Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho

Nitya Saame Raho

Be with me

Nitya Saame raho O Karunadhar maara hridaya ni rag rag maa thhi vaho
Be there for me O compassionate One and flow from each vessel of my spiritual heart

Aa bhavya trikarneeya sanyoge...ratnatrayee shuddha sthiiti vadho
Within this evidence of the triad of thoughts, speech and acts which is destined for final liberation, may the triad of absolute vision, knowledge and experience increase.

                                                                                  Nitya saame raho...


Ek Sat palni chingaari thhi jhadkyoontu aapnoo mooda vision
A single moment of streak of Pure Light illuminated Your original presence within me.

Pachhi gopeet thhataayen bhoolaaya naa evoo'too aapnoo mooda milan
And thereafter it is impossible to forget the original meeting with you despite all situations which seemingly hide that vision.

Duniyana...duniyana sau jhagaaraa rahyaa maatra troonvat samaan
Now in comparison with That which I have glimpsed, all materialistic pleasures of this world are merely like a piece of straw, meaningless for me.

                                                                                  Nitya saame raho...

Bhraantisam svatantrataama raanchati jaane nahi mohaneeya jaadne re
Those indulging in this false sense of independence of worldly life are unaware of the snares of the wide net of the ignorance which makes one forget the real nature of things

Tarafadati manu meeno ni dasha jaagelo j joove re
Only the awakened One can see the agony of all human beings who swim about with false sense of independence in this ocean of sansaar worldly activity totally unaware of the net which may trap them without any warning

Jaagine...jaagine have fasaaya naa brahmaandi indreeya jaado maa
Having once awakened no net of the universe made with the threads of the senses can ever trap him...

                                                                                  Nitya saame raho...

Saavan mahina no jharmar meha oojaade garmi dhood no mel
Just as ther gentle monsoon rain cleanses and cools the dirt of suffocating heat

Udayaadhin kashaayo maa nimitpanoo Akram siddhi nu padakamanoo
The powerful pratikramans of The Akram Science cleanse the heat generated by passions that unfold as part of life process

Shraavani...shraavani aa varsha maa Shravan jevoon hridaya raho
May I have a heart like Shravan the young man who carried his blind parents balanced on two scales on his shoulder to show them the world, remaining just, in balance and in a state of the face of these monsoon rain force which is equated to the force of unfolding karma in life.

                                                                                   Nitya saame raho...

Vartmaane aa kshetra maa vicharataa swa jaagrutaatmaa
The current active vibrations of those Awakened to The Self who walk about this world

Dagle pagle swa vidhinaa spandano felaataa pardesh maa
are spilling over to the non Self the worldly body with each such step...

Mahavidehe...Mahavidehe pahonchyaan chhe moongi aashish naa spandano
These silent blessings of The Gnani have arrived at Mahavideh the final stage and location for liberation.

                                                                                   Nitya saame raho...

Sarvagna na Soocharanoma
At the lotus feet of the One for whom nothing remains to be known
June 28, 2000

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