From: Sadhana 

Subject: Dada's gyaan

Date: Fri 1/28/2005 7:37 AM


Sadhana would like to share her experience on Dada's books. She just read the book in html version on the site which speaks on celibacy. After reading, she spontaneously started doing heartfelt pratikramans with a strong inner intent to live life with 100% celibacy. She had already decided but this book added firmness in her thoughts. She could not do pratikramans in mind, instead she need to speak always. But after reading the book, it was from within the remorse (pratikraman) started. It was like an light that was put on me in the form of Dada's blessings indicating that I am put on this pure path of celibacy. It was like was searching someone to lift me and I just had him alive in front of me even though I have not taken gyaan.

Dada, please be with all of us, guide and enlighten us and protect us from all our sins that we do not suffer from them but come out of them by nullifying the karma's effect by the weapon of Pratikraman.

Please tell this to Niruma. 


Thanks and Regards

Please note that the book Sadhana is talking about is:


And note how she is addressing Sadhana as a third person...'she spontaneoulsy...'
With deep gratitude for these words and those who help clarify the work of The Gnani Purush.

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