Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho

  Atmagnani Pujya Dr. Niruma

who carried the Work of Gnani Purush Dadashri into the New Millenium and continues to inspire thousands of seekers


2 December 1944  -- 19 March 2006

Vatsalyamurti--The Mother who represents Pure Love
 Prem swaroop tamane kahine...Prem swaroop nihadoo...Koti vandan Gnaneshwari ne...Koti vandan Saraswati ne...Vatsalya samajayoon...



            With origins in the Charotar Patel clan of Vaso, she was born 2, December 1944 in a wealthy Amin family in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. She was raised, spoilt with love and excess attention as the one and only female, the youngest one amidst five older brothers, in a joint family environment. From the very childhood she was brilliant in studies and excelled in academics. As a young girl, she considered going to the temple and the rituals of worship a waste of time. After completing basic schooling in Mumbai, she graduated in Medicine from Aurangabad Medical College. At a young age when she was in the final year of her M.B,B.S studies,  her older brother told her of a certain Ambalal Muljibhai Patel (now famous as Dadashri or Dada Bhagwan) who has attained spontaneous  Self –realization and who has the power to enlighten others within two hours, following which one is completely insulated from all worldly miseries and sufferings. It was then that she heard the term ‘Atma’ for the very first time in her life. Then on 8, July 1968 she attained the knowledge of the Self—Atmagnan from Gnani Purush Dadashri. She continued her studies towards a Doctorate of Medicine, but now with a keen desire to follow the path of the Self-realized through the method of Dadashri. She felt that many a doctor of medicine will arise but rare would be a doctor of the Self. Furthermore she felt that when Self-knowledge is attained within two hours and is followed by freedom from all stresses and worries, then why should she not join Dadashri in his mission of salvation for the world. What can be higher in this world than this? Thereafter, difficulties and stresses did arise in her life, like the loss of her loving father Shri Balubhai Amin at the time of her final examinations in Medicine, and yet she remained free and unaffected from within. There was never any worry or sense of externally induced stress at the time. This convinced her of the magnificence and beauty of the phenomenal Atmagnan of Dadashri, which was working within with tangible experiential results of bliss within all situations of life. It was at this time that she decided that she wanted to serve Dadashri until her last breath of her life, and to remain in his vicinity to be of such service. Just as Meerabai had surrendered to Lord Krishna, she also surrendered her all to Dadashri as soon as she came to know him as a Gnani Purush. She surrendered her total being at his lotus feet.


            She spent the next twenty years, from 1968 to 1988 in total service to Dadashri, twenty-four hours a day. With extreme meticulousness she took care of Dadashri’s satsang, health, meals and worldly interaction affairs. In this regard, Dadashri has said, ‘Niruben, you have made a nursery for me like a mother, served me like a daughter, and have been a nurse to me in illness.’ Revered Dr. Niruma served The Gnani Purush Dadashri in his visits to simple villages in India to major international cities, and in this role gained exemplary acknowledgement of service to all humanity.


            Niruma never failed to record in audio format whatever Dadashri uttered. From those audio cassettes in which precise words of the Gnani were recorded arose the extraordinary arrangement  of  the speech of Knowledge—Gnanvani—The speech that liberates—in the form of Aptavani Volumes 1 through 14, ‘Bramacharya attained through understanding’, ‘Aptasutra’, ‘Before, during and after Death’, ‘Current Living Tirthankara Shri Simandhar Swami’, ‘The Principle of Speech’, ‘ The Science of Karma’, ‘Interaction between Parents and Children: Generation Gap’, ‘Harmony in Marriage’, ‘Money’, and many other varying topics of help to the world at large. All this has become an invaluable treasure of Knowledge for the world. Most revered Gnani Purush Dadashri had expressed the wish to present 14 levels—volumes of Apatavani to the world and 9 became a reality during his worldly life. Pujya—revered Niruma had given a promise to Dadashri to complete the task of the remaining 5 Aptavanis, and this promise has been fulfilled just prior to her demise. This again proves one of the uncontested qualities of a Gnani, which is that they never break a promise that is once given. She was exclusively devoted to spreading the words of the Gnani Purush. Never once did she write a book of her own. She often said that whatever she had was Dadashri’s grace and was His only, and where then was the need to write anything for her self. What a phenomenal vision!


            Just prior to leaving this worldly body Pujya Dadashri was satisfied with the spiritual progress of Pujya Niruma and said, ‘I am very pleased and whenever Niruben wants, Dada will speak from within. This Niruben is a very great source of salvation of the world. I will never distance her from me. I will leave everyone else before leaving her.’ In fact, Dadashri verily did reside in the heart of Pujya Niruma.


