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hrim dada bhagwan sarvagna sharanam gacchhaami

The Role of Opinions in The Formation of The Mind


Key word : Abhiipraaya...Opinion. Opinion is the father of the mind. Language is the mother of the mind.


Next Sunday Telesatsang: Same pages 220-234 ( of selected Aptavani Text)


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Satsang with Pujya Deepakbhai:



Q: Looks like those who are in India are gaining the real satsang benefit. We should come there...

D: All say so, but no one comes. The account of the location is part of the karma...which needs to be fulfilled.


Today's chapter is on the genesis of the mind. This is a unique discovery of Dadashri, never previously explained. Dadashri says that opinion is the father of the mind and language is the mother of the mind. To stop the formation of new mind, which expresses in the next life, one has to keep the two separate. Either do not give any room to opinions and if they arise, or do not vocalize them. By uttering an opinion, new mind is formed. In those matters about which your opinions cease in this life, those matters will not affect your mind in the next life. The effect of opinions formed in the last life is the mind in this life but you can certainly change the causation of a new mind by ceasing to render any opinions. And if an opinion has been given in this life, change it from within by pratikramans. If you happen to say that this kadhee is too salty, you must reverse that by the stance that this opinion is wrong, it hurts the one who prepared the item, and I am not in favor of such hurtful opinions. In this manner the genesis of the new mind of next life is also blocked. This is the key to tackling the problem of knots of the mind, which continue to puzzle human beings. Man has tried all sorts of endeavors to control the mind and have failed. This is because the science behind the formation of mind and the issue of the causal and effect mind has never been explained before. Dadashri now presents this science to the world. Whatever may arise within the mind, but if you do not express it in speech, a new mind for next life will not arise.


Q: And if the opinion gets expressed then pratikraman is the answer?

D: Yes. Also wash off the opinion. Pratikraman wipes off the responsibility of the new mind of next life. This is the only key after the opinion has been expressed. If the inner opinion about a person persists and remains unexpressed, e.g. such a person is a liar, evil etc, change it from within by saying he is a good man, look at his positive points and apply other aspects of the totality of your Gnan to change and reverse and even wipe off the unexpressed negative opinion.


Dadashri says, if someone is drinking alcohol, and you say," what can the poor guy do? He is suffering so much...?" Just this much opinion gives a foundation for drinking alcohol in your next life. Your new mind for next life accommodates alcohol as a necessity under situations of suffering.


Q: What is the difference between the opinions in the mind and the ones, which are expressed via speech?

D: Dadashri simply states that the problems are only for the opinions that are expressed via speech. A whole gamut of opinions which remain unexpressed will have no effect whatsoever in the causation of a new mind of next life. Only when the parents join that the child is created. Keep the language separate from the opinion which arises, which is the result of past life's causal mind. And to take this further even if they happen to be expressed via vani...spoken speech...its negation via pratikramans will ensure your safe side and a new mind will not form.


Q: What happens if the opinions arise within only and remain unexpressed?

D: Then there is not much concern. They will bother the one who harbors such opinions but he is not at risk for creation of a new causal mind.


Q: For the congenitally mute person, who cannot speak from the birth onwards...what happens...?

D: His unexpressed stock of past life will get the opportunity of expression in the next life....

The key point is to understand the genesis of opinions and all opinions are to be wiped out and no new opinions must be given any vehicle of speech. Even so if someone asks us to render a worldly opinion, we keep negating the expression of it from within, constantly. If someone asks, " Dada did you like the Shreekhand? Is it good? He would reply, "Its all right, and would avoid the terms good or bad...and from within he would wipe them off....


Dadashri has given a great key to how to bring closure to sansaar...worldly life and facilitate final freedom from births and deaths. Keep changing this from within constantly so no opinions remain.


Q: What do we have to do from within...?

