The Science of Akram Vignan Continues For The Benefit Of Generations To Come


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A simple picture says it all. Are there any words to express shuddha prem...pure love ?
The promise of a lifetime continues... the  pristinely pure aim of giving to
the world that which has rarely been experienced....eternal bliss and moksha while living human life.


The seasons of life come and go... The Knower of the seasons remains...

The Message of The Knower ... resides in The Knower. 



The Gnani Purush...Dadashri is no more in human form, he resides now within
all his followers who have been freed for ever from the fetters of life after life and bondage after bondage.


Dr. Niruben Amin, a physician by training,  realized her real Self after receiving Atmagnan from the Gnani in 1968.
She dedicated her entire life in the service of the Akram Vignani
She recorded thousands of satsangs at the feet of the Gnani.
These recordings  and their exact understanding
are the basis of the extraordinary science of Akram Vignan which
has the power to make a human being free for ever within a matter of hours.
Books known as Aptavanis, Aptasutras, and Dadavani have come forth under the active and
dedicated  direction of  Pujya Niruma and many more are in the works.
These books are indeed scriptures for the 20th century and beyond.
Scriptures that define the easiest path to Self realization.
She stayed with him until January 1988 when The Akram Vignani left his worldly body.


In the fall of 1987 in Los Angeles, the Gnani Purush defined and laid down precise
instructions for the future of Akram Vignan.
He took a sacred promise from
Pujya  Niruben , who had spent the maximum amount of time with the Gnani and his satsangs, that
his final agnas and instructions for
Akram Vignan would be fulfilled under her guidance.

He molded and trained her...nurtured her and graced her...scolded her and showered pure love on her
until he was satisfied that the supreme task of
jagat kalyan...salvation of the world would indeed be fulfilled
by  her.
He graced her with siddhis  to perform the Gnan Vidhi
and conduct satsang of The Akram Vignani.
A few months later in January 1988, he left his worldly body.


Niruben, as she was fondly addressed in 1988, conducted the first Gnan Vidhi
of The Gnani Purush in which Pujya Dadashri   participated
 repeating after her...the divine words of  The Vidhi.
She then gave the 5 Agnas  just as  Dada used to.
Thereafter, Pujya Dadashri rested, content that his goal of continuing
Akram Vignan was guaranteed
for generations to come.


Seventeen years have passed since that momentous promise given to Dada by Niruben...
and the phenomenal transfer of the role of the Akram Vignani
She continues to fulfill the promises made to Pujya Dadashri.
Thousands, indeed many more than those who met Dada have now been graced by this
Akram Vignan...through the medium of Pujya Niruben.
Some call her Niruma...and nowadays this is more often used to address her.
Niruma  is an expression of love
Whatever be the name...she represents vitaragata however she is addressed.


She remains at His Lotus feet...eternally reverent to Him
dedicated to His work ...a dedication unmatched by any other human being who ever came in contact
with The Gnani. Those who have met and known her ...have experienced
shuddha prem...infinite love of
 The Gnani.


Those who have met and known both Dada & Niruben are beyond words when asked to
express their gratitude for the grace of The Akram Vignani
for indeed he has fulfilled His promise that this science will continue for generations to come
after his death.


On July 16, 2000  she joined mahatmas from all over the world, in Houston, USA
to celebrate the
Gurupurnima of Pujya Dadashri.
Hundreds present at the occasion saw her prostrate herself at the feet of
The Gnani...who walked the face of this earth as
Dehadhari Parmatma...
The Lord in human form.

 And she sang...
Param Vinay thi j moksha chhe...
Gnani na sharan thi j moksha chhe...

Dada Bhagwan tame jya ho tya thi...Gurupuname vahela


She continues to visit and give satsang and Gnan.. be it poor villagers of India or affluent professionals
in the US, with the same love and humor for all.
Her Self an embodiment of Grace and Bliss...she moves about purely for the fulfillment of
The Promise to The Gnani.


She travels extensively, with a schedule of satsang every day of her life
Yet she is very accessible, in fact a phone call away.
Many keep her busy as she counsels troubled folks with the exactness of
Pujya Dadashri's to day life science of interpersonal relationships
in addition to the spiritual science  called Atma Vignan.
When you call her she gives you the focused attention of The Gnani


This indeed is the source of Grace.
Murtamurta pratyaksh ni krupa lai lyo...Apoorva avasariyo saame aviyo...
Buddhi ne odakhee ...bajuey besaadi...Atma ni jyot jalavi deeyo...

Accept Grace form The One who is The Living Enlightened in front of you... This very unique time is now yours...Tell your interfering intellect to sit aside...and Light The Lamp Within Which Awakens You Forever.

The Footprints will wash away....The Sand remains....

 March 19 2006

The promise to Gnani Purush Dadashri has been fulfilled.

The world has woken up to Akram Vignan

She has given to the world a new meaning to the word 'Ma'

She resides as the embodiment of love--prem swaroop--in  the hearts of hundreds of thousands  who have been 

graced through her existence.

Niruma has become eternal in the annals of the enlightened human beings of our era.

Generations to come will see and feel the love that is the foundation of ideal human interaction.

Love of the Gnani is selfless love.

Niruma who absorbed every word of the Gnani Purush showed the world that it is indeed  possible to 

receive Gnan and become established as the


devoid of all passions which imprisons a human being. She has shown and patiently taught us how to be free even as we struggle through the trials and tribulations of daily life.

Her simple gentle and patient approach to thousands of human beings from all walks of life exemplifies and teaches the critical observer the way to ideal human interaction. In this goal she has left a vast treasure of satsang which generations to come will benefit from, simply by watching her.

The name Niruma will evoke love within the heart of millions. 

She has therefore taken up the most scared place within...where the Gnan and the Gnani reside.

The place where there is no ego.


Prem swaroop tamane kahine...prem swaroop nihadoo

By calling you  the embodiment of love...I see the embodiment of love

Koti vandan Gnaneshwari ne...Koti vandan Saraswati ne...Vatsalya Samjayoon...

My infinite obeisance to the Goddess of Knowledge... for this understanding of The Love of the Mother


Hey Vitarag Prabhu...Amara Pujya Niruma thakii aapni passey thhij amaney marg darshan apta rahejo


Jai Sat Cit Anand

03 20 2006


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