            On 2 January 1988 Dadashri left his mortal body in total Self absorbed—samadhi State. Thereafter, Pujya Niruma took up his mission for salvation of the world in full force. She commenced her satsang—spiritual question answer sessions—from her own apartment in Mistry Building, Dadar, Mumbai, where Dadashri used to conduct satsang. In the early days with minimal help from a handful of mahatmas—those who have received Gnan of Dadashri—she traveled alone to various remote villages and towns to spread the Gnan and message of Dadashri. At that time she had neither a vehicle nor anyone to be in her company to be of service to her. With single-minded resolution, without any selfish interests, she carried on the work.  Because of these efforts, beneficial events began to unfold as ever increasing mass of people became aware of the beauty of the Science and Knowledge—Vignan—of Dadashri. Through her medium the spread of this Science gathered tremendous momentum. In 1992-1993, a Satsang Centre was established in 3 flats in Varun Apartments, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. Here she lived six years. In 1999, she established a 4 story Satsang Centre—DadaDarshan—on the bank of Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad where she spent 3 years. As Akram Vignan—scientific approach to the Self—Atmagnan spread around, all spaces became rather small  for her work.


            Thus, in 2002 a huge complex called ‘Trimandir Sankul’ was established in Adalaj under her supervision and guidance. In this Trimandir Sankul she established the nonsectarian Trimandir where Lord Simandhar, Yogeshwar Sri Krishna, Lord Shiva, Amba Mataji, Ganapatiji, Hanumanji, Padmavati Devi, and various other deities of worship. Underneath the Trimandir, a satsang hall in which about 10000 person could sit comfortably was constructed. In accordance with the wishes expressed by Dadashri, in 2005, groundbreaking was done for the construction of ‘Nirant’ a residential complex  for senior citizens and is currently under construction. Gnani Purush Dadashri had expressed the bhaavna—deep inner intent—that those who had attained Atmagnan—mahatmas—would benefit most if they all lived in a city—centralized location, as this would be conducive to following his Agnas. To bring this desire of His to fruition, Pujya Niruma constructed Simandhar City adjacent to the Adalaj Trimandir. She stayed three and a half years in Simandhar City. In this City she also established a foster care home and school—‘Gurukul’ for the children who became orphans in the catastrophic earthquake in Gujarat. Amba Health Clinic and Centre were also established here for providing health for the poor and the needy from surrounding areas. In the village of Tuva near Godhara, a similar Health Centre was constructed.


            Remaining by the side of Dadashri until His final breath, and by attaining His grace, for Gnansiddhi—the power to establish the other into the Self—she traveled from village to village and from one country to another, the world over where hundreds of thousands attained the knowledge of the Self, and thus the bliss of the Self. She had earned tremendous grace form Dadashri, the result of which is evident in the bliss that hundreds of thousands of human beings are experiencing across the globe.


            One major principle of Dadashri was to live within his means and never to take any one else’s money. Pujya Niruma adhered to the same principle. She  used her own money for her needs.  Dadashri would always say that there must never be any business in religion, but religion must exist in all business. Furthermore, he maintained that religion does not exist where there is any monetary or sexual interaction.



            Dadashri never established a religious sect, nor did he denote a follower who would take his place. He used to say that whomever the world accepts would be the true inheritor. Likewise Pujya Niruma also did not become anyone’s guru, nor did she ever tell anyone to forsake his or her guru. She was never bound within the confines of any religious sect nor did she tell anyone to do so. To each and all, she stressed the need to know and remain as the Self. Her exclusive focus was Atmagnan. In this role, as well as in her wide ranging work, she has shown the ideals by which one becomes the right inheritor of Gnani Purush Dadashri.


            Large numbers of young men and women came to Pujya Niruma and many from them took up brahmacharya—lifelong celibacy and devotedly surrendered their entire life to the cause of world salvation. Countless young men, women, and youngsters are raveling in the bliss of the Self while lovingly using the word, ‘Niruma, Niruma’ as they proceed on the path of liberation through Self-realization, without an iota of doubt. Even in the worldly absence of Dadashri, through the lamp that was lit in Pujya Dr. Niruma by Him, countless lamps have been lit. Through her medium, countless homes have become havens of harmony and peace in family and inter personal relationships. Family animosity and abhorrence has melted away. All these people now experience a sense of total loss that can never be replaced. And yet because of the Knowledge of the Self of Dadashri  which they had attained through Pujya Niruma, they remain steady and strong and unaffected from within, even as profuse tears continue to flow from the loss. This Gnan—Knowledge is such that it maintains one in the unaffected state even amidst the stress of most adverse circumstances of life.