D: Change and negate all existing and new opinions. Decide for yourself now that I do not want to render an opinion about any living or non-living thing. Opinions usually are with reference to good or bad...If you say...Oh that man...Don't even talk to me about him! Now then, you have cast an opinion and then for next life you have created a mindful opinion ...which results in your meeting some individual and without any interchange or interaction you experience negative feelings...abhaav about him of her...This abhaav is the result of our previous life errors of wrong opinions cast. And again you have to face the issues of abhorrence and attachment.


Dadashri says that in such a situation, he would wipe off the negative opinions about a human being by applied Vignan, which is via the 5 Agnas. Opinion is defined as e.g. if you see someone stealing...and you meet him the next day. Then the opinion arises...aha this man is a thief. To think of him as a permanent thief is an opinion. This is totally contradictory to the science of Akram. None can be permanent thief. His situations make him steal. He is The Pure Self. The SCE make him steal and you observe the act of stealing. Remaining within the 5A will prevent any opinions from being formed in the form of a mind complex( which renders opinions) in the next life. Even in the Kramik Path the dictum is that the unfolding karma of man is ever-changing and you are not to judge him or render a permanent opinion about him.


Q: What if we gave our physical presence and were witness to expression of negative opinions about someone?

D: Do pratikramans

Q: Yes, but sometimes we are careless and say things...

D: If you touch a hot stove without being aware will it burn your hand? Yes, this life is such that even if you want to remain clean, people will throw dirt at you. So understand that which also hurts whether you are aware of it or not.


Q:  What about good opinions?

D:  Good opinions rendered will create a good mind. It will not lead to freedom.  But these good opinions are temporary. The ones who you call good today, you will call them bad tomorrow. Our intellect, which renders opinions, will change the nature of our opinion depending on the changes that are perceived in the other. So focus and see only the SA. The Pure Self without being concerned with opinions.  This present mind is the result of past life opinions and now it shows something new in this life and these present as conflicts. We need to support only those opinions that are helpful to us in the path of liberation and we need to negate and wipe off those that are contradictory to our goal of liberation.


Q: What should we do when the mind wanders while doing Charan Vidhi?

D: Yes. Just Observe. Tell it, Go where you want to. I am watching you. As you see it wander, it will promptly return. The problem is that we also wander with it. If it goes to Pizza Hut, we also go to Pizza Hut! We start seeing the slices...even while he is reading...the Charan Vidhi!  Actually the mind is not wandering, the chit is. So then change the way in which you recite the Vidhi. Increase the volume of your recital so even the others can hear. Set the timing when you are less likely to be disturbed, etc.

Or do it in company.


Q: We will need to wipe those opinions that arise in the mind?

D: If they do not hurt anyone, they are not of any consequence. And there are many ways of wiping them. Use the keys taught by Dadashri. Emphasize the positive. The mind will say the kadhee is very salty. Tell it...the rest of the food is good. Eat the rest. Do not verbalize and cast an opinion. The mind will say this unbearable ache in the leg...what will happen if I canít walk...Tell it...aha the other leg is so good. Nothing is going to happen.


Q: Opinion is understood. But, define language further please

D: Language means the language of your thoughts. If you think in Gujarati, you will express in Gujarati( generally) If you express your opinion in Gujarati the mind will be bound to express its opinion in Gujarati in the next life.  


Q: What was the mun for Dada?

D: Dada's mun was Gujarati. In the past life his opinions were in Gujarati. But The Gnani's mind is free from any knots or opinions. Their mind is kshanavarti...changing by the seconds rather than being help by anything for extended period of time.

The mind with the knot is akin to the slab of jaggery and the fly. It simply keeps buzzing around no matter how hard you try to make the fly go away. Nothing stops the flow of the mind of the Gnani. If a person is insulted, despite repeated pratikramans, his mind will torment him, why did he say such cruel words to me? Such a mun mind is the one with knots of pride expectations. Such a mun cannot stand the thoughts of insults. No such nOndh...inner notation within The Gnani. The Gnani's mind is devoid of opinions. It shows the phases and aspects of things, events and personalities but remains unaffected by anything.


Q: What about thoughts about anyone, which do not change?

