Pratikraman Vidhi

In the live presence and witness of ‘Dada Bhagwan’, Oh pure Soul who art totally separate from the mind, speech, body, causal, effect and neutral karmas of ….*…..,

I confess my mistakes (aalochana)**


I apologize and ask for forgiveness for these mistakes (pratikraman).  I resolve firmly never to repeat these mistakes (pratyakhyan).


Dearest Dada Bhagawan! Grant me the absolute energy not to commit such mistakes.


* Name of the person hurt by you.

**Recall the mistakes you committed with this person.



·      Pratikraman - Process of apology coupled with the remorse of any wrongdoing.

·      Aalochana – Heart-felt avowal and inner confession of one’s guilt or misdeed.

·      Pratyakhyan – Sincere pledge of never slipping into the error or misdeed, once committed.


(You are pure Soul, and the pratikraman has to be done by the person who committed the errors.  Make Chandulal do pratikramans. Insert ‘your name ‘ for ‘ Chandulal’).

'Dada Bhagwan' is the Eternal Self within all living beings. 

The Namaskaar Vidhi

The Book of Pratikraman

The Audio Book of Pratikraman

Pratikraman is a very powerful spiritual weapon, that destroys all obstacles to Bliss within. It also destroys all obstacles that the seeker of final liberation encounters in worldly life after the Self realization in Akram Vignan. It is a pure, quick, simple, direct, effective, easy, instant result, internal process. The nature of effect and neutral karma needs to be understood with live satsang with the Gnani Liberator. Pratikraman is also effective for the one who has not received the Gnan of The Self. In such instances, the person just asks for the forgiveness with whichever Lord-God-Higher Entity he believes in, as his inner witness.

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