Experiences After the Gnan Vidhi 

Of Gnani Purush Dadashri


           My experience after receiving The Gnan of Gnani Purush Dadashri from Atmagnani Deepakbhai




My experience of Gnyan Vidhi


Jan Esmann


Sept. 9th 2006 I attained Self realization. Here's how it happened:


            All my life I have been a seeker, getting this guru's or that guru's blessing, meditating for hours a day, etc. like so many of us have. But I never made it. I experienced immense bliss, had wonderful experiences of exalted states, but I never got detached from Jan except in glimpses or short periods, and since what is transient is not real, I maintain I never made it at all. After 30 years of hard work, I had given up. Then a friend of mine emailed me a link to www.dadashri.org and asked if I knew this guru. I did not, but was immediately captivated by Dadashri's picture and the shakti (spiritual energy) i sensed he had. In fact I quickly became obsessed. I simply had to receive gnyan vidhi as soon as possible. Remember I knew nothing about this and had never heard of it before. It was simply the shakti pulling me, and pulling really strong, stronger than I have ever felt before. Since i could not meet him in person, I could meet his successor, Deepakbhai, and discovered the earliest chance was in Singapore. I live in Denmark, so this was a really long trip. Never the less off we went, my friend and I.


            I must say, I have never, in any spiritual community, been so well received before. The kindness and attention was unlimited. Since the meetings were in Gujarati, we could of course not understand a word, but we got our own personal translator, who, by the way, looked well after us the entire stay. There was about 150 Indians who understood Gujarati, and then the two of us from Denmark. But we never felt outside, on the contrary people just wanted us to feel at ease and at home. We were even invited for dinner at a nice Indian family’s home.


            We were explained Deepakbhai has the special power to manifest higher states in us through his voice and all we had to do during the Gnyan vidhi was to repeat, loudly, the phrases he said. Most of these phrases were in Gujarati, so I did not understand their meaning and had a hard time repeating them correctly. But for our sake he also said the important phrases in English.


            I soon felt an intense hot energy pouring into the top of my head and felt the crown chakra open wide. Then my brain felt as if it was boiling. It was like a million bubbles bursting inside my brain. A surge of energy rose in me and I was filled with joy. So much so I could not help laughing and missed repeating more phrases. It became clear to me, that I was being given what I have longed for: a realization of my pure self and a clear distinction between Jan and my being. This opening of the crown chakra persists undiminished today, so does the clear distinction.


            Following this I saw emptiness in everything, which of course is nothing but pure spirit, pure self, shuddhatma. I was amazed at how people could be nothingness, yet act and speak. This clear vision grew all the next day and continued to amaze me. I still am amazed, since this perception of nothingness has never entirely left me, though it may be more or less present. It is Self realization both on the inner and outer level. The nothingness is slowly changing to joy.


            When I closed my eyes to meditate, I did not do any practice. I simply and quickly slid into pure self and joy welled up. This continues today.



I am infinitely grateful to Dadashri for having brought this to the world and to Deepakbhai for having given it to me.


Jan Esmann

Sept 14, 2006



                                    One thing is sure: Deepakbhai's GV (Gnan Vidhi) changed my life completely to one in bliss. Nothing in the world will make me turn around on that. I don't know what my role in akram vignan is. But I will state this simple fact and let people think of it, what they will. By nature I am vary anarchistic, but what GV has done for me is awesome.


Jan Essman

June 12, 2007



Jan Esmann lives in Denmark

He has written extensively about his spiritual journey

Please see his web site




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