D: If they are opinions they need to be changed. If they are not opinions it does not matter. Simple thoughts are not a problem. If you ask someone to make you a cup of tea, it is not a problem. if you say, see how selfish he is, he made tea only for himself. Now this will create a knot of opinion in the mind.


Q: What if we talk to the owner of the opinions...aha you keep opinions...

D: Yes that frees him from the effect of opinions. Only a layer has gone, not the whole knot or gaanth...tuber.


Q: Amongst mahatmas, how do we know that the opinions that arise are old from past life or new ones of this life?

D: All are of the past life. if we put our signature , saying they are my opinions, then they get new life. If we dismiss them as alien, and wrong and not in resonance with our aim, they leave. If they arise even if we do not wish or desire them proves that they relate to the effect of the past life. 


Q: If we opine on matters relating to the inner world...adhyatmik versus worldly external matters is there a difference e.g. if one opines about Simandhar Swami that he is clothed or naked...etc...what happens? What kind of karma does a man bind by such opinions?

D: We must be very careful. It is better not to say anything about these Great Human Beings...Great Purushs. It is fraught with danger. Intellectualizing about that which has not been seen will invite veils of ignorance and other types on one's vision. All opinions are dangerous.

All opinions create veils. You have no standing, no right, and no adhiikaar to give an opinion on or about any other human being. Know and remain in present. Do not tease what you know. What will you do by knowing how he is clad or the color of his cloth? Behold his Parmatamadasha ...The Fully Enlightened State...and its magnificence! Value that and what His Darshan means for you. Snap out of this other useless issues. Divert those who make these statements towards Gnan.



Q: How is it possible that new opinions arise in the speech?

D: Of course, it is possible. Itís as simple as this. When past opinions arise now and if you say yes, then today's opinion becomes yes. If you oppose them then past opinion remains separate from the current one. Dada has given the example of the man who has opined that taking a bribe is good, and then in this life he will accept bribes. But in this life even while taking bribes he changes his opinion that no this is totally wrong then he will be free from future responsibility.


Dadashri has said that, that which happens based on circumstantial evidences is past opinion. (It is not yet in any Aptavani. It is part of the Aptavani 13).  And today's opinion is independent and not based on any events or situation. This opinion is based on the meeting with the Gnani and the reception of the Gnan.


Q: Dadashri has said that expressing an opinion makes it new. Is not the opinion and its expression, par and paraadhin...the non self and dependent on non Self circumstances?

D: Only if you are Jagrut..awake and aware that it is so then, the new opinion does not arise despite the vocalization of it. When the present opinion mixes with the past opinion, a new carry forward opinion laden mun mind arises.... for next life. pratikraman is the changing of today's negative opinion.


Q: If at such time if one is aware that the opinion has been give, is it enough...?

D: That it is wrong and needs to be changed should be there for the hurt caused by the negative opinion.e.g.. This kadhooo is khaaroo...this soup is awfully salty!!. It hurts the one who has prepared it and served it.

Q: But for positive opinions, one is aware that it has been given...

D: The simple awareness of it being given is enough then.

This jaanpanoo Dada na level noo hovoon joyeeye...

The next questioner interrupted further elaboration....


Q: Opinions about F2...wife or husband are being constantly observed even if they are not expressed...and often these are very strongly entrenched....

D: Yes, but its load is on us only, is it not?

And the spandans...subtle vibrations will be felt by the F2 , for sure. So keep setting the 5A in this situation, repeatedly. She is a file, Vyavasthit is the doer, I am SA, She is separate from SA, It is the Prakruti unfolding, SBN etc..But even beyond that you want to observe what is happening within Kishorebhai. Oh here she comes, and this is what is boiling within...The old stock has to come out. Keep negating it and reset it in Gnan. If he presents as one with a bee on his bottom, say he is not that. Its his prakruti.... etc. After all he is a good man...


Q: Is not that ...after all he is a good opinion?

D: Yes, it is the tool to divide the old negative one.

Q: Does that not create a new mun...mind?

D: No it will wipe off and end the old mun effects.


Q: So there is no problem with good opinions?

