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Gnani Purush Dadashri talks about moksha with unprecedented clarity

Moksha, freedom to become liberated from cycles of birth and death  is your birthright.

There is another kind of moksha, and that is complete freedom in life.

Freedom from the effects of mind, words and acts that unfold in response to living your daily life.

 To be free from all types of suffering: physical, mental or externally induced

is to know and experience the answer to the following two questions:

Who am I ?

Who is the doer of all this in the world and universe ?

Is it possible to know who am I , without the help of someone else ?

Who is this "I" ?

Is there a creator of all this universe and man ?

Where did I come from ?

Where am I ?

Where am I going ?

Where have they all gone ?

The answers to all these questions are easily available when you meet a Gnani.

If anger, worries, depression, fears, low self esteem, greed, avarice, false pride,

tension, stress, jealousy, passions, hate, etc

bother you and take away your peace you need to find out the true cause of these ...


You will not find a permanent solution to these problems anywhere in this world


within yourself.


But how will you look and search within...?

You need to find the One who is free.

The One who is experiencing moksha even while living daily life with all it offers...

Only the free can set you free.

Only the awakened One can awaken you.

The rest of the world is sleeping with open eyes.

Q: Where will I find such a person ?

Why do I want to meet a Gnani?

How will I know that he is a Gnani ?

If he makes me free, how will I know that I am free ?


How do you know that you have sugar on your tongue ?


No, I find it hard to beleive that another person can free me. I will do it myself.


Fine, carry on. Come to me if you need me.

"Once you get to know this Knower your work is done."


Gnani Purush  Dadashri

The Akram Vignani defined this Knower as ...


Shuddha means Pure

Atma means Soul


Why do you use the word pure ?


It is precisely and absolutely because of the Purity that the Soul is distinctly and forever

separate from any other element in this entire universe.



The real Self within every living being is Pure.

The relative self of every living being appears different.

No one has puzzled this world. The world is the puzzle itself.

There are two view points to solve this puzzle:

By relative view point you are Bill.

By real view point you are Pure Soul.

For endless time those who have realised this supreme Truth

have come home to the Bliss of the Self.

And those who tried to solve this puzzle themselves..

became dissolved in the puzzle.



The Akram Vignani walked the face of this earth to give this

solution to the suffering humanity.

Suffering in the form of

aadhi (mental)

vyaadhi (physical)

upaadhi (externally induced).


"Those fortunate ones who acquire this Vignan (science)

are for ever in samadhi (spiritual bliss)

despite being the subject of the 3 fold suffering described above.

This is my guarantee."



Seeker Questioner:

How do I get to this state ?


Go to the person who has known the Soul.

The Gnani.

By and through your own efforts, it is impossible.


How will I recognise such a person ?


His eyes will show his vitaragta..detached state.

Such a one as this is very very very rare.

Despite the presence of a physical self.

The Gnani is for ever free from all interactions of thought, speech and action.

His desirelessness is the direct Presence of the Absolute Lord

in human form.

Find such a person and ask for





I like this life of mine as it is. I do not want Moksh. What should I do..?



If you are happy with status quo, you need not come here.

If you desire happiness and joy, distribute happiness and joy.

If you desire misery and suffering, distribute suffering to others.

Everything that you are enjoying or suffering in this life

is the direct evidence of fruits of the seeds

planted by you in your previous life.



It is hard for me to beleive that I have had a previous life. Please help me.



Yes, come to me and I will help you.

Come however, with the real desire to know.

If you come to merely exercise your intellect, you are not coming for help.


Jai Sat Chit Anand

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At the lotus feet of the One for whom nothing remains to be known
January 25, 2004

The above satsang has been excerpted from Aptavani 1

Jai Sat Chit Anand


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