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Soul Science. Self Realization in just 48 minutes. A new and unique scientific approach to the Knowledge of the Self is now a reality. Atma means Self or the Soul. Jnana or Gnan means knowledge. Vignan means science.Kram means step by step. Akram means without steps. This direct approach to the Bliss of the Self opened up to the world in 1962 through the medium of a Gnani Purush whose worldly name was Ambalal Muljibhai Patel, fondly known asDadashri or Dada Bhagwan and is now continuing through the medium of Atma Vignani Pujya Niruben Amin. Amazing as it may sound thousands of people from all walks of life have been eternally graced through this process of the Akram Vignani.

What is Akram Vignan?

Akram Vignan is the unique and extraordinary science of Self realization. It stands out from all traditional methods and paths of union with the Self , because it is unconditional and does not call for the seeker to do anything. Akram Vignan manifested in Param Poojya Shri Ambalal Muljibhai Patel . Gnani Purush traverses this planet once in a millenium. One evening in 1958, A.M. Patel while sitting on a railway platform in Surat, had a unique experience and revelation of the Ultimate Truth -- The Divine Vision as the Omni-Science Manifest on this planet. Thus, opened the path of Self-Realization in one hour...which he called Akram Vignan.

Have you ever questioned, Who am I ? What is Self ? What is bondage ? What is Moksha (Self-Realization) ? Who is the doer in this world ? What is the Real nature of God ? Who runs the world ? Will the worldly knowledge we possess ever make us free ? What am I seeking ? What have I really gained so far in my life ?

Akram Vignani provides the key that unlocks the doors of the Bliss of The Self in one hour. This was not available to human beings of our time before 1962. Thousands all over the world have been eternally graced and have become jeevanmuktas..freed from forces of earthly existence and now this science is reaching out to you through cyberspace...

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Jai Sat Chit Anand

The Awareness of Being is Bliss

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