Jai Sat Chit 


Glory to the Bliss of the Awakened Experience of The Eternal


This is the mantra that the Gnani Purush uses and asks all his followers to use. This is an all encompassing greeting. The meaning of the mantra is divine.

It is the greeting of the one who has realized the eternal. The pure Self. As the pure Self, one can see the other as the pure Self too. The greeting has two components

The relative self looks at the eyes of the other person, folds the hands and bows the head. The relative self is the worldly self, whom the world identifies with a name and personality. 

1. This person engages the eyes of the person who he is greeting.

2. By folding the hands the inner representation is that of closure of all attachment and abhorrence, all prejudices and opinions.

3. The bowing of the head represents the letting go, the surrender of the ego.

The above external act is associated with the following internal awareness:

1. I am the pure Self.

2. As the pure Self, I see the pure Self within you.

3. I am That, which You are.

4. My nature is eternal.

5. Bliss is my nature.

The Gnani Purush graces the one who has come to him with this divine inner vision. His definition of a mantra is that which stills the mind. The above mantra which he has given must be used with awareness. In its exact application it will reap infinite dividends for the spiritual progress of the user of the mantra, the awakened one of the Akram Vignani.