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Audio Translations in English of Satsang with Gnanis of Akram

These are live translations of satsang with Pujya Deepakbhai and of DVD's of Satsang with Gnani Purush Dadashri and Atmagnani Pujya Niruma

Live Translations of Satsang with Gnani Deepakbhai  Connect and Be the Self in translated Satsang ongoing live or prerecorded recently. These translations are provided in English from Gujarati or Hindi. To go there directly click on the link above or  google search under

  Ustream.tv  dadashri-live

This is the active web tv site.

Gujarati Dadavani Audio Links  Here you will find audio files of selected Dadavani Magazine readings in satsang.

One Hour with Gnanii Purush Dadashri Be with the Gnani Purush in this beautiful wmv which speaks volumes without words. 

Satsang Clips of Akram Vignan on You Tube  If you have just 10 minutes for Satsang this will help. Short impactful spiritual answers are available for you to view and share with others.  If you forget the address just google search under Vishuddhatma

Satsang Clips of Akram Vignan on Yahoo  If you have just 10 minutes for Satsang this will help. Short impactful spiritual answers are available for you to view and share with others.  If you forget the address just google search under Yahoo video shuddha

Blog Site for Youth Mahatmas in USA  As a parent of a young maahtma you should see this. The creative energy of our Youth is being nurtured under the beautiful guidance of our Gnani. Encourage your younster to join and participate.

Nirakudata   is a site under construction. It deals with Bliss Eternal and its components. It explores further the words of the Gnani Purush on the 12.5 percent of Bliss Eternal of the Fully Enlightened State that begins after the Gnan Vidhi

The Seeker is under construction. It explores the human frailties of the spiritual seeker, the trendy seeker, the lost seeker, the 'high'-seeking seeker, the sheep seeker, the know-it-all seeker, the holier than thou seeker, the business seeker, the hungry seeker, the suspicious seeker, the guru buyer seeker, the dopey seeker, the running away seeker, the guru maker seeker, the guru breaker seeker, the picky seeker, the shadow guru seeker, the want-to-be-guru seeker, the guru bashing seeker, the guru lover seeker, the surrendered seeker. All these are from actual observations of various types who come to the Gnani Liberator who is no one's guru.

The Power of Words  is under construction. It explores in depth the energy of the original words that continue to liberate thousands. These are the words of Gnani Purush Dadashri, whose certain single words have the energy to liberate a human being, starting from the base in Gujarati and now showing their effects in English and other major languages.

After the Gnan Vidhi is under construction. It explores and deals frankly with the external and the internal results within the seeker, with integrity and candor. While much is known, new evidence is just coming in from seekers of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

Mari Amba is about darshan, the vision that liberates. It explores the personal connection with the Goddess whom the Gnani Purush has described as the one celestial being who will absolutely protect the one who is on the path of final Liberation Web Upload March 1, 2008.

Sin defines the 18 types of sin, hurt to others. 

18 Types of Sin are discussed in further detail. Instead of running away from the word sin the reader is given a gentle insight into a meaningful approach that lets one be free from sin, that which hurts others.

Namaskaar Vidhi  is the all encompassing Vidhi of Salutations to the enlightened  ones. This has a German version too. Here is the audio version of the vidhi in English.

Pratikraman Vidhi  is the exact vidhi to be performed by the one who has committed the mistake of the hurt to another soul.  German Version.

Edelweiss Within is shuddha - pure invocation to Purity. The State of the Self. Based on the eternal emotion extracting melody the words extract from the depths within man, That which he has been yearning for life times.

Niruma Vidhi is a special tribute to the lady who has made it all possible.

Audio Books of Dadashri in Hindi  are worth downloading so you can be with the Gnani Purush and therefore the Self even as you are commuting and driving long distances or simply want it in your iPod. Right click the link and save in your computer.

Namaskaar My Lord  is a sincere bhaav filled offering to the fully enlightened One who resides within all.

Audio Books of Dadashri in English  Two books, Who am I and Pratikraman are available for download and sharing to listen in your free time or free zone time, when you are just waiting. Awaiting with applied awareness is best use of time when you have to wait.

Questions From Our Readers is an attempt to bring the seekers closer to the door that leads to the Self. 

Jai Sat Chit Anand,

Shuddha 0f Dadashri

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