D: No we have no desire to render opinions ...good or bad. These are only to divide the bad ones with the good to come to zero.


Q: The mind is borne out of past life opinions...?

D: Yes. You are a non-smoker now. That means you did not render an opinion for cigarettes in past life. You drink 4 cups of tea in a day. You had made opinions in the past that tea 4 times a day is a must for functioning. So change the current opinions and the rest will fall off.




Q: This opinion that I am Atma...

D: It is not an opinion. It is your current Gnan.

Opinions are for the relative. For the Real, the Gnan simply is.


Q: The root of opinion is on the past chit?

D: No, it is rendered by buddhi...intellect. An intellectual person is quick to render opinions.

Q: But chit does get involved.

D: yes, but the cause of opinion is intellect.



Q: Some folks are excessively talkative and prolific in opining. Some are quiet

D: The talkative one has created a loaded mun of opinions, which continue their expression life after life...with resultant loss of steadiness of mind.

Sooner or later one will have to come to exactness of this Science.


Q: Some people continue stealing despite the vocalization of words like...stealing is wrong...then what?

D:  It must be true and from the heart.  The aim is to be free from the shackles of the negativity. Vocalization has value. Dada says that if sexuality strains and bothers you, then talking about brahmacharya, celibacy will cut the tendencies of sexuality within you. 

Q: If it is not from the heart, then what...?

D: Then it is a mixture, because deep within he still favors the old behavior.

There is some gain because he has vocalized on celibacy but the multiplications of the negative continue...

This is compounded by the loss due to kapat, deceit.


Q: All good deeds will bring good results in next life and the bad ones will bring bad results in next life...

D: Yes, without Gnan of Absolutism there is no escape. The 5A prevents one from any new causes for next life.


Q: All events of F1, if they are observed and Pratikramans are done by F1 then all knots will dissolve, no?

D: Absolutely. Seeing F1 is key. Yes observing the effects of other files for the other files is helpful like in  y case, Dada told me that even though you are unmarried simply observing what these married folks are going through will make you more aware and determined to remain celibate.


Q: Is being grateful...a form of opinion?

D: No. It is all right to express gratitude. Not opinion.



Q: What about negative opinions about many mahatmas...?

D: Watch out. These are gnanis...have received gnan of the Gnani. Their prakruti is unfolding. They are SA. You must wipe off all negative opinions about them. He will be free by pratikramans and you will remain bound by your opinions, and will continue to experince abhaav and negativity, even though he is free from within by his aware and true bhaav pratikramans of his F1.

Your opinion about a mahatma should be that sooner or later by arising in awareness he will be free from his relative, prakrut doshos...faults.


Dadashri says that since I have given him my Gnan, he is a Shuddhatma and I never look at his garbage.


Q: Is it Ok    to give dramatic opinions?

D: Will do, but you must look at his SA simultaneously, otherwise an avaran  veil..will arise...



Q: On page 216 the issue of 4 types of language and the use of the term open vaikhree...please elaborate

D: Dadashri is getting stern with the questioner who wants to tease this issue to pieces. Accept the simple statement that if you vocalise, and verbalise your opinion a new mind will form. Do not have the idiotic curiosity of one who misses the train , because he does not understand how the train runs, and refuses to get on it after the signal has been given. In a computer do you worry about how typing a certain letter produces the result on the page? Or do you just accept that which comes forth and proceed with your aim?



Q: Are opinions given because we are weak in following the agnas?

D: Not so. It is the buddhi, the intellect that gives the opinions. Buddhi will "speak". So Dada says, you be aware of this buddhi. Decide that you do not want to give opinions and then if the buddhi shows them, oppose it.


Q: So expresing or writing an opinion makes a new mind of opinions?

D: Yes. The old one presents now, you say its correct so you keep it alive and carry forward to next life. You say no, oppose it. It dies here and now far as that opinion is concerned.


Q: When the mind expresses a thought and buddhi expresses an opinion and at that time if we separate and see it as gneya and I am gnaata then it will pass?

D: Yes that way is the way of the Gnani.The Knower is never affected.