            Her worldly interaction with masses of humanity was of amazing note. She had the uncanny ability to know the prakruti—nature of the other person--with exactness very readily. To those who were in her close contact and lived around her, her followers, she was able to expose their relative errors and deficiencies and would give exact keys and means to overcome them to rise higher in the goal of personal salvation and for the benefit of others. All were aware of the fact that Niruma had this inner vision and therefore they felt the spiritual heat—inner moral force—and were thus afraid of coming near her. Rarely she scolded someone with love to eradicate an error in him or her. All accepted such scolding as a blessing from her. All felt that what seemed an impossible task to overcome was accomplished so easily by the mere power of her words.


            In 1987, Gnani Purush Dadashri told Pujya Niruma, ‘You have to become the mother of the entire world.’ This intent became a reality when around ten years ago all followers started addressing her as ‘Niruma’ instead of ‘Niruben’. By calling her residence ‘Vatsalya—motherly love’ Pujya Niruma really has become an incomparable star that defines the term ‘Ma—mother’. She has become the embodiment of motherly love—vatsalya murti Niruma. Her true love has been tasted, enjoyed, experienced in life by each, and very individual who has met her.  No one can forget her divine and selfless love. The slightest recall of this love begins as the stream of tears rolling from the eyes of all. Just two days prior to her demise she had written in the morning, ‘All of you, Live with Love.’ And this she further ensured with the question, ‘promise?’ One gets the inner mental image of her lifting her arms in her ubiquitous loving greeting of ‘Jai Sat Chit Anand’ sitting in the alcove garden of ‘Vatsalya—residence.’


            She had only one aim, one goal, one bhaavnaa—deep inner intent in life, ‘ To let the world awaken to the glory of Akram Vignan of Gnani Purush Dadashri, spend my thoughts, speech and actions constantly in the path of salavation of the world and to let each and every human being attain the bliss of the Self and attain the path of moksha—liberation.’ Going from village to village and traveling across the world she explained the importance of the presence of current living Tirthankara Shri Simandhar Swami with whom Gnani Purush Dadashri had a spiritual connection. As a result of this thousands of human beings , Jains and non-Jains alike, have begun worshipping Lord Simandhar on their way to moksha.


            Inspired by Dadashri and through the patient hands of ideal worldly interaction, Pujya Niruma was instrumental in establishing the first small Trimandir in the village of  Katosan in Mahsana District. Subsequently magnificient structures have arisen at Chalamani (Vadodara District), Dada Darshan (Ahmedabad on the Bank of River Sabarmati), Bhadaran (place where Dadashri grew up), Adalaj (Dist. Gandhinagar) Vasna( Dist Vadodara) and Rajkot. Dadashri used to say that when every household has h images or idols of Lord Simandhar, and when every home has the singing of the arati—spritual wiorship hymn—of Lord Simandhar, then the world would indeed be a heavenly abode. To make this bhavna—intent a reality, Pujya Niruma has instilled life—pran pratishtha—in thousands of small and large marble statues—murtis of Lord Simandhar, which now exist in homes and offices across the world and it is the unique experience of all that their homes have become abodes of bliss and harmony.


            None who had her darshan ever saw her as a female. The purush—Self that had expressed within her—manifest tremendous auras of a lion like maleness. None could ever catch an iota of even a particle of femaleness in her. Those who have been close to her have had the exclusive rare and divine privilege of observing and experiencing the lofty Himalayan heights that a female can reach spiritually. The fire of her powerful personality and presence was such that many so-called men had difficulty approaching her in fear of being caught making errors or being detected to be faulty.


            The television appearances of Pujya Dr. Niruben Amin commenced with ‘ The exact tattva darshan of Tirthankaras—the eternal elemental vision of the fully enlightened ones who liberate millions’ on Gurjari channel. Thereafter, other channels like Sansakaar, Aastha, Zee Alpha Gujarati, Doordarshan (Gujarat) and Doordarshan (National) made her satsang spread all over the world, and many of her satsang programs continue to be telecast by a number of these channels. Overseas in various parts of the world these satsang—spiritual question answer sessions—have gained significant viewer ship and are being eagerly watched for the amazing experiential message provided by her answers. Through these telecast satsangs hundreds of thousands have benefited from the clashes occurring within families, between daughter-in law and mother in law, husband and wife, parents and children, boss and assistant at work. These problems have been resolved and brought forth harmony amongst them. For many, this has happened simply by watching her on television.


