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The Audio Book in English

Each Audio file is in mp3 fromat

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p1.mp3 p11.mp3 p21.mp3 shuddhatmaprayer.mp3
p2.mp3 p12.mp3 p22.mp3 pratikramanvidhi.mp3
p3.mp3 p13.mp3 p23.mp3 The Charan Vidhi
p4.mp3 p14.mp3 p24.mp3 Charan Vidhi German
p5.mp3 p15.mp3 p25.mp3 Pratikraman German
p6.mp3 p16.mp3 p26.mp3 Pratikraman Vidhi
p7.mp3 p17.mp3 p27.mp3 Namaskarvidhi.html
p8.mp3 p18.mp3 pratahvidhi.mp3 Dadanamaskarvidhi.html
p9.mp3 p19.mp3 namaskaarvidhi.mp3 Pushpanjali.html
p10.mp3 p20.mp3 navkalamo.mp3 Dadarati.html


The Following is the Audio Book of Pratikraman in Gujarati

pratikraman1.mp3    pratikraman2.mp3    pratikraman3.mp3

Here is the link to English Translation Relay of Satsang on Pratikraman




      this version is in English.

whomi1.mp3     whomi2.mp3    whomi3.mp3   whomi4.mp3       

These four books are in larger size of 73 MB each. These could not be compressed  more because their original recording format was analogue. However the sound quality is excellent. These take about five minutes to download on fast internet connection.

The following Versions are in Hindi

dadashriatmavigyan1.mp3     dadashriatmavigyan2.mp3

This is the Hindi audio book of the main book of Dadashri: Who am I? in English

Mai Kaun Hun


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