Q: So then there is never an issue of seeing the fault of the other..

D: Yes. The meeting of the salty kadhee with the Gnani results in a totally different answer...that the internal demand is for salt and so it is coming in front of the eater. Vyavasthit is the doer.

The mind is simply seeking samadhaan. Gnan gives it the final closure and samadhaan.



Q: Ultimately one will have to be the Observer of both the good and the bad opinions to be free from opinions?

D: No, here our lack of signature in the relative is the issue and we are simply dividing that which was multiplied in the past life.

Yes the GD , Shuddha Upayog is above all....


Q: These general opinions e.g. Patels, Vania, Americans, media, president etc...Worldly news...bind?

D: Yes.


Q: Excess negative opinions about a person are to be dealt

D: 5A is best. But it may not prevail. Keep the emphasis on 5A. Eliminate all negativity by all means. 5A is best. The mind may not accept. Then teach the mindÖ F1 to speak positively about the bad person. You are SA and you are to make Pattuben talk repeatedly about how good a person this is. Or that he is SA. The rest is account, prakruti, karma, sce, etc. This excercise will change Pattuben's old opinions and eliminate them. If F1 says...shall we steal, cheat? And you now say, no that is so wrong, totally wrong then your current opposition will immediately free you from any effects, future or present. This will dissolve the knot of the old past life mun expressing in this life.


Q: What happens to us in this life is the result of  past opinions and other factors?

D: Today's mun....mind is the result of past life opinions. A lot more of this life has been painted in the last life in the intellectual sphere...realm...buddhi no ashaya...e.g. I should have such a wife, such a son, such a home etc...I do not want to cheat etc...and the picture then expresses according to the nature of this painting in the intellectual realm in this life. Some folks have decided through their buddhi to get money by hook or crook, deceitful means then it will be so for them in this life. Today's topic is specifically related to past life opinions and their result in this life. Opinion is the father of the mind and if you give, express or render an opinion in this life you will create a mind for next life. The current satsang is related to the genesis of the mind. That which expresses as a god home, good money, good wife in this life falls within the decisive realm of the buddhi...intellect from past life. It is intellect, which makes decisions. If the decisions of a positive nature were there in the past life then the associated factors mix to produce the desired result. Opinions relate to the development of the mun, mind and then the intellect makes decisions related to desires. This is called the design of the next life...buddhi no ashaya. Dada states that he spent 95 percent of his punya...merit karma of past life for dharma...

The short and sweet message of Dada is that if you want to be done with the mind in next life...achieve the nirgranth state...a trouble free mind.... then do not render any opinions.


Q: There is a sentence in the most recent Dadavani, January 2002, page 6..." Amaara mahatmao je farjiat ma kare tey vaibhav and marjiat ma kare te moksh...What even our mahatmas do in part of their unfolding karma, beyond their control, under sce, is all and comfort...and what they do in will, expressing after separation from moksha...liberation." Please explain this further. 

D: Yes we see it all do we not...all this spiritual journey and achievements even as they stay in luxury hotels in jatra, travel in air-conditioned buses and enjoy sumptuous tasty meals followed by desserts! This is not the case for all who seek the truth in the kramik path. And an hour later while satsang is going on he sips spicy masala milk or tea and sips it with relish even as he is absorbing all that relates to the Bliss of The not this amazing jahojalali...  wanton luxury? He even asks for the ookaado...the spicy milk and the hostess jumps up to prepare it for all...

Akram Vignan totally discards the kriya and all that is happening via mvk and instead places all the premium on the Gnan Jagruti ...the awakened awareness. The presence of this awakened awareness amidst all  happenings of mvk will lead you to final liberation. There is no bahya tup...external penance in Akram. What exists is antar tup...internal penance..e.g. to become extra aware of the many faceted aspects of an insult when it happens.


Q: Please explain the term 216.

D: The expressed and spoken aspect of language. The other components are subtle and unexpressed. There are terms for the four aspects of language. We will read up on it and let you know.


Q: What is living and near dead...dying opinion?

