyone to, hurt the ego of any living being, through the medium of these thoughts, speech or actions, even to the slightest extent. Pushpanjali.