            In her presence annual special satsang retreats, Paryushan parva—an eight day period of intense inner examination of one’s own faults in life, Gurupurnima, Janma Jayanti of the Gnani Purush in whom the eternal expressed as Dada Bhagwan, and special holidays were celebrated and conducted. In many such satsang gatherings she performed special individual vidhis—instillation of spiritual energy—for thousands to get rid of their addictions and faults.


            Gnani Purush Dadashri always shunned public recognition and publicity. Pujya Dr. Niruma also followed the same role and avoided attending public recognition ceremonies. She always preferred satsang programs for salvation of suffering humanity.


            Her role in helping suffering humanity took on a major dimension during the aftermaths of the catastrophic earthquake of Gujarat and she adopted three villages of Saurashtra and reconstructed the homes of the villagers there. In a couple of villages she helped construct new schools and took on the care of some of the orphans from the area to raise them in the ‘Gurukul—school with spirituality’ at Adalaj. She arranged camps of free medical care at Adalaj. At Siddhapur, the confluence of the Narmada and Saraswati Rivers she attended a major event and performed her special blessings.


            After the worldly death of Gnani Purush Dadashri, Pujya Niruma commenced satsang and Gnan Vidhi—the extraordinary spiritual process of separation of the Self from the non-Self, the hallmark of Akram Vignan. The result of this was the establishment of tremendous reverence in the hearts of people for her and they would often request her to give her photographs to be placed in their homes. However she never ever allowed the distribution of any of her photographs to the world. She always said that only the images of the original Gnani Purush should be distributed for reverence and respect. She made all arrangements to distribute images of Dadashri to everyone, not hers. Such absolute humilty—param vinay—for the Gnani is rarely seen anywhere else.


            Atmagnani Pujya Dr. Niruma left her worldly body in absolute samadhi—total Self State where there is no affectation under any adverse circumstance of the physical body—on 19 March 2006 while returning from USA, in flight. Her final worldly pilgrimage and homage was conducted on the morning of 24 March 2006 adjacent to her home—Vatsalya, at the Trimandir Sankool at Adalaj. In this journey thousands of followers from villages to cities across India and abroad from US, UK, Africa, Canada, Australia paid their homage and experienced her spiritual presence. A Samadhi Centre will be created at the very site where the final rites were performed. Gnani Purush Dadashri was the embodiment of the highest and deep inner intent never to hurt any living being by any means. This very bhaavna—deep inner intent existed in Pujya Niruma throughout her life, and nature facilitated this desire of hers when in her final days cancer invaded her physical body and She proceed towards moksha—final liberation with the utmost speed. She left her body at such a location—in flight—where no mahatmas were around. She had already received the signal of her time to leave the world in advance, but she concealed this from the public to prevent the obvious hurt that this would create. It was for this reason that she did not inform anyone of the grievousness of her condition. Until the final moment of her worldly existence her face and body language radiated with amazing khumari—powerful pride and presence of the Self contained.


            Pujya Niruma had expressed her final wishes to her associate in satsang, Aptaputra Shri Deepakbhai Desai saying, ‘ this mission of jagat kalian—salvation of humanity is not mine. This is the mission of Gnani Purush Dadashri and Shri Simandhar Swami, and this mission for salvation of suffering humanity of the world must continue.’ Shri Deepakbhai Desai declared on 24, March 2006 to a world wide audience and viewer ship that just as the mission had continued to thrive after the worldly departure of Dadashri through His infinife grace, the same will continue after the departure of Pujya Niruma, without any interruption. He added furthermore that because of her blessing it would proceed forth with an energy force multiplied by many folds.


            Gnani Purush Dadashri had blessed Shri Deepakbhai Desai in the presence of Pujya Niruma for the special siddhi—spiritual energy—of Gnan Siddhi—perfection in spiritual knowledge. About two years ago Pujya Niruma commenced the process of making Shri Deepakbhai conduct the Gnan Vidhi—the special hallmark process of Akram Vignan wherein the Self is separated from the non-Self, and thus the Self is realized. On March 6, 2006, the anniversary of the day when Deepakbhai received Gnan from Dadashri, Pujya Niruma transferred the final siddhi of the vidhi to Deepakbhai. It was as if she had received the message of her worldly departure in advance. The link of Akram Vignan—the powerful easy Science of direct liberation—now continues through the medium of Shri Deepakbhai Desai.

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