Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho

Nitya Saathe Raho

Be with me



Nitya Saathe Raho

Be With Me My Lord or I will be With You.

This series of Satsang is selected with the purpose of returning to the Self. Coming home. To Bliss Eternal. Whenever you are tired of playing games in the world of duality, come here and be established in that which is your Real Self.

I am here. For ever for you. It is you who likes to stray away from me. I remain here, always, with unconditional love. Your wandering mind plays tricks with you and leads you away. Your sharp intellect deceives you into a promise that is never fulfilled. Your citta shows you scenes which you have seen many many times before and you know what lies at the end. Your thoroughly beaten ego still rises up in insignificant and useless interactions making you tired, sapping you of all your human energies. Your senses seek that which is more out of what you have created in your imagination. You know it is all a mirage and yet you keep running.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

Satsang with Dadashri on Samata, Samabhaav & Purushaarth

Samata: Equanimity


Dadashri:  Samata is a very big thing. Folks think that to quietly receive and listen to the negative and hurtful words from the wife is samata. That is not samata. How can ajampo…inner discord and distress be called samata?

Samata means there is no attraction and attachment to the one who is praising you by placing a garland on your neck, nor is there any abhorrence towards the one who is hurling curse words and insults at you. That is samata. Both the shubha and the ashoobh...the holy and the unholy are looked at with the same view. The absence of attachment or abhorrence in shubhashubha…the good and the bad is samata. This level of view is only possible by The Vitarags…the absolutely Enlightened Ones.


Samabhaav & Samata:

Questioner: What is the difference between samabhaav and samata?

Dadashri: There is a big difference. Samabhaav means what? If this scale dips to one side then to add something on the other side to bring to a leveled balance is samabhaav. How long will this 5 lb scale of leaping frogs last? (There is a constant imbalance in the relative life situations of scales being tipped on one side to the other despite repeated effort) Even so, the sambhaav is considered a very big thing. Is he not trying to keep a balance? And samata means there is no attraction towards the one who is delivering praise and pleasure and there is no repulsion towards the one who is delivering insults and pain. On the contrary in samata, blessings flow from the one who is being hurt and insulted.


Extraordinary Thing In Akram:

Settlement with Equanimity

Dadashri: This 'settlement with equanimity' of Akram is an extraordinary and amazing thing. If you decide to follow and remain within this Agna of ours, that I want to 'settle all files with equanimity' without exception, then that Agna will be your State. All we need is our nischaya...unfliching final determination...that we want to settle with equanimity. These very words are the Form of Gnan. Thereafter, everything else of the outside is under the realm of 'Vyavasthit'. The unflinching bhaavnaa...deep inner intent is needed to follow the Agna.

When an unwelcome unpleasant man comes in front of you, the mind,  the intellect, the chit and  the ego within, will raise a havoc. At that time we have to say that the settlement has to be done with equanimity. Then all within will promptly shut up. As soon as the decision has been made to settle with equanimity the effect of this... vibrations are received by the other person...and that opponent becomes quiet and peaceful. On a rare highly sticky and dense account...cheekno hisaab...very involved past life interaction...this may not happen readily. That you are not to hold you breath for...wait to happen. All we have to do is to make the unflinching determination to settle with equanimity, come what may. Sooner or later the settlement with equanimity will happen. All happens according to the order of "Vyavasthit" for sure.



Independant Internal Endeavor Of The Awakened Self

Questioner: Whenever it...the separated non self complex of thoughts, speech and acts... becomes tan-maaya-kaar...becomes the relative...taking the form of the worldly self... under the influence of Vyavvasthit, then we should not let it? And we should keep it separate?

Dadashri: That very prakriya...the added purushaarth. The independant inner endeavor of the awakened one. The very act of keeping it separate is purushaarth.

Questioner: This deed of keeping separate...who keeps it separate?

Dadashri: That we have to keep separate. What is meant by who will keep separate? The one whose job it is to keep it separate will do so. All we have to do is to affirm that we want to keep it separate. Thus, if we are pragna...the force of liberation, then it will work on this side, and if we are agna...the force of bondage, then it will work on the other side. If it has happened on this...our side, then know that pragna has done it and if it has happened on the other...worldly side, then know that that was the force of ignorance. All we have to decide is that we want to do for the One who is liberated. I have become a Purush...The Self. Dada has made me a Purush. The Purush and the Prakruti...the complex of non-self with thoughts, speech, acts and inner reactivity...have now become separate. Therefore my role is of the Purush only. Decide thus.

Alas most of the water is flowing away... wasted ...towards the prakruti...the non self...the entire day. 

Samata   &  GnaataDrashtaa

Questioner: What is the difference between samata & gnaatadrshatabhaav...?

Dadashri: In the stage of samata, there may be a slight nod of the head due to sudden lapse into sleep, but then with a slight tap on the head you are back to the state of awakened awareness. Whereas, in the Gnaataa Drashataa...Knower Seer State there is constant awakened awareness.

Questioner: Is samata a state of the mind?

Dadashri:  It is a state of the mind, but when can the mind be in such a state? When there is internal jagruti...awakened awareness, Gnan exists...prevails , then only samata will remain. Otherwise the mind is always tilting on this side or that. When will samata remain? When the Self has been attained.

As long as ' I am Chandulal" vishamata...discordance and anguish, affected state...will happen for sure, and when the awarenss of  "I am Shuddhatma" happens then the work is done. 

Jai Sat Chit Anand


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At the lotus feet of the One for whom nothing remains to be known
June 1, 2003

The above satsang has been excerpted from Aptavani 4, Purushaarth Dharma, and Dadavani 1/2001.

Jai Sat Chit Anand


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