Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho

Nitya Saathe Raho

Be with me



Nitya Saathe Raho

Be With Me My Lord or I will be With You.

This series of Satsang is selected with the purpose of returning to the Self. Coming home. To Bliss Eternal. Whenever you are tired of playing games in the world of duality, come here and be established in that which is your Real Self.

I am here. For ever for you. It is you who likes to stray away from me. I remain here, always, with unconditional love. Your wandering mind plays tricks with you and leads you away. Your sharp intellect deceives you into a promise that is never fulfilled. Your citta shows you scenes which you have seen many many times before and you know what lies at the end. Your thorughly beaten ego still rises up in insignificant and useless interactions making you tired, sapping you of all your human energies. Your senses seek that which is more out of what you have created in your imagination. You know it is all a mirage and yet you keep running.

Sat Chit Anand

D: Are you aware of Bliss Eternal? Are you aware of shuddhatma?

Q: Yes, and shuddhatma...pure soul remains in my awareness. However, the force of the prakruti...the complex of the thoughts, speech and acts and inner components of discharging quite dominant.

D: That is likely to be. The force is dependant on the weight of the prakruti. The contents of the prakruti are not going to come out suddenly. The only way out of the prakruti...file no 1 and its discharging effects after Akram Self to be done with the go through the effects of the prakruti. Prakruti means that which makes you do something even if you have no desire to do so.

Q: The prakruti does its work all day long, does it not?

D: It does its work for sure. You are the one that needs to straighten up.

Q: Why is it that the expected improvement does not occur in the prakruti ?

D: We...The Gnani Purush & The Enlightened One not want any change in the prakruti. We are concerned with its bhaavna...deep inner intent....of following the Agnas. Is that intent one hundred percent? That is all we want. Nothing else. Whether he passed or fail is not our concern. Is he reading for the exam? That is the key.

Q: Many are much harrased by this concern that why is the prakruti not improving, and why is the worldly interaction not improving...after Gnan?

D: I have specifically instructed not to look at the prakruti...the external activities of...the prakruti. The key is the bhaavna...the deep inner intent of 100 percent to follow the Agnas. Thereafter, anything happens based on the prakruti is not to be seen.

Q: Quite so. This bhaavna is within all mahatmas.

D: Then what else do you need? That is why I do not scold anyone. That is why I do not question why someone constantly bothers me by begging for more. I know that it is all prakruti. It will  beg.

There is no need to scold anyone in the Akram path. I know that a person has continued behavioral problems. Their family members complain about him too. They would say, Dada his nature has not changed. Then I ask the person directly about his awareness after Gnan. He would reply that he is aware but sometimes negative events happen. Therefore, I know that he has not left the path. Then I have to bring the complaining family members to an understanding that is acceptable to them as well.


Q: But Dada, his nature has to change for the better, does it not?

D: Yes, it is changing in everyone. After this Gnan, for all of you, your nature is like the water of a reservoir. It is not a bottomless pit. Do you understand a reservoir? This old tank , however big it is will eventually empty. Someone will say that today the outflow was so forceful that a hundred trucks were filled. So much the better. That means it will empty sooner. As it is we have been wanting to empty the stock anyway. If someone complains, He did this wrong thing today. Good. At least it has come out and the load has been lessened from the tank filled in last life. The greater the outflow, the faster it will empty. The slower it comes out, the longer it will take. Let it all come forth.


Thereafter, I investigate and ask him, how his Gnan is within. I investigate whether the Gnan is where it should be, at the original location, within. Has he slipped from that location or not? This Gnan is such that it never slips. He must have a bhaav...deep reverence for Dada. If there is reverence for Dada then the Gnan will not slip.

Q: When the prakruti is acting with great a negative manner...the Gnan is equally forceful within.

D: Yes, the Gnan also gets equally tough. In Akram Vignan here, it corrects everything, even if it needs to be done with a hands on fight.

Q: So then the change for the positive for the external aspects of prakruti...that which is visible to the world...?

D: The change will happen, but may take ten or fifteen years. It may happen very slowly. That which has been deformed within is being reformed .Such is the nature of this new science.

Q: So the nature of this mind, speech and acts can be changed...?

D: The one who wants to improve will do so sooner or later. The one who does not want to will not. Whatever has been decided within happens. The goal has to be decided. Then the change follows through gradually.

Q: So what should be the goal?

D: 'There is no one at fault in this world. Whatever fault that is seen, is seen because of a fault existing within me.'

We have never seen a fault in anyone. I have not been able to see a fault in anyone. Not a second has passed for me where I have seen a fault in anyone. This is because the poor guy is really faultless. Our fault lies in the very fact that we are seeing him faulty. What do you see?

Q: Faults of others are seen.

D: The nature of illusion makes you see faults. Nothing else.


The extreme nagging mother-in-law makes the young bride daughter-in-law think that this mother-in-law of hers is the cause of her pain and hurt. Then the young woman suffers a stroke. Why  does this young woman not blame her mother-in-law? Will she blame her for it?

Q: No she will not.

D: In this one knows that the pain and suffering has come from within, not from without. She does not realize the real source of the external suffering. if she realizes this she will attain enlightenment....become one with God. If she realizes that the mother-in-law's action towards her is her own fault, she will become a God. That realization takes time, because the ego has deluded her. The delusion is proportional to the food that has been fed to the ego. That delusion ...drunkenness of the ego...prevents the truth from being unveiled. Fasting decreases this delusion, but then the ego rises again with fasting. The sense of relative attainment only worsens the ego.

So then what should be the constant goal within? That,'In this world there is absolutely no one at fault. All faults are mine only.' Keep the awareness on this goal. Then sooner or later you will arrive there. Once you decide on this goal that non one is at fault, all faults are mine, then the citta...the inner living complex of perception and cognition...will move in that direction...the direction within. And thus it will stop straying without.


nityasatsang continues

At the lotus feet of the One for whom nothing remains to be known
May 7, 2003

Jai Sat Chit Anand

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