Experiences After the Gnan Vidhi 

Of Gnani Purush Dadashri


My experience after receiving The Gnan Vidhi of Gnani Purush Dadashri from Deepakbhai





Western Spirituality Finds New Doorway to the Divine

Chava LeBarton

We are the New Agers, the Spiritual Seekers, the ones who hold lofty
goals of becoming One with the Divine, of creating world peace through
mass visualizations, of rising to the highest consciousness
imaginable. We want to offer unconditional Love to all. We desire
utopia. We want to be able to give and receive instant healings. We
try to communicate with our spirit guides and the angelic realms, and
we want to become free of the egos that sabotage our dreams.

We walk around in this duality with open hearts, big hearts, wondering
why this world holds so much darkness when all we truly wish for is The
Light. We look up, focusing on God when life circumstances pull us
down. We try to help others, to do good, to be good, to set good
examples. We want our energy to effect positive change for the planet
and the universe. We work at surrendering to Creator of All that Is,
and surrendering to allow the Universe to respond to our good intentions.

We continuously search for the highest, for communion with the Divine,
for our own higher selves. We feel sad when we err, we rejoice when
good wins out over evil.

And the cycle continues... lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. We
understand that there must be a way out - that there must be a doorway
to Spiritual/Ultimate Freedom. But even the definition of what this
means eludes us. We read scores of spiritual books, looking for the
one teacher or enlightened being who can give us enlightenment and
true awakening. And the years pass.

Does this sound like you? It certainly describes over thirty years of
my life. We call it our "spiritual path" and it seems to have no end;
we never quite find the answers and the search continues.

I recently received an invitation to receive a profound blessing from
a Gujarati saint from India who has become a living Gnani Purush - one
who can separate our egos from our Pure Souls. "That sounds like
something I'd like to try," I thought, so I ran to see him. I expected
another knows-all teacher, someone in a high state of consciousness
who would be interesting to learn from. But I was to be given a most
precious gift that would change my life forever.

I was given the awakening to my true self, the clearest vision of who
I really am. I was given self realization in the form of deeply
knowing that I am pure soul who has this package it lives in called
me. I've had the intellectual concept of this for years, but the
profound and beautiful separation given to me by the Gnani Purush has
enveloped me in the true experience of the Divine, of Oneness. I am
living in the separation between between myself as pure soul and the
body person (ego/intellect) who has my name.

And as I apply the knowledge I am receiving from the words of the Gnani
Purush that are translated to English, I become more steadfast and
strong in my experience of living as a pure soul. I see all living
beings as pure souls. This is not a concept - it is real. I now enjoy
(rather than dream of or imagine) such a sweet bliss because I now
watch the wordly experience of my body person as separate from my true
self. There is a detachment occurring within that gives me such
freedom and peace that I feel gratitude in every waking moment. The
separation is the most important thing that has ever happened to me. I
have stepped through the Doorway to the Divine.

Chava LeBarton

August 17 2007

Please feel free to communicate with Chava directly.




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