D: The discharge opinion is dying. But by affirming it in this life and expressing it in words it is made alive for next life.




Today see all situations and instances in your day-to-day life where you have opinions, where you express them, where you are in error with reference to opinions that you harbor, and express. Those that have been expressed about anything or anyone need to be wiped off if they have been negative.


This is continuously happening in our life. The simple meeting with anyone is associated with an opinion. Any further conversations with him leads to expressing opinions which should now be aware ...are fraught with hazards of new mun knots. Have F1 perform pratikramans for all opinions harbored and expressed. See the divine in the other..SA, see the evidences...V, have F1 do SBN for that, which has the potential for raag and dwesh...


In here with reference to opinions the greater focus of our on speech.  Review the words that were expressed and wipe them off with the master cleaner of pratikraman.


Samayik Vidhi:


Hey Dada Bhagwan, Hey Shri Simandhar Swami Prabhu...maney shuddha upayog poorvak...vanii maa  je je abhiipraaya vaani thhii bolaaya jaaya chhe... te sarva ney samayik maa jovaanii shaktio aapo...aney paanch agna maa rahine...te abhiipraaya naa chhed oodaadii daoo...tey samayik karvaanii shaktio aapO.


Hu mun vachan kayaa thhii bhinna evo Shuddhatma chhoo.


Dear Dada Bhagwan...The Lord Within, Dear Shri Simandhar Swami Prabhu...The Current Fully Enlightened Lord at Mahavideh...Grant me the energy/strength to "see" in bring forth and review them as they happened...with the highest awareness.... all evidences where opinions were rendered via speech and while staying within the realm of the five agnas grant me the strength to negate those opinions.


I am the Pure Self...separate from thoughts speech and acts....


Jai Sat Chit Anand

Sarvagna na Soocharanoma

Jan 28, 2002




D: Deepakbhai

N: Niruben

SBN: Sambhaave Nikaal...Settle with Equanimity. Be done with it without attachment or abhorrence.

GD: Gnaata Drashta...Knower-Seer

SA: Shuuddhatma

5A: Five Agnas

Q: Mahatma Questioner

DB: Dadashri Dada Bhagwan , Original Gnani Purush

AV: Akram Vignan

CV: Charan Vidhi

V: Vyavasthit also SCE

F: File

F1: File no 1.

M: Moksh

P: Pratikraman

Pu: Purushaarth

Pr: Prakruti.

J: jagruti

JJ: jabbar jast...phenomenal and extraordinary advance in

KMML: krodh maan maya Lobh...anger, false pride, taking relative as real...illusion, greed.

B: Brahmacharya...Freedom from all sexual impulses and bondage.

TNMK: Tan Maya become the shape of the become involved in the become Chandulal.

MVK: Mun Vacchan Kaaya...mind thoughts, speech and body

SS: Simandhar Swami

BM: Bharelo maal...Old stock from past life...expressing  KMMLVK through MVK or F1.

KMMLVK: krodh, maan, maaya, lobh, vishay, kapat...anger, pride, delusion and illusion of the nonself being seen as real, greed, sex,deceit

RD: raag dwesh...attachment abhorrence...pull push..kashayas.

Dis: Discharge.

HBM: hu baavo aney mangaldas...the three within one...

NM: Nhoy Maaroo..Not mine.

DKKB: Dravya Kshetra Kaal Bhaav...Matter, Location, Time and Intent

AK: Akarta...Non doership...not the doer

K: Karta...I am the doer...doership...he did...she did..he does...she does...

KG: Keval Gnan...Full enlightenment. Absolute State.

MBCA: mun buddhi chit  ahamkaar...mind, intellect chit and ego.

TNMK: tanmayyakaar...becoming the shape of the mind and the body...becoming the mind andd the body. "This is happening to me."

Agnani: The one who has not recived Gnan of The Gnani Purush Dadashri.

DBAJJKHO: dada bhagwan na aseem jaijaikar ho.

For those who want more explanation of terms please refer to Dada Glossary on the web at:


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