Experiences After the Gnan Vidhi 

Of Gnani Purush Dadashri


My experience after receiving The Gnan Vidhi of Gnani Purush Dadashri from Deepakbhai





Dear Shuddha

Can this really be happening? Gnan is a gift from another world. All of my adult life I sought a life free of existential suffering. Last week it was given in a ceremony in less than an hour. My wife and I are like fresh innocent kids living in bliss. Business pressures can't touch me because there's no "me" to touch! Several of our friends received Gnan at the same time. While our experiences are unique, radical and touching there is a common theme…an unimaginable, pure love caused the transformation. Actually, it IS the transformation! We keep calling each other during the day to compare notes. We usually end up laughing from the heart until tears come. It really is happening, and without effort. A gift of realization was given. Humbling. What we feel in our hearts goes far beyond gratitude.


As for Charan Vidhi…I am going to guess that many Western seekers will resist it thinking that it may simply be the usual rituals of devotional worship that they grew up with in their various traditions. While I certainly don’t know how the transmission of living knowledge of Dada and Simandhar Swami gets transferred from via Deepakbhai to the recipient, it seems that the same phenomenon happens over and over with Charan Vidhi. People need to know that is the case.

Bye for now




July 9 2007

Jeff who is active in this path in Southern California, has added the following on June 13, 2008

One year has passed since receiving Gnan in June 2007. The day following the ceremony the sense was, “Can this really be happening…Gnan seems like a gift from another world.”  The extreme degree of pure awareness following the 48-minute ceremony was more than palpable…I was neither the body nor the mind. A deep recognition was present that this was not another fleeting experience. The best way to describe it is that I WAS pure awareness. All was unfolding as usual to the body-mind complex but it was not touching awareness. For the first few weeks following Gnan Vidhi several of us who received it together kept checking in to compare notes. Most times we ended up laughing in an amazed gratitude. It was all happening without effort.   


How is it now that a year has passed? The initial, extreme height of pure awareness has blended in, to become more like a sky through which clouds are passing. I think of them as subconscious programs coming up for final deletion. Akram Vignan would call them “discharging karma.” The nomenclature doesn’t matter – what does is that their departure is constant and is aided by knowing that each one was there because of something the “little me” once did to cause them.


The pure awareness silently runs in the background like anti-virus software; bugs are continually revealed and deleted. The ability to fully see them for what they are, rather than getting into blaming person or circumstance, lets them go. Without the heightened awareness, they might silently run like an open program, exerting subtle influences. As more of them leave, the brightness of awareness and peace grows, and the “still small voice” becomes louder.


A few months after the ceremony the intensity of the awareness seemed to fade as more and more bugs appeared. I started to wonder if it was all just ‘too good to be true.’ As I hung around and listened to Deepakbhai explain the science of it all, and as other helpers in the Dada group shared their experiences, I began to understand the continuous, cleansing way in which Gnan naturally unfolds.


It still feels very much like it is out of this world while at the same time it now feels like home. If I traveled one thousand miles before the Gnan Vidhi in the journey home, by comparison it feels like one million in the last year.


My heartfelt appreciation goes out to Deepakbhai for his unfathomable purity and commitment to us all. Thank you very, very much.



